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Renewable energy super-grid for Europe

Europe plans massive North Sea grid for renewable energy DW World by Holly Fox Energy  05.01.2010

It’s set to be the biggest transnational power network of its kind. Europe is planning a massive electricity grid to run under the North Sea, connecting different EU countries with each other as well as to clean power……...

Renewable super-grid

Such a super-grid would ultimately connect the offshore wind farms in northern Europe with the solar panels in southern Europe, allowing countries with a surplus of energy to pass it along to countries with higher demand.

“If the wind isn’t blowing somewhere, it might be blowing elsewhere,” is how Nick Rau, energy campaigner for Friends of the Earth in Britain, put it.

Both Rau and Wilkes are convinced a European super-grid will be essential for getting Europe to use more renewable energy.

“The European Union has over the next few years to make an enormous investment in its electricity grid infrastructure and also its electricity generating technologies,” Wilkes said.

“Therefore we have an ideal opportunity at the moment to make sure that this investment goes into renewable energies.

Europe plans massive North Sea grid for renewable energy | Environment & Development | Deutsche Welle | 05.01.2010

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