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Fukushima Sensationalism and Hoaxes

During the past years and half following the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe I have said it repeatedly many times: 

1. Sensationalism discredit the real gravity of the situation in Fukushima and of the living conditions of the Fukushima victims, it also discredits all the serious Fukushima Watchers and our anti-nuclear cause.
2. It is an insult to truth and to the real victims on location in Fukushima.
3. Fukushima and nuclear do not need any exageration, sensationalism,  the plain truth
as it is, is terrible, horrible enough.
4. Only by spreading the truth, the true facts we can mark solid points against the cover-up of the nuclear lobby and its servile media, only with truth and true facts we can help the Fukushima victims situation to be known, exposed and get them the help they rightfully deserve.
5. Therefore we should oppose both the nuke shills who minimize the truth about Fukushima and nuclear, and the sensationalists who discredit the Fukushima cause to the eyes of the general public with their wild lies about Fukushima. 


For four years and half, I have been sharing, circulating information on internet thru 3 blogs and on Facebook on a few groups and pages. 

I have chosen up to now to ignore the rotten apples, but I cannot keep silent anymore when I do witness the harm they are doing to the Fukushima cause and to the anti-nuclear cause with their sensationalism, their repetitive hoaxes, their lack of integrity, of responsibility, their sensationalizing of Fukushima to draw attention so as to milk donations from good people but alas gullible not well informed.


 The typical example of those few Youtubers sensationalizing Fukushima for self profit, transforming the Fukushima issue into a personal con-game is a man named Kevin Blanch.


For example last year Kevin Blanch made a video announcing that the spent fuel pool of the reactor 4 at the Nuclear plant of Fukushima Daiichi was on fire and had exploded, that the whole U.S. would be fried by the radiation plume released from that fire and explosion within few days, causing a panic and fear in numbers of people. Of course it was just bull. Another hoax of his, among his countless other lies and hoaxes.

His latest hoax, this year, on August 2015, after Japan restarted its first reactor  at Sendai in Southern Japan on Kyushu Islnd, he took advantage of people’s attention about that restart to announce suddenly that that reactor was having a meltdown. Of course, not basis whatsover for his claim, just another made-up hoax of his. Multiple hoaxes for which during the past 4 years and half he never even once apologized , once those hoaxes in due time were debunked one after the other. Totally unrepentant, and always keeping on doing it.

That scoundrel is making a living from making sensationalism videos about Fukushima on Youtube, full of exaggerations, hyperboles, plain lies, hoaxes, promoting his self-importancy with the sole intent to fool the people about his pretended activism so as to milk donations from them, thus making Fukushima his personal lucrative con-game.


I feel sorry for the gullible people that he fools, that he takes advantage of, most of those people certainly well meaning and good hearted. But If only them I would not interfere with his con-game and his preys.


But people like him  are robbing those donations from the people who really need it and who really deserve it : The real victims and the real activists on location doing the real job, helping the victims, organizing radiation measuring networks to measure the environment and the foods & beverages of the communities, providing measuring instruments to communities on locations, etc… The people who are crowdfunding,  organizing health recovering spring and summer camps outside of Fukushima for the children of Fukushima in Japan or Hawaii, or in Australia or in various European countries, so that the Fukushima children may leave their daily contaminated environment to replenish their health for a few weeks in a non contaminated environment, to eat also there non-contaminated foods for a few weeks. Those times out are very crucial for the health of those children, for them to be ble to detox their young vulnerable organism, as it was proven before with the children of chernobyl by numerous studies.


Those few people like him on Youtube  are not well-meaning citizens wishing to expose the Fukushima situation, to circulate the informations which are not well circulated by the mainstream media due to the nuclear lobby influence and its financial associates, such people are riding the Fukushima catastrophe, as vultures, to the detriment of the real victims and to the detriment of truth, for their own ego and greed.


Please people, don’t be victimized by con-men and their glib jive lies.

Spare your donations to help the real victims, and to help the real activists present on location to help the Fukushima victims.


From the father of a Fukushima girl.

Best wishes to you all.

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