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TODAY. “Clean” “Renewable” nuclear power – the PERSISTENT LIES.

Joseph Goebbels knew what he was doing – he got it right, at least in the short term.

In the long term, not so good, as having murdered his wife, and his six young children, he suicided at age 47.

Goebbels was a genius at persuading, propagandising, and pulling the wool over the eyes of a whole nation, His spiritual heirs are with us today, pulling the wool over the eyes of the whole world with their constant repetition of lies promoting the nuclear industry.

Their current two top dishonest mantras are “clean” and “renewable” .

For one example, Canada’s federal budget, promoting nuclear power in just one paragraph (p.81) mentions clean electricity, Clean Power priority, clean growth infrastructure, clean electricity generation.

For “renewable” – it gets more intriguing. Instead of a straight-out lie, the nuclear lobby will state: ” is nuclear energy renewable? Well… yes and no.”  They admit that it’s not actually renewable. But that doesn’t stop nuclear proponents and their lackey politicians and journalists repeatedly including nuclear power in the renewable category in the same breath as solar and wind.

Just a reminder:

Nuclear is dirty – produces virtually eternal cancer-causing radioactive wastes, has toxic leaks, pollutes land and water, risks disastrous accidents, spreads nuclear weapons. AND – releases Co2 at all stages of the fuel cycle


March 30, 2023 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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