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IAEA revives”Atoms for Peace” (in the interests of the nuclear industry)

The aim is to convince some 60 developing countries planning to use nuclear power in the near future that they do not need to go down Iran’s path of enriching their own uranium.

International nuclear bank – helping world peace?

By Humphrey Hawksley
BBC News, Kazakhstan 9 Jan 2010

In 1953, eight years after the American nuclear bombing of Japan, President Dwight D Eisenhower laid out a vision that he called Atoms for Peace. Continue reading


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Corruption in China includes the nuclear industry

The head of the China National Nuclear Corporation – overseeing the country’s nuclear industry – was dismissed and is under investigation over allegations of bid rigging in nuclear power plant construction worth $260m.

Corruption up among China government officials BBC News 9 Jan 2010

China’s anti-corruption watchdog has said that 106,000 officials were found guilty of corruption in 2009, an increase of 2.5% on the year before. Continue reading

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Renewable energy companies don’t have to be Big

one of the goals — and strengths — of renewable energy is its diversity and the ability to distribute its production, Adler said. “The nature of the technology doesn’t require the kind of scale and vertical integration [of oil companies],”

When Will Renewable Energy Companies Overtake Traditional Energy Companies? Renewable Energy World by Jennifer Kho, 9 Jan 2010 California, United States Renewable energy has got buzz, growth and growing government support. But it’s no secret that it still makes up a small portion of the overall energy mix. As interest in renewables increases, the question has begun coming up more and more often: When will renewable energy companies catch up to conventional energy companies? That is, when will we see an Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp. or ConocoPhilips of renewables?………. Continue reading

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USA’s renewable energy future

Perhaps the biggest impediment for the US – and indeed for Australia – comes in reversing many of the subsidies for fossil fuels that are infused throughout the tax system and getting politicians to impose a cost on carbon emissions.

In the wind: America’s drive towards clean technology Sydney Morning Herald ANNE DAVIES, WASHINGTONJ anuary 9, 2010 “…..Barack Obama, facing the steepest downturn since FDR’s time, wants to transform America into a green machine, a nation that leads the world in technology and manufacturing of solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars, technologies to make the electricity grid more efficient and long-life batteries Continue reading

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Connecticut River gets radioactive leak from nuclear plant

Test suggests radioactive leak at Yankee Rutland Herald

By Susan Smallheer Staff Writer   January 8, 2010

BRATTLEBORO — Entergy Nuclear announced late Thursday one of its monitoring wells on the banks of the Connecticut River had detected radioactive tritium contamination, the first time such contamination has shown up at the plant. Continue reading

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Indian Point nuke plant’s release of radioactive steam

Nuclear steam leak intentional: Response to Indian Point plant shutdown BY Abby Luby NY DAILY NEWS  January 8th 2010,
The recent shutdown at the Indian Point Nuclear power plant and release of contaminated steam into the atmosphere was intentional, the federal agency that oversees the nation’s nuclear power plants insisted Thursday. Continue reading

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Nuclear free New Zealand

A generation since the Rainbow Warrior bombing, as Obama starts to dream of the possibility of nuclear disarmament, New Zealand remains staunchly nuclear free.

Nuclear Free Clean and Green Brand New Zealand  9 Jan 2010 New Zealand became Nuclear Free, although it took almost 3 years to become official. Under the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987, territorial sea and land of New Zealand became nuclear-free zones. Continue reading

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Europe’s plan for 20% renewable energy by 2020

Europe’s Ambitious ‘Green Grid’ Plan.  To boost new energy sources such as wind, solar, and tidal, nine countries will link up producers through a C30 billion smart grid under the North Sea, Business Week 7 Jan 2010 By Valentina Pop

Nine north-western European countries are planning a giant underwater energy grid in the North Sea linked to wind farms, tidal power stations and hydroelectric plants. Continue reading

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Scotland moves to get half its energy from renewables

already 50 renewable energy projects scheduled that would be able to generate 4.2 gigawatts in the north of Scotland, which meets “two-thirds of peak Scottish demand”.

Scottish power upgrade for renewable energy approved Low Carbon 07/01/2010 A power line stretching across 220km of the Highlands has been approved by the Scottish minister for energy.

The controversial Beauly to Denny line is essential for harnessing up to half of Scotland’s energy from renewable sources, according to minister Jim Mather. Continue reading

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Court to hear Hawaiian challenge against depleted uranium storage

Hearing next week on challenge to Army license for depleted uranium I, Ian Lind,  January 6th, 2010

The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, an agency of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will hold a hearing next week on challenges filed by four Hawaii residents to an Army license to possess depleted uranium at Schofield Barracks on Oahu and the Pohakuloa Training Area on the Big Island. Continue reading

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Investigation of radiation-caused cancer among Ground Zero workers

Radiation had contaminated the World Trade Center Towers –  9/11 Sicknesses consistent with environmental radiation contamination

The Canadian National Newspaper Expolitics Headlines by David Jones 7 Jan 2010

A group of 9/11 responders has contracted blood cancers at an unusually young age, and top doctors suspect the disease was triggered by an unprecedented “synergistic mix” of toxins at the World Trade Center site. These growth of these cancers among Ground Zero workers, and others, are consistent with exposure to environmental radiation contamination associated with the destruction of the “9/11 targets”. Continue reading

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Prohibitive costs of new nuclear reactors

no nuclear reactors started in the last ten years were up and running and two of the plants currently under construction in France and Finland were experiencing problems.  Over 3,000 problems have been found at the Finnish construction site causing delays and huge cost overruns.

The scary side of nuclear power revealed, Green.Blorge

January 6, 2010
by Susan Wilson

After thirty years, the nuclear power industry is making a come back.  What caused the hiatus and why does the thought of new nuclear reactors frighten so many people?  Well, there’s Vogtle’s cost overruns and the nightmares from Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. Continue reading

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Suspicion that South Korea has nuclear weapons

Does South Korea have nuclear weapons? Stephen Collins Prophecy Log 8 Jan 2010 In another very important story not covered by the establishment American media, the Asia Times reported that South Korea has been “carrying out covert uranium conversion and enrichment activities and plutonium experiments for more than two decades (emphasis added).” The link reports that South Korea has admitted its nuclear activities and that South Korea was “actually making something close to bomb-grade [fissionable material].” If South Korea has been working with uranium enrichment for over 20 years, it is not hard to visualize that that nation may already secretly have several nuclear bombs in its inventory. Continue reading

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Norway and other countries dumping nuclear waste off Somalia?

The barrels
had been dumped in the sea, a UN spokesman said, for one obvious
reason: it cost European companies around $2.50 a tonne to dispose of
the waste this way, while dealing with them properly would have cost
“something like $1,000 a tonne.”

Copenhagen Days 6-7 (“ANuclear Renaissance”  Ethiopian Review, by Carly Queen January 7th, 2010 . Mr. Monbiot told us the news of how a shipwreck containing nuclear waste was discovered off the coast of Italy. Continue reading

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