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Uranium mining, radiation and indigenous land

VIDEO Another Green World: McCain declares (nuclear) war on Navajo & Sioux McCain declares (nuclear) war on Navajo & Sioux, Another Green World, 1 July 2010Our Mother is suffering….’Radiation levels rising, uranium mining for ‘clean’ nuclear power is killing indigenous land in Arizona and McCain wants more, bet it would be different if his house was next to a radioactive mine.posted by Derek Wall


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Land grab from Australian Aboriginals for the nuclear industry

Uranium mining has to go, along with the racist government policies used to justify and continue the theft of Aboriginal land.

Youth candidates to witness NT intervention , Zane Alcorn, candidate for Newcastle , Green Left Weekly, 26 June 2010, We need to stand behind the first people of this country and fight for their land and cultural rights. The government’s so-called concern for Aboriginal welfare and living conditions is nothing but a cloak for a blatant land grab.

The uranium-rich land of central Australia is coveted by government and private mining corporations alike. Aboriginal land rights are a direct threat to this potential source of huge wealth. Continue reading

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Australian govt’s welfare measures push Aboriginals off homelands

The NT intervention is clearly racist and is not motivated by concern for Aboriginal children but to enable government control of Aboriginal land.

Many Aboriginal communities have been forced to sign over their land on five-year leases to the federal government — land that contains gold, iron ore, uranium as well as areas that have been slated as potential nuclear waste dumps.

We are all in this together, Green Left Weekly, Ruth Ratcliffe June 20, 2010“…….The Rudd government plans to extend the paternalistic policy of welfare quarantining, which the Howard government initiated in remote Aboriginal communities, to other areas of disadvantage. Instead the government should adequately fund appropriate services and empower communities. Continue reading

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U.S. defense officials, like Australian unionists, know the dangers of uranium mining

United States defense officials having knowledge of the dangers of uranium are shown in “Censored News,” which publishes human rights reports about indigenous peoples. The photo (  stated that “Navajo uranium miners during the Cold War were sent to their deaths in the mines after the U.S. knew of the dangers of radioactivity.”
Australian Union Bans Workers from Uranium Mines, Nuclear Power Stations – Huntington News Network

Australian Union Bans Workers from Uranium Mines, Nuclear Power Stations By Tony Reporter Huntington, WV (HNN) – Fears of radiation exposure to uranium workers has led to the Electrical Trades Union in Brisbane, Australia, to ban members from working in uranium mines, nuclear power stations, and any part of the nuclear fuel cycle, according to a BBC report. Union leaders believe uranium exposure will replace asbestos as the high profile toxic workplace contaminant.
ETU state secretary, Peter Simpson, stated that uranium is the next asbestos in the workplace.  The report predicts that due to the danger other trade unions will follow and the ban will expand beyond Australia. Continue reading

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Namibian people will not benefit fron uranium mining

What does all this uranium rush mean to the average Namibian?
If the overall socio-economic impact of the Namibian diamond industry is anything to go by, the upsurge in activity in the local uranium industry is likely to be an economic non-event for the majority of the citizens as no significant economic gains and individual development is to be expected..

Uranium: the future of Namibia mining, but who is benefiting?  Informante, by Mathew Nyaungwa , 17 June 2010 “….it is not surprising at all that there has been a strong appetite for uranium… Continue reading

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Report from Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change

Climate Change And Indigenous Peoples: Second Edition,  Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources, 14 June 2010, The severity of the impacts of climate change and mitigation processes on indigenous peoples and the complex negotiating processes around climate change compels us to have a basic understanding of climate change and the policies and actions being taken to address it.

We, indigenous peoples, have long observed and adapted to the climatic changes in our communities for tens of thousands of years. Continue reading

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American Indians against new uranium mining

“Our Navajo communities rely on the groundwater for everything. These new projects could contaminate the source of drinking water for 15,000 Navajo community members,”

Navajo Activists Protest Uranium Mining Plans, May 28, 2010, warresisters By Bruce Finley, The Denver PostUranium-mining leaders and federal regulators poised to fuel a resurgent nuclear power industry gathered in Denver on Wednesday,…outside the conference Wednesday, American Indian demonstrators with drums and signs demanded a halt to all new uranium mining on Navajo land, where federal regulators have permitted several projects. Continue reading

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One Australian Aboriginal thwarts AREVA’s uranium mining plans

”Jeffrey Lee has put country and culture ahead of personal profit and his vision means this magnificent place will be protected for all people and all time,”

Owner wants uranium-rich land to be added to Kakadu, Sydney Morning Herald, LINDSAY MURDOCH IN KAKADUMay 29, 2010 The world heritage-listed Kakadu National Park will be expanded to include thousands of hectares of ecologically sensitive land that contains uranium worth billions of dollars. In a generous act, the Aboriginal traditional owner, Jeffrey Lee, has offered the land to the federal government so that it can become part of Kakadu, where he works as a ranger. Continue reading

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Australian Aboriginals fight Govt’s draconian nuclear waste plan

YouTube – Muckaty Voices

The proposed waste dump law excludes the Muckaty Traditional Owners from procedural fairness and appeal rights, removes Aboriginal Heritage and environmental protections and overrides any Commonwealth, State and Territory laws that could be used to oppose or challenge the dump plan.

From the campfire to cyberspace: Radioactive waste concerns go global, Natalie Wasley, 18 May 2001 Aboriginal Traditional Owners opposed to a radioactive waste dump at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory of Australia have taken their campaign to a global online audience. Continue reading

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Australian govt ignored true indigenous owners in planning nuclear waste dump

“We find it quite astonishing when we compare their determination against the land commissioner’s report which clearly identifies the traditional owners we’re speaking to as owners of the land.”

Lawyers step in as waste dump gets nod,  ABC Alice Springs – Australian Broadcasting Corporation, By Alex Johnson 11 May 2010, A team of solicitors will travel to Tennant Creek today to prepare their case against the Federal Government’s plan to build a nuclear waste dump north of the town. Continue reading

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Nuclear company Entergy’s fall in profits

Entergy 1Q Profit Falls 9% As Nuclear Unit Weighs on Results, DOW JONES NEWSWIRES  By Matt Jarzemsky; 30 April 2010, Entergy Corp.’s (ETR) first-quarter profit fell 9% as lower pricing for its nuclear power dragged down revenue and operating margin…… Revenue fell 1.1% to $2.76 billion while operating margin slid to 17.3% from 18.2%…..The company’s utility division profit climbed 24% while its nuclear unit, the second-biggest U.S. generator of such power behind Exelon Corp. (EXC), reported a 48% plunge in earnings as revenue fell on lower pricing. Entergy 1Q Profit Falls 9% As Nuclear Unit Weighs on Results –

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Guam’s nuclear bomb test victims might be compensated, at last

US legislation a “first step” in compensation process for Guam nuclear radiation victims Radio NewZealand,  28 April, 2010 UTCThe Pacific Association of Radiation Survivors, or PARS, has welcomed a new bill in the US senate which would allow Guam residents exposed to nuclear tests decades ago to claim as much as US$150,000 each in damages.The bill looks to amend the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act to include Guam on the list of affected areas where victims can make claims alongside the likes of Nevada, Utah and Arizona.One of the bill’s co-sponsors, Guam’s congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo, says many people in so-called “downwinder” areas like Guam have been affected by nuclear testing……
“We’ve never been compensated. The Marshall islands were compensated partially and they, evidently, ran out of money through their trust fund and now they’re… ignored. If we (Guam) weren’t a US territory out here, I don’t think they (US lawmakers) would even entertain it.” US legislation a “first step” in compensation process for Guam nuclear radiation victims

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VIDEO: Navajo Indians- cancers and environmental degradation from uranium mining

VIDEO, Native America, Discovered and Conquered » Blog Archive » American Indians and uranium April 17th, 2010 In what might be an example of environmental and economic racism, I believe that more than 50% of the uranium mining in the United States occurs on tribal lands. Tribal lands make up only 1% of the land mass in the lower 48 states.I just heard very disturbing evidence presented on very serious and very significant cancer clusters on the Navajo Nation reservation blamed on water and land contaminated with uranium tailings.Watch this video complied from a conference held on the Hopi Nation in November 2009 about this issue.

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Areva and other uranium miners confronted by Niger’s new government

Niger government says will scrap mine deals if no benefit  Apr 16, 2010  By Abdoulaye Massalatchi NIAMEY (Reuters) – Niger’s military rulers will examine the country’s mining contracts and invalidate those that do not benefit Niger, it said on Friday.Several contracts, including those with French nuclear energy group Areva and China National Petroleum Corp., were signed under President Mamadou Tandja, who was overthrown by soldiers in the northwest African nation in February.”If a signed convention in the extractive industry is not advantageous for our country, there is no question of accepting it,” said government spokesman Mahaman Laouali Dan Dah.The military group has made anti-corruption a cornerstone of its appeal in the country, one of the world’s poorest despite its uranium mines and oil deposits….

Earlier this month, the government sacked 20 top officials working for state-owned companies, including those involved in representing the country’s uranium and oil interests.

Niger government says will scrap mine deals if no benefit | Top News | Reuters

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The nasty truth about France’s AREVA uranium company in Niger

The international nuclear industry is an integral part of this dirty scheme in France, Niger and elsewhere. It’s time to stop it in its tracks and get it to clean up the toxic mess it’s created.

Nuclear colonialism  News24: Columnists: AndreasSpath 2010-04-07 Fans of nuclear energy love France. They habitually depict the country which produces more than three quarters of its electricity using atomic power as the way forward to clean, cheap and low-carbon energy for all. In their enthusiasm they tend to ignore the less than glamorous aspects of the French nuclear industry. Continue reading

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