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Poor nuclear security in India

Lax security at Kaiga? Express buzz Arun 01 Dec 2009 BANGALORE: Going by concern expressed by antinuclear activists, the tritium leak at the Kaiga nuclear power plant reflects the callousness by the authorities.

According to Dr Surendra Gadekar, a renowned anti-nuclear activist from Surat, the fact mischief makers could easily lay hands on purified tritium, used in the production of thermonuclear weapons, points to a major security problem at Kaiga. A gram of tritium costs around $30,000 in Canada and $1,00,000 in the US.Going by the statements by Atomic Energy Commission officials, if the tritium vials are available to the disgruntled employees in Kaiga, then there is a real threat to the country.

Taking Kaiga episode as an example, nuclear activists have raised doubts about the safety and security measures practised in nuclear installations in the country.Meanwhile, investigators questioned employees present in the operating area of the Kaiga plant when the water contamination took place.

Lax security at Kaiga?

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