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5 Years Living With Fukushima

I personally do not agree with their estimate for several reasons:

1. We do not know how much was the exact quantity of radiation/contamination released during those 2011 explosions.

2. We do not know how much was the exact quantity of radionuclides loaded toxic gases released into the air by Fukushima Daiichi during the past five years, every day and every hour

3. We do not know the extent of it being carried by the winds (250kms to 500kms radius minimum)

4. We do not know the extent of how many Japanese have been exposed to any external radiation and to what dosage.

4. We do not know how many Japanese have been exposed to internal radiation thru ingestion of contaminated foods and liquids

5. We do not know how much contaminated debris have been scattered in how many prefectures and incinerated there on government order ( for example in Chiba at the door of Tokyo, in Osaka in Central Japan, and as far as Kitakyushu in Southern Japan)

6. When you consider all those facts and that there has been already 35,000 workers working at Fukushima Daiichi in the past five years (“if the number is true”) I believe that the given 65,000 possible cancers maximun estimate number is way too much underestimated.

5 Years Living with Fukushima is a report outlining the devastating health effects of the still ongoing disaster of the meltdown of three reactors at Fukushima Daiichi.  We estimate 10,000-66,000 excess cases of cancer, half resulting in death from this event, even using the underestimated radiation emission data from the WHO and the Japanese government.  Already 16 cases of childhood thyroid cancer have been operated on in children who were cancer free two years prior.  Fifty cases of possibly thyroid cancer by biopsy are awaiting surgery.

Read about the animal studies pointing to malformations, increase in mortality and reduced reproductive rates that should point to other human studies that should be addressed.  Large swaths of farmland, cities and villages are included in the exclusion zone and still 100,000 are in temporary housing. Low dose radiation causes many health issues.  Read the report and join PSR to avoid accidents in U.S. nuclear plants and close those that are at risk.

Download the full report

PSR Fact Sheet on Thyroid Ultrasound Examination (TUE) Findings in Fukushima prefecture
Dr. Yuri Hiranuma provides a concise review of the TUE findings and the surprising high numbers of thyroid cancers in the initial baseline screening.  The follow up study has already found 15 news cases in children who were cancer free two years prior.

Press Release highlighting the findings

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