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Germany, India, France, getting uncomfortable for the nuclear industry

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The nuclear resuscitation could be falling apart faster than anticipated.

India has been the big hope for USA’s struggling nuclear salesman, Westinghouse and others. But its new Liability Bill does not give them the certainty from financial accountability – they wanted to never  have to pay up, (just like Union Carbide didn’t have to pay up for the Bhopal gas disaster).  They might have to pull out!

Germany – Angela Merkel’s government is on the line, as opposition grows within and without Germany, to the continuance of their old nuclear reactors.  And the nuclear lobby so desperately wants to stomp on Germany’s success with renewable energy!

France – well, Areva’s and EDF’s  the much touted new gee whiz nuclear reactors in Finland and France are becoming an embarrassment with their delays and soaring costs, and the UK is not too keen on their product either.  And France was the poster boy for nuclear!

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