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New publication reveals massive errors in Radiation Protection laws and identifies the cause of the global cancer epidemic.

Green Audit UK/ Environmental Research SIA, Latvia

Low Level Radiation Campaign. Press Release 25/04/2022:


New peer-reviewed publication reveals massive errors in Radiation Protection laws and identifies the cause of the global cancer epidemic.

In an invited article, published on 21st April in the Elsevier Open Access journal: Cancer Treatment and Research Communications, British Scientist, Christopher Busby presents comprehensive evidence that the current scientific radiation risk model was dishonestly assembled and is shown to be totally unsafe for the purposes of underpinning current legal limits for exposure to common radioactive materials released to the environment [1].

Dr Busby has spent 30 years of his life researching this issue, and the acceptance after 7 months of peer review of this article is certainly a breakthrough, one that followed his previous journal article showing that the Japanese lifespan study of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing was dishonestly manipulated [2].

Busby, who was previously Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster, said: I have worked for more than 30 years on this issue, and I have been attacked on the internet; my Wikipedia entries are constantly changed by trolls in an invisible war against the idea that internal radiation is very dangerous. I have stuck to the issue and refused to back off, because it is critical for life on the planet—to the children and grandchildren.

The new paper illuminates the hidden way in which the US-influenced radiation model was constructed between 1956 and 1977: the Absorbed Dose, Linear No Threshold method. This diluted internal radioactivity into the whole body in such a way that it could be argued that its health effects were vanishingly small. In reality, radiation effects at the DNA and the cell (where cancer starts) were thousands of times higher, as was the cancer yield from exposures.

The risk model enabled the development of nuclear bombs, nuclear power and Depleted Uranium weapons. The atmospheric tests resulted in the global cancer epidemic and more than 200 million deaths in those exposed and also their children. Dr Busby, who has assisted in obtaining compensation for radiation and cancer in a significant number of US court cases presently represents Nuclear Test Veterans in the British Tribunals, and a Scots nuclear submarine cancer victim in the Scottish Tribunals.

In the paper he discusses the mistakes made by those epidemiologists studying Test Veterans, Nuclear workers and the Radium dial painter studies. The inevitable scientific acceptance of the failure of the risk model will clearly change the energy and military future landscape.

Dr Busby together with Professors Alexey Yablokov, Alice Stewart, Inge Shmitz-Feuerhake, Rosalie Bertell and Molly Scott Cato set up the independent European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) in Brussels in 1998. The ECRR risk model was published in 2003 and 2010 and a new version is due this year.

[1] Christopher Busby (2022) Radiation and Cancer—The failure of the Risk Model.

[2] Christopher Busby (2021) The Hiroshima A-Bomb Black Rain and the lifespan study—Resolution of the enigma. DOI: 10.1080/07357907.2021.1977818

Contact: Chris Busby: +371-29419511

Richard Bramhall (LLRC) +44-7887924043


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