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Mainstream media using double standards about costs of nuclear power

Unlike Health Care, When It Comes To Nukes, Cost Is No Object, THE HUFFINGTON POST, 6 March 2010, Saturday’s Washington Post, about the nuclear weapons decisions facing President Obama, runs longer than 1,300 words, but five a reader won’t find are “cost,” “dollars,” “money,” “debt,” or “deficit.” A reader would also search in vain for any talk of a “fiscal crisis” or a need to balance nuclear weapons priorities with available revenues.

That same reader, of course, rarely has to venture past the first sentence of a health care reform story to find that the subject is a “trillion dollar overhaul.” Occasionally, it’s noted that the trillion dollars is spread over ten years.

Unlike Health Care, When It Comes To Nukes, Cost Is No Object

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US Dept of Energy uses wobbly words to promote nuclear power

the words “clean” and “renewable” are often applied to the word “energy” as if they were synonymous. They aren’t….In the DOE’s loan guarantee program, one form of energy is dominant: nuclear power.

DOE Loans for Clean (maybe), Renewable (or not) Energy, The Energy Collective, by Osha Davidson,  03/07/2010 Continue reading

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Solar energy set to race ahead in Colorado

Clear Skies Ahead For Colorado Clean Energy Get Solar, by Margaret Collins in Sunday, March 7th 2010 Colorado’s commitment to clean energy may soon be second only to California’s. Late on Friday, the Colorado Senate passed a bill that would increase the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to 30 percent by 2020– Continue reading

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South Korea to become nuclear power giant, with the help of USA

.But a growing radioactive waste stockpile which already amounts to 10,800 tonnes, coupled with a US ban on reprocessing, is fuelling uncertainty about the industry’s future.

S.Korea’s nuclear dreams hinge on new deal with US, Energy Gas Oil, SEOUL, March 7 (AFP)– South Korea, which has spent decades developing nuclear power to make up for its lack of oil, now hopes to become a global leader in atomic energy Continue reading

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North Korea threatens nuclear buildup

North Korea warns U.S. and South of nuclear build-up, NewsDaily: SEOUL, Mar. 7, 2010 (Reuters) — North Korea said on Sunday it will bolster its atomic arsenal and was no longer bound by the cease fire that ended the Korean War due to joint U.S.-South Korean military drills, which start this week…..The North has come under pressure to return to six-country disarmament-for-aid nuclear talks due to U.N. sanctions imposed after a May 2009 nuclear test….The two Koreas are technically still at war because their 1950-53 conflict ended with an armistice and not a peace treaty.

NewsDaily: North Korea warns U.S. and South of nuclear build-up

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North Korea threatens to call off nuclear disarmament talks

North Korea: Nuclear disarmament is off if military exercises proceed, The Hill, By Bridget Johnson – 03/07/10 North Korea said Sunday that if the U.S. moves forward with a South Korean military exercise, nuclear disarmament is off.” Continue reading

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Foreign uranium companies continue to rip off Niger’s poor

The neocolonial secret agreements giving Areva below-market prices mean that very little of the wealth from Niger’s uranium remains in the country.

Niger’s uranium coup, boilingspot: 7 March 2010 On February 18, Niger’s President Mamadou Tandja was overthrown in a military coup. A military junta calling itself the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy, headed by Major Salou Djibo, took powerTony Iltis | Green Left Online | 6 March 2010 “……the junta is unlikely to confront the causes of Niger’s extreme poverty: Western-imposed neoliberal austerity and the environmentally and socially destructive plunder of natural resources, particularly uranium………….the coup ensures that political power remains with the same military officer caste from which Tandja came……. Continue reading

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Pentagon mulls use of bunker-busters on Iran’s nuclear sites

Bunker-Busting Hawks, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Craig Crawford:March 7, 2010 So, the Pentagon is looking into what bunker-busting bombs might do to Iran’s underground nuclear sites. Even if it works (a doubtful proposition at best), wouldn’t that just boost Iran’s hardliners to crack down harder on the growing insurgency they face?Signs point to the Obama Administration wanting to prove its toughness, which might fortify Democrats in the coming congressional elections.

Craig Crawford: Bunker-Busting Hawks

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They STILL don’t know what to do with nuclear waste!

Future of spent nuclear fuel, The Energy Collective, by Dan Yurman, 03/06/2010
A blue ribbon commission will hold its first meeting March 25-26 in Washington, DC

A panel of nuclear energy experts appointed by the federal government will  take up the issue of what to do with 60,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel. Continue reading

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Even the nuclear industry itself knows that its future is dodgy

SMi’s 3rd Annual Financing Nuclear Power Conference Will Connect Experts And Executives  Nuclear Street, – By April Murelio 8 March 2010,”….. -According to the World Business Academy the availability and cost of financing for new nuclear plants will depend on:

• The level and certainty of government subsidies and incentives•

*The comparative cost and performance of renewable energy sources•

The timing of capital markets’ recovery from the credit crisis•

Estimated construction costs• The structure of the target electricity market (competitive market v. more traditional, regulated cost-of-service market)

• Assessments of plants’ lifetime capacity and performance

• Resolution of the long-term waste storage problem

• Public opinion about nuclear power…

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Ireland to ban uranium use in any weapons

There is persuasive material about long-term health risks to the wider population.

Irish depleted uranium ban bill gets warm reception at second reading, 7 marzo 2010 Irish depleted uranium ban bill gets warm reception at second readingIrish depleted uranium ban bill gets warm reception at second reading. Continue reading

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International nuclear poker game

Israel. Iran, United States and Global Nuclear Poker, The Next Big Future 5 March, 2010, Netanyahu is playing poker and hiding his most important card: the Israel Defense Forces’ true capabilities to destroy Iran’s nuclear installations………… Continue reading

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