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AREVA’s uranium mining caused radioactivity in Niger city

AREVA confirms Greenpeace’s alarming radiation findings in Niger –  All 5 January 2010 Following Greenpeace’s report of radioactive hotspots in the uranium mining city Akokan in Niger, AREVA has confirmed that the radioactivity in the streets of Akokan was unacceptably high. Under pressure from civil society the French nuclear company has taken action to clean up the spots indicated by Greenpeace. Continue reading


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Renewable energy super-grid for Europe

Europe plans massive North Sea grid for renewable energy DW World by Holly Fox Energy  05.01.2010

It’s set to be the biggest transnational power network of its kind. Europe is planning a massive electricity grid to run under the North Sea, connecting different EU countries with each other as well as to clean power…….. Continue reading

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Two nuclear reactors shut because of cold weather

River Ice Shuts Down 2 N.J. Nuclear Plants Clean Skies 5 Jan 2010
Two New Jersey nuclear reactors have become casualties of the deep freeze on the East Coast.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says icing on the Delaware River has forced Public Service Enterprise Group to shut Salem-2 and reduce power at Salem-1. The ice is blocking cooling water intakes.

River Ice Shuts Down 2 N.J. Nuclear Plants | Clean Skies

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Delay for Obama’s nuclear strategy

The announcement comes amid reports that the NPR is mired in an internal administration debate over some key issues, such as whether or not to abandon a “first use” policy

Pentagon: Obama’s nuke strategy delayed Foreign Policy  By Josh Rogin , January 5, 2010 The Obama administration’s rollout of its new nuclear strategy will be delayed until March, the Pentagon told Congress last week. Continue reading

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Story on Iran’s ‘nuclear trigger’ – a forgery

US. intelligence judges the “nuclear trigger” document to be a forgery,

IRAN: New Revelations Tear Holes in Nuclear Trigger Story truthout  05 January 2010 by: Gareth Porter | Inter Press Service Washington – New revelations about two documents leaked to The Times of London to show that Iran is working on a “nuclear trigger” mechanism have further undermined the credibility of the document the newspaper had presented as evidence of a continuing Iranian nuclear weapons programme. Continue reading

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Tax-payer must be liable for nuclear accidents

But why haven’t Russia or France demanded that such a law be passed in India? “In the US the equipment manufacturers are in the private sector whereas in other countries they are either government owned or act like one,” Kakodkar replied.

Nuclear liability limit needed to enter global trade: Kakodkar Little About, Chennai, Jan 5 : A law to limit the liability of nuclear equipment makers in case of accident is a basic need to enter global nuclear trade, the ex-head of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) has said, Continue reading

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Mystery of India’s fire deaths at nuclear centre

Mystery hangs over fire mishap at Indian nuclear centre at Trombay Bombay News.NetTuesday 5th January, 2010 (  : Sreekumar Banerjee, Director of Centre and Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) has said a panel of experts is still probing the cause of last week’s fire mishap in a chemical laboratory in the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) at Trombay in Mumbai in which two research students were burnt to death.

Mystery hangs over fire mishap at Indian nuclear centre at Trombay

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India’s nuclear safety is a myth

Myth of Indian nukes safety Pakistan Observer Mohammad Jamil 5 Jan 2010 There have been many accidents and thefts of uranium in India’s atomic research centres and other facilities giving rise to doubts about the security of Indian nukes. Risks related to India nuclear proliferation are many while their security arrangements are far from satisfactory. The world must take note of it before it is too late. On 29th December 2009, two research students died in the fire in laboratory of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) caused by an explosion, Continue reading

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Big powers caused poor Copenhagen result

Under the Copenhagen Accord, temperatures are likely to rise by nearly 4° C, aggravating climate change, wiping out small island countries and reducing billions of people to an insecure existence as sea levels inexorably rise, wind patterns abruptly change and glaciers rapidly melt, increasing hunger, displacement and devastation.

The cost of tailing the US  DNA Praful Bidwai  January 5, 2010 The outcome of the Copenhagen climate conference has been seen by many analysts as signifying a major shift in the global distribution of power. There is clearly some merit in this assessment. This is the first time that the Western bloc led by the United States split so completely on a non-military issue of great global significance. Continue reading

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