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Elon Musk is remaking Twitter into a climate denier sanctuary

by ketanjoshi85 [very good graphs]

As I wrote recently here on my site, Elon Musk’s reputation as a ‘climate hero’ has been badly exaggerated. Every good thing he’s contributed to sits alongside a collection of actively counter-productive things. One of those things is killing a space that climate activists, communicators and experts used regularly – that is, Twitter. Still my core social media space, but a broken, burning one……………………………………………………………………….

The gradual rebirth of climate denier Twitter

It feels like something more fundamental in site dynamic has changed – particularly around which accounts and tweets get boosted and promoted.

I recently noticed that climate deniers, or climate delayers (who argue for no or slow climate action) have had massive increases in their followings, whereas pro-climate accounts have either lost followers, or gained very few of them. Musk has himself been cosying up with climate deniers, boosting, for instance, a conspiracy theory video from Australian climate denier and member of far-right xenophobic party One Nation, Senator Malcolm Roberts. “[Musk is] doing a marvellous job of rekindling freedom of speech,” Roberts told the SMH. “That alone is worthy of high praise.”

Berlin-based researcher Travis Brown has been tracking various changes at Twitter under Musk’s rule; particularly how the roll-out of the paid service ‘Twitter Blue’ has been going (I did an ad-hoc data snapshot of climate denial among Blue accounts, and…it’s bad). Being able to pay a tiny fee to simulate trustworthiness and get boosted into prominence in both algorithmic feeds and the sorting of replies on Twitter is invaluable for climate deniers.

It is, of course, very relevant given that Musk has just announced that the only tweets appearing in the algorithmic ‘For You’ feed will be those who’ve paid to subscribe to Twitter. Musk think he’s onto a solid grift here; offering prominence to those who are so deeply shit in their speech that they’ve failed to earn it.

Another recent analysis by ISD found that “fringe climate denialist websites have gained a foothold in online conversation with thousands of daily mentions on Twitter by highly followed climate-denying actors, pundits and outlets”. They also found that “some actors identified as ‘super-spreaders’ of climate misinformation by ISD and CAAD linked to the fringe websites”, including notorious denier accounts Patrick Moore, Steve Milloy and Peter Clack…………………………………………………………………..

Though my account selection method was somewhat ad-hoc, there’s basically no denying how significantly Musk-Twitter has caused a massive audience boost for climate deniers and delayers. To some degree, this had already kicked off around mid 2022, prior to Musk’s official purchase, but whatever dials Musk turned has accelerated this phenomenon significantly…………………………………………………………………

The change of ownership has had both direct and indirect influence in denier prominence on Twitter, accelerating this pre-existing problem. There’s been a general emboldening of the worst, most cruel right-wing accounts. There’s a spring in their step – their man is in the top job. And climate is a big focus for them.

A specific change to the algorithm to boost tweets ‘outside’ of one’s political sphere has resulted in far, far more eyeballs on right-wing content (in addition to being the core reason I get ferociously racist responses to innocuous things I post). And Twitter Blue subscriptions are helping grant legitimacy and prominence to the worst, pro-fossil deniers, as shown by journalist David Vetter. “As a platform, Twitter is now fully weaponized to undermine science, climate action and global sustainable development”, he wrote.

Some of the reason pro-climate accounts have lost followers has been people leaving Twitter. Musk has been publicly endorsing far-right and right-wing views,……………………………………………………………….. more


March 31, 2023 - Posted by | climate change, spinbuster, USA


  1. Poisonous Chicken Soup

    Elon musk is getting sued, for 180 billion dollars, for hyping up, the dogecoin crypto coin ponzi scheme, and then causing it to crash.
    There was Musk’s Hyperloop system musk hyped, with underground tunnels across calfornia and nevada for his lousey cars(to defeat bullet trains that exist in china, japan, and europe). Hyperloop never materialized.
    He only has one underground tunnel, in nevada that is 3 miles long. The boring company is bankrupt.. It failed and the boring company has no new contracts. It is losing money hand over fist. Supposedly appraised at 10 billion. Real value of boring company is debatable.

    Many people say elon musk is very dumb and, failed up. Most of his schemes are worthless yet, gullible americans lap his schemes and grandiose fraud up. Lap it up like fancy, chicken soup for the soul and a positive future. A great deal of Teslas value, is and was based on huge bitcoin investments and purchases.

    Elmo has no real college degree. Bought a fake physics degree from UPenn. All of the professors of that program, say he took none of their classes, when he was supposed to be there.

    Elon musk has gotten several billion dollars, from the government, to subsidize his tesla plants in china, his flakey mars rocket, the two thousand flakey solar systems he has installed.(many solr companies have installed 10 to a hundred times more solar systems)
    Money for His space x satellites, of which he half have fallen out of orbit.

    Musk is the biggest fraudster in history. Elon musk is contributing heavily, to the wave of bank failures across the usa.

    There are no self driving cars

    The Tesla tunnel crash that killed a man, using self driving software and could have
    Killed more. Killed 5 other people.


    Risky investments, stock manipulations , crypto currency fraud. With a team of crack lawyers behind him and the government is solidly behind him in one of the worst crony capitalism schemes, in history.
    He wins all cases brought against him for securities frauds like his “infamaous all cars will be self-driving bys such and such date,” that has led to fatalities, and hyped, Tesla, stock valuation.
    The bogus and overpriced tesla solar power systems, that don’t work and, people are not buying. The dozens killed in his cars. The loose bolts and steering wheels, that are coming off. The many other electric vehicles,  by other companies that are a fraction of the cost of teslas. The tesla pickup that looks like a 70s delorean knockoff

    Musk says he intends to put a million people on Mars by 2050, in a rocket that wont clear the launching pad. Musks boring company is worthless. Tesla has lost 50 percent of its value SINCE MUSK TOOK OVER TWITTER AND PEOPLE HAVE FOUND OUT HOW DUMB HE IS. 44 billion dollars for a free, social chat network.
    Neurolink’s brain chip’s, have been worse, than the cars,
    Musk killed 1500 lab animals, by putting chips, on their brains, that had no functionality.. No brain chip just a little integrated circuit knock off, that causes infection and brain damage . That needlessly killed 1500 animals.

    Most of his self driving cars have crashed . People won’t use the software anymore ,  because it is too dangerous

    Space x is a large fraud. No legitimate  unassisted space station dockings . Several have failed miserably.
    Like microsoft billionaire Paul Allens, internet satellite network, the Starlink network has begun to fail this year. It will fail completely by 2025. All of his self landing lauches, are being called into question.

    Musk bought a fake physics degree, from U Penn. Never even started college. Entered the usa illegally. The pentagon gives him billions , for his flakey starlight network. He gets subsidized from the govt for his teslas, that have killed dozens. Subsidies and money, to pollute the atmosphere with rocket launches. Space x is a joke. 1500 of his satellites have fell from the sky or lost functionality. Creates the most space debri possible.

    His flakey mars rocket, probably could not escape orbit. Says he will put a million on mars by 2050. Long term space travel is probably not feasable because cosmic radiation is worse that the worst gamma nuclear radiation, from nuclear bomb detonations, on earth.

    Neurolink’s brain chip’s, have been worse, than the cars,
    Musk killed 1800 lab animals, by putting chips,
    on their brains, that had no functionality.. No brain chip just a little integrated circuit knock off, that causes infection and brain damage and needlessly killed 1800 animals.

    Musk says the world is underpopulated. 10 kids by 3 different women. Says there aren’t enough people in the world. An avowed racist. Made several twitter employees homeless as he ravages twitter. Musk did not start Tesla. He bought into . It has lost 50 percents of its value.
    Elmo says he will teraplane mars with nuclear bombs.

    People can tell from his twitter failure how dumn and, what a fraud, he really is.
    Musk is trying to downwrite twitter loans for 13 billion, which will probaly cause 2 more banks to fail. Fidelity has invested in him, which is exceedingly dangerous to retirees in the usa.
    He lied about hiring 100 chinese engineers for space x. Calls himself, an engineer . He does not have any college degree. He is no engineer.
    Musk wrote a lousy video game in basic, with a lot of help. Could only get 500 dollars for it. No computer programmer.
    Solar city was based on a bogus solar shinle that did not work. It cost Musk’s family dearly. His brother and sister.
    Musk Was fired from paypal . Bought a million dollar car . He totalled it thefirst time he drove it. Musks father is extremely wealthy. Musk got secured loans, from oil tycoons in the middle east based on this.
    Most of his fake space x liftoffs and landings , are fake computer generated images.

    Few rockets have self landed. It is not new technology. 00
    He admits that there is a 50 percent chance that his starliner rocket will explode on takeoff . The chances are probably higher that it will explode than 50 percent. He has had several runins, with authorities over several, failed rocket part inspections. Musk claims to feed his children, radioactive applesauce.

    Musk has become crony capitalism’s chief beneficiary. He’s the emperor who has no clothes, but the bogus “tech genius” narrative surrounding him must, prevail. The U.S. establishment needs to prop up the Musk empire. It distracts poor and impoverished citizens rising inequality . It reassures them fake innovation and prosperity. His phoney empire is crumbling now that zero-interest money is drying up.

    Comment by Hedra Small | April 10, 2023 | Reply

  2. It’s July 13th, 2021, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk wanders nonchalantly from Delaware’s Court of Chancery to his personal Model X. He’s just taken to the stand to defend the EV company’s $2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity back in 2016, after some of Tesla’s shareholders filed a lawsuit against him.

    They claimed the merger possessed major conflicts of interest with the Musk family and that it had failed to deliver the profits Musk had promised.

    The Unherd

    Well, that’s because, contrary to the accepted narrative, the SolarCity merger was more of a bailout than an acquisition. It was a last-ditch attempt by Musk himself to save his companies from total bankruptcy. By creating a  phoney solar shingle and presenting it to Tesla shareholders on the day before the proposed merger was set to go through, he persuaded them to approve it.

    Failing to do so, as the lawsuit alluded to, spelled the downfall of Musk’s empire and a severe haircut to the wealth of several family members, including his brother Kimbal.

    Yet the mass media, minus a few publications, declined to report that Musk had used a sham product demo to bail out multiple failing ventures. This, of course, enabled his ascent to stardom, effectively becoming the greatest vaporware salesman in modern history.

    Consequently, anyone who understood what really happened that day has been subjected to a cringe-fest ever since. We’ve witnessed Musk make ever crazier promises he’s never delivered on. His proposed 150 mph Hyperloop and disease-curing “brain-machine interface” resulted in nothing more than an LSD disco tunnel and futuristic snake oil. It’s this overpromise, underdeliver scheme that has allowed Musk to become an unstoppable force, one backed by multiple global powers from the U.S. elite to the CCP.

    So the likelihood of a deep multi-establishment figure, like Musk, facing punishment for past misdeeds remains next to nothing. This SolarCity acquisition lawsuit will prove to be just another reverse show-trial, a kangaroo court, and nothing more. Elon knows he’s immune to genuine scrutiny and discipline, and no justice will be served.

    Now that Theranos’s Elizabeth Holmes is out of the picture, Musk has become crony capitalism’s chief beneficiary. He’s the vaporware(FAKE PRODUCTS ARE VAPORWEAR) emperor who has no clothes, but the bogus “visionary tech genius” narrative surrounding him will, and must, prevail. The U.S. establishment needs to prop up the Muskian empire. It distracts impoverished citizens from rising inequality in America by reassuring them that innovation and prosperity are reaching newer and greater heights.

    Comment by Tam | April 11, 2023 | Reply

    Elon musk is a grifter that doesnt know anything about computer coding. No silicon valley computer wizard. A conman clown and criminal. Really good at pretending

    Comment by Ex | April 17, 2023 | Reply

  4. Elon Musks Biggest Boondoggle

    Boring co is not really his biggest boondoggle. Everything this space caligula is involved in, is a boondoggle

    Comment by Tracy Edwards | April 18, 2023 | Reply

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