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Julian Assange’s aim of free speech

When governments stop torturing and killing people, and when corporations stop abusing the legal system, then perhaps it will be time to ask if free-speech activists are accountable.” – Julian Assange

A dream come true for WikiLeaks founder, DAILY NATION 2 Dec 10, The founder of the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks whose exclusive dossiers have captured the attention of the world is a man who seems to have achieved his dream. Continue reading

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Russia ramps up nuclear weapons in Europe

True totals of Russian tactical nuclear weapons is a tightly-held secret, but the Federation of American Scientists estimated last year that Moscow has nearly 5,400 of them, with about 2,000 deployed.

  • Russia Moves Tactical Nukes Closer to NATO. Gulp., By Spencer Ackerman November 30, 2010

While the U.S. and Russia have been publicly crowing about their awesome new friendship for the past two years, Moscow’s been moving small, ground-based nuclear weapons closer to the borders of Washington’s easternmost NATO allies. Continue reading

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Can Wikileaks be prosecuted for telling the truth?

Prosecuting WikiLeaks: It’s Not Going To Be Easy : NPR NPR, 1 Dec 10, Law enforcement officials in the United States and around the world are turning up the heat on the website WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. But all the attention doesn’t mean that they will face American-style justice, experts said, because the legal issues in play are both novel and challenging. Continue reading

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The potential for Stuxnet computer worm to attack nuclear centrifuges

Forensic experts dissecting the worm found that it was calibrated in a way that could send nuclear centrifuges “wildly out of control.”… thing is clear: Stuxnet is a worrying escalation in cyber attacks.

A dangerous new level in malware, Pittsburg Post Gazette, TechMan:  2 Dec 10, Malicious software turned a dangerous corner recently with Stuxnet, a computer worm that attacks the control systems for things like nuclear power plants and electrical grids………….. Continue reading

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Facts on airport radiation scanners

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A soldier’s testimony of Christmas Island’s nuclear bomb tests

HMS Cavalier « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog,  By   SIDNEY FANNING  :November 28, 2010 In 1963 whilst on HMS Cavalier we was ordered to go to Christmas Island for five days on the way home from the FES. When the ship eventually got home, tests upon the eyes were carried out, which I have been told is to find out whether you have been eradiated or not. Many of my shipmates have died in the 50′s and 60′s, and those of us that are left have many diseases, some associated with radiation. HMS Cavalier « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog

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$4.3 billion to make new plutonium pits for America

a building project at Los Alamos called the Chemical and Metallurgical Research Replacement Nuclear Facility (CMRR). The intended function of this facility is to increase the capacity to produce new plutonium pits. The actual site of the nuclear fission, they’re the beating heart of the warhead…..The CMRR,… “was marketed to Congress as a $350 million building [but] has grown to an estimated $4.3 billion

The Front Line of Disarmament: Blocking a Nuclear Facility Six Times the Cost of the Manhattan Project, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Russ Wellen: 29 Nov 10, That is, six times the cost of the division of the Manhattan Project (to develop nuclear weapons during World War II) that was based in New Mexico. Continue reading

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China should crack down on nuclear smuggling to North Korea

“China does not place enough of a priority on counter-proliferation intelligence. According to Western intelligence officials, Chinese intelligence agencies do not allocate enough resources to understanding and detecting illicit nuclear trade conducted by North Korea and Iran inside China. In addition, the government has not done enough to investigate the export violations of which it is aware.”

Letter from China: Lips and Teeth : The New Yorker, November 24, 2010 by Evan Osnos “…..according to David Albright and Paul Brannan of the the Institute for Science and International Security, North Korea relies on smuggling networks in which it “procures for its uranium enrichment program either from China or by using it as a transshipment point.” Continue reading

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Doubts on need for airport radiation scanning, with its skin cancer risk

the concentration on the skin – one of the most radiation-sensitive organs of the body – means the radiation dose is actually 20 times higher than the official estimate.

Full-body airport scanners ‘as likely to kill you as terrorist bombs’ By Kate Schneider , November 26, 2010 CONTROVERSIAL full-body airport scanners are just as likely to kill you as a terrorist’s bomb exploding on your plane, a leading scientist says.Peter Rez, a physics professor at Arizona State University, US, said the probability of dying from cancer caused by radiation from a body scanner and that of being killed in a terror attack are both approximately one in 30 million. Continue reading

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Medical radiation risks must be explained to patients

CT imaging, though, can produce as much as as 500 times the radiation of an X-ray, and experts have estimated that as many as 20% in Canada are ordered needlessly. U.S. studies suggest the risk of cancer from a single CT scan ranges from one in 2,000 to one in 300, depending on the dose and other factors.

Patients must be told of CT-scan dangers: doctors, Tom Blackwell, National Post , Nov. 26, 2010 As CT scans and similar procedures are ordered increasingly often, doctors should be forced to tell patients about the potential radiation-based cancer risk, two Canadian physicians have urged in a major U.S. medical journal. Continue reading

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Germany to extend nuclear power plants, but opposition continues

The opposition Social Democrats said on Friday that they would appeal the decision at Germany’s highest court. They argue that the government’s reasoning that the upper house does not have to give its approval for the bill, is unlawful.

Germany passes law on extending the lifespans of nuclear power plants by Nicole Goebel Deutsche Welle | 26.11.2010 A bill that would see the lifespans of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants extended by 12 years was approved by the upper house of parliament on Friday despite strong opposition. Continue reading

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Near German nuclear waste dump – higher cancer rates

Higher rates of cancer found in area near dilapidated nuclear waste dump  Deutsche Welle | 26.11.2010 by Matt Zuvela, Holly Fox The Lower Saxony government has said those living near a dilapidated nuclear waste storage facility have higher rates of cancer. Men have twice the rate of leukemia and women have three times the rate of thyroid cancer. Continue reading

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Facts on the two types of airport Whole Body Imaging

Rafi Sala, an Israeli airport security expert who helped design security at Ben Gurion International Airport: “I don”t know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines. I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747. … That’s why we haven’t put them in our airport.”

Peek-a-Boo, I C U – Living Lake Country, By Al Neuhauser Nov. 25, 2010……….There are two types of Whole Body Imaging (WBI) technologies in place. They are backscatter and millimeter-wave. The first uses low-level X-rays to image the body. This passes through clothing and into you, but a portion reflects off of your skin, or “backscatters”, technically called “Compton scattering.” This radiation does penetrate, but a small amount reflects and is detected by a bank of detectors. Continue reading

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Nuclear-capable ballitic missile tested by India

India test-fires nuclear-capable ballistic missile BusinessWeek 26 Nov 10, NEW DELHI India has successfully tested a medium-range version of its most powerful nuclear-capable missile during an army training exercise.Defense Ministry spokesman Sitanshu Kar says the upgraded Agni-1 was fired from a testing range on an island off the eastern state of Orissa.he 12-ton, nuclear-capable missile with a 435-mile (700-kilometer) range has an advanced navigation system and can carry payloads of up to 2,200 pounds (1,000 kilograms)……… India test-fires nuclear-capable ballistic missile – BusinessWeek

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German govt to raise 3 billion euros from nuclear fuel tax

From Jan. 1 2011 through December 2016, a tax on nuclear fuel will bring an estimated EUR2.3 billion to the federal government.

German Upper House Passes Nuclear Fuel Tax –, By Beate Preuschoff, Dow Jones Newswires;NOVEMBER 26, 2010, BERLIN -Germany’s upper house of parliament Friday approved a new tax on nuclear fuel rods, part of a sweeping overhaul of the country’s atomic energy policy. Continue reading

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