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Italy’s nuclear power revival looking politically doubtful

Italy must also decide on a solution for its nuclear waste, an issue that has never been resolved since decommissioning

Berlusconi crisis hits nuclear revival,, By Guy Dinmore in RomePublished: November 22 2010 An octogenarian cancer surgeon controversially chosen by Silvio Berlusconi to lead the relaunch of Italy’s nuclear industry says he did not really want the job and that his appointment may yet be stalled by the possible collapse of the prime minister’s centre-right government…. Continue reading

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Possibly, a partial solution to unsolved problem of dead nuclear reactors

EnergySolutions cannot dispose of all the waste. Clive is licensed only for the least contaminated material. And the spent nuclear fuel is in the same situation as used reactor fuel all over the country: the Energy Department is under contract to take it, but has no place to dispose of it. Until a permanent repository is built at the proposed Yucca Mountain facility in Nevada or another location, the waste will stay at the Zion site in steel and concrete casks designed to last for decades.

Nuclear Plant Finds Novel Way to Decommission,, By MATTHEW L. WALD: November 22, 2010 ZION, Ill. — Twelve years ago, Commonwealth Edison found itself in a bind. The Zion Station, its twin-unit nuclear reactor here, was no longer profitable. But the company could not afford to tear it down: the cost of dismantling the vast steel and concrete building, with multiple areas of radioactive contamination, would exceed $1 billion, double what it had cost to build the reactors in the 1970s. Nor could Commonwealth Edison walk away from the plant, because of the contamination. Continue reading

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Russia cutting back on nuclear safety expenditure

now under threat as funds for nuclear safety co-operation have been omitted from expenditure earmarked for local regional purposes.

Cash Cut Threatens Finnish-Russian Radiation Safety Co-operation YLE Uutiset22 Nov 10, Co-operation on nuclear safety between Finland and Russia could grind to a halt due to a lack of cash. Continue reading

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What happened to UK nuclear veterans’ removed body parts?

What happened to the removed body parts , organs and tissue ? The Redfern Report states they were destroyed .A very convenient destruction of evidence ….the Redfern Inquiry shows the NRPB was explicitly and deeply involved in the process to remove of body parts from the corpses , examining them for radiation damage and then destroying the evidence

What the UK Veterans think – Redfern « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog. 22 Nov 10. “…just when we UK nuc vets needed it , another nail has been hammered into the Ministry of Defence’s cold war policy of excluding nuclear test veterans, our premature widows and genetically damaged children from truth and justice .The Redfern Inquiry Report ( Michael Redgrave QC ) published 16th Nov , together with the refusal of the Ministry of Defence to release 500 documents into the Court should just about destroy the Government’s credibility to any longer defend the indefensible in the Atomic Veterans Group Litigation ,……. Continue reading

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Radioactive poisoining of Mayak, in rural Russia

Mayak means irradiated milk, and a river 1,000 times as radioactive as normal. Genetic defects in people 25 times and cancer incidence four times the Russian average……..

Dumping nuclear waste on defenceless Russians, |Presenter Sonia Seymour Mikich: “……….The CASTOR protests of Gorleben ( ………german-nuke-waste-transportation) have shown yet again how nuclear waste has entrapped us. There’s no final repository anywhere. There are no disposal suggestions that would be suitable for a million years – that’s how long the fuel rods radiate. Continue reading

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German govt illegally dumping nuclear waste on rural Russians

Berlin breaks German law to dump nuclear waste on Russians, Indymedia NL (Nederland)Diet Simon / MONITOR – 21.11.2010 The German government is ridding itself of highly dangerous nuclear waste by dumping it on rural people in Russia who can’t defend themselves. They’ve already suffered terribly in Mayak, said to be the most radioactively contaminated place on the globe. See, hoping it will be out-of-sight-out-of-mind, German provincial and national authorities plan to send nearly 1,000 spent fuel rods there, probably next month. One of Germany’s leading political television magazines, Monitor, recently showed the horrific lives nuclear waste has caused people in the area. If you understand German, you may want to watch at……… . Indymedia NL (Nederland) – Berlin breaks German law to dump nuclear waste on Russians

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Continued fight to stop shipment of radioactive nuclear materials across Great Lakes

“According to BP’s own figures, about 90% of the mass of radioactive material inside the steam generators is plutonium — a highly toxic, long-lived radioactive poison,

Green groups take final shot to block Great Lakes nuclear shipment Carmen Chai ,NATIONAL POST,  Postmedia News · , Nov. 20, 2010 Environmental groups have one last chance to convince Canada’s nuclear-energy watchdog to reject a plan to haul 16 decommissioned radioactive steam generators across the Great Lakes on their way to Sweden for recycling. Continue reading

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Nuclear plants can get double whammy from Stuxnet computer worm

“It appears that warhead one and warhead two were deployed in combination as an all-out cyberstrike against the Iranian nuclear program,”….

Worm Can Deal Double Blow to Nuclear Program, New York Times, By JOHN MARKOFF, November 19, 2010 The German software engineer who in September was the first to report that a computer worm was apparently designed to sabotage targets in Iran said Friday that the program contained two separate “digital warheads.” Continue reading

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Uses and limitations of USA’s spy satellites watching Russia’s nukes

Cape Canaveral will launch what the director of the National Reconnaissance Office — the intelligence agency that manages the spy satellites — calls the “largest satellite in the world” into geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above the earth,

How the U.S. Snoops on Russian Nukes From Space By Spencer Ackerman   November 18, 2010 “…..Verification is the heart of arms control. Before the U.S. and Russia started signing arms control deals in the 1970s, each launched spy planes and satellites up into the sky to get a sense of how many missiles the other guy had. And even with the advent of missile-counters, the U.S. continues to throw satellites into space to snoop below. Continue reading

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Despite its own committee’s warnings, Australian govt quietly does uranium deal with Russia

Joint Standing Committee of Treaties (JSCOT) pointed out that uranium sales to Russia should not proceed unless significant security measures were addressed. Few if any of these measures have been addressed since then.

it seems to be just another case of “business as usual” in Australian politics, in which our country’s resources are sold off to the highest bidder, regardless of the dangerous impacts such sales add to geo-regional security.

New Risks from Australia Russia Uranium Deal – On Line Opinion – By James Norman 19/11/2010 Late last week on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in South Korea, Prime Minister Julia Gillard ratified a deal with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that should send shockwaves through the Australian electorate. Continue reading

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The halt on German nuclear transports to Russia

Thousands attend unprecedented anti-nuclear protests in Germany: Local action achieves global impact. Bellona, 19 Nov 10, GORBLEN, Germany .……..The deal that the Germans were preparing with the Russians involved the transportation of 951 spent nuclear fuel assemblies burnt in a research reactor in Rossendorf, Eastern Germany, from a temporary storage facility in Ahaus, Western Germany, to the chemical reprocessing plant Mayak in Russia for final disposal.On November 13, the German news agency DPA reported that authorities in Hamburg – namely, city mayor Christoph Ahlhaus – had refused to allow the port to be used as a transit point for the delivery.
“In October, another decision to refuse to participate in the transportation of nuclear waste had come from the authorities in Bremerhaven, also a port. Therefore, for the time being, there is no suitable seaport in Germany that would agree to serve as a transit harbour [for the waste]. The German government says shipping the 18 containers with nuclear waste may be postponed until April 2011,” the DPA report said (rendered here from the Russian translation). ……

Thousands attend unprecedented anti-nuclear protests in Germany: Local action achieves global impact – Bellona

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America’s nuclear facilities could be attacked by Stuxnet computer worm

The Stuxnet malicious software, which was discovered in June, appears to have been designed professionally

U.S. Nuclear Plants Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks, Analysts Say,  Bloomberg, By Jeff Bliss – Nov 18, 2010 U.S. computer systems that run energy, water, nuclear and manufacturing plants are vulnerable to computer worms similar to one that infected an Iranian nuclear power facility, cyber-security analysts told a Senate panel today. Continue reading

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United Nations to report on impacts of nuclear testing on Marshall Islanders

UN TO STUDY NUCLEAR TESTING EFFECTS IN MARSHALLS Report on impacts due next year WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, Nov. 17, 2010) – The United Nations has agreed to investigate the impacts of US nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands between 1946 and 1958.In a resolution adopted yesterday, the UN agreed to produce a report next year on the nuclear testing impacts on the group of Islands.The report is expected to focus on scientific questions, including safe exposure levels, but also look more broadly at the economic and social impacts of testing.The Marshall Islands Ambassador to the UN, Phillip Muller, says the government will work closely with the four atoll communities most directly affected by the tests.Radio New Zealand International: UN TO STUDY NUCLEAR TESTING EFFECTS IN MARSHALLS – November 17, 2010

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China – Nuclear power plant operator delayed notifying of radiation leak

Nuclear official feels Legco heat on leak, The Standard, Dennis Chong, November 17, 2010 Legislators lambasted the operator of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station for notifying the public more than three weeks after a radiation leak was found.Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company, a subsidiary of CLP Power which operates the plant, said the incident did not involve risk to the public and, as a result, did not need to be reported.However, lawmakers were dissatisfied and asked the company to reveal the timeline of events after maintenance workers found a defective pipe in the cooling system…… Meanwhile, legislators said the operator has not learned from an experience in May when an increase in radioactivity inside the plant sparked widespread rumors of a major leak.…Nuclear official feels Legco heat on leak – The Standard

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Organs taken secretly from bodies of nuclear workers

scientists had long been concerned about workers’ exposure to radiation, essentially from plutonium. The analysis required a complex procedure in which organs were rendered to ash in a furnace and then dissolved in acid.

Families Shocked To Find UK Nuclear Workers’ Organs Were Removed For Secret Tests,  17-Nov-2010 THE families of nuclear workers in the UK whose hearts, lungs and other organs were secretly tested for radiation for almost 40 years were let down by the authorities. Continue reading

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