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A soldier’s testimony of Christmas Island’s nuclear bomb tests

HMS Cavalier « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog,  By   SIDNEY FANNING  :November 28, 2010 In 1963 whilst on HMS Cavalier we was ordered to go to Christmas Island for five days on the way home from the FES. When the ship eventually got home, tests upon the eyes were carried out, which I have been told is to find out whether you have been eradiated or not. Many of my shipmates have died in the 50′s and 60′s, and those of us that are left have many diseases, some associated with radiation. HMS Cavalier « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog

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  1. The Cavalier was due to due to be decommissioned in the Uk from Singapore, normally when this occurs ships are sent home by the shortest course via the Suez Canal and up through the Mediterranean to the Uk. However, Admiralty {Gov} for unknown reasons decided to send her via the West Indies calling into Auckland, Fiji then across to Tahiti from there to Christmas Island where it shipped anchor for four or five days not taking on rations, ammunition or refueling but just lazing around in general. Keeping in mind we were on our way to Hawaii then to SanDiego USA why was it necessary to alter course to go to Tahiti when keeping a straight course we would have bypassed Christmas Island by many sea miles and arrived at Honolulu, thus in all probability it would have missed the British Nuclear fallout. What is the British Government NOT telling us?

    Comment by Peter | December 3, 2010 | Reply

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