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Growing campaign to resist nuclear industry in India

Campaigners from around India have now joined the resistance movement set up by farmers and fishermen

India’s government withdraws nuclear power legislation – Nuclear Reaction 14 March, 2010, .”…….’Indian farmers battle against nuclear plant  A robust people’s movement against a major nuclear power project has built up in a cluster of small villages on India’s picturesque Konkan coast. Continue reading

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Indian Parliament a snag to Barack Obama’s nuclear push

government is keen to pass the bill before the next meeting of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to US President Barack Obama scheduled in April. According to government, there is need to pass this bill for completing the 123 civil nuclear pact with US as the private companies in the US are not willing to sell any nuclear equipment to India without such a law in place.

Govt. defers tabling of nuke liabilities bill in Lok Sabha, NEWSTRACK India, New Delhi,  15 March, 2010, Continue reading

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Meticulous new research into depleted uranium and cancer

This study shows that both types of uranium may carry a health risk because they both affect DNA in ways that can lead to cancer.

Depleted and enriched uranium affect DNA in different ways. Environmental Health News, 16 March, 20201,  Continue reading

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Sarkozy pushing unsafe nuclear industry to Italy

The safe French nuclear is a Government joke. Try and put the words France “nuclear accidents” into Google. You get about 28,000 results. Nuclear accidents in France are no longer news.

Beppe Grillo’s Blog: Nuclear dwarves, 17 March 2010, “…….If the nuclear “picciotto” {rank and file mafioso} in Italy is Berlusconi, its instigator is Sarkozy. The greatest pusher of nuclear power stations in the world. And thus it is with joy that I read the news of the electoral collapse of the “Transalpine Carlànano”. One dwarf attracts another…. Sarkozy could lose in the whole of France at the second round…. Continue reading

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India’s “Nuclear Liability Bill” – a subsidy to USA business

“There is no legal liability of the foreign reactor supplier even if it supplies faulty and substandard equipment.”

Nuclear bill is hidden subsidy to US firms, says Left LittleAbout – from Indo-Asian News New Delhi, March 16 : The Left parties Tuesday urged MPs to reject the civil nuclear liability bill, saying it amounted to giving subsidies to US suppliers of proposed nuclear plants while disregarding the interests of the Indian people. Continue reading

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Nuclear power is the most pressing global issue

Nuclear Power Decisions Will Determine Much. Climate Progress Craig Severance 15 March 2010, Though nuclear power may seem a limited issue — related only to energy, and only one of several energy sources at that – the decision whether to pursue nuclear power may prove to be the most important decision now before world leaders. Consider the following: Continue reading

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