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Nuclear power has 7 serious problems

7 Drawbacks To Using Nuclear Power
THE TECH EDITION  by Brett Stephens on September 23, 2009by Tim McDonald
People may argue that 25% of the world’s energy is produced through nuclear power, but what they do not understand is all the problems it brings:
1 – It costs a lot of money to setup:………..
2 – It causes global warming:………..
3 – The bi-product is radioactive waste:…..
4 – It is a nuclear bomb just waiting to be detonated:….
5 – Low-level radiation causes cancer:………..
6 – Nuclear development aids terrorism:………….
7 – There are better power options:
What frustrates us is that we we should rather be spending our time and money on the development of safer, cleaner, renewable energy solutions, such as erecting more solar plants and wind farms. Hopefully with Obama’s administration, nuclear energy will be phased out and largely replaced with the implementation of renewable energy.

7 Drawbacks To Using Nuclear Power — TheTechEdition


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