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This week in nuclear news

Some bits of good news – Whale Reunions, Green Hydrogen and Other Good News on the Climate.

A disappointing development. Up until very recently, I would not have considered posting news items from New Corpse, or any other pro-Trump or very right-wing source.

Now that has changed. I am finding that “progressive” people now seem obliged to support Joe Biden and the U.S. Democrats – even if they’re leading us to nuclear annihilation.

Sorry, everyone  (- of course I don’t want Quanon and Trump to be in power in 2024), but if right-wing nutters happen to be the ones opposing nuclear war , or telling unpleasant truths about Ukraine, –   then I ‘m supporting their views on those matters. And it’s about time that “progressives” woke up.


CLIMATEPreparing for COP27 Climate Summit – an urgent shake-up of international finance system is needed.

CIVIL LIBERTIES. Facing the Warmongers: An Assange Update.

Coronavirus. WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard.


EDUCATION. Russia reacts to Azov neo-Nazi’s platform at prestigious US university.

EMPLOYMENT. Strikes disrupt power output at French nuclear plants.

ENERGYNuclear Power Is a Dead End. We Must Abandon It Completely. Low operating costs make the case for investing in utility-scale renewable projects . Germany, France, Italy, conserve energy, but the UK government rejects energy conservation. France’s national embarrassment: half of its nuclear reactors to remain out of action for months

ENVIRONMENT. How nuclear testing leaves lasting environmental scars.

ETHICS an RELIGIONDeath by Nationalism?

HEALTH. Health Implications of re-licensing the Cameco nuclear fuel manufacturing plant . Young girls up to 10 times more vulnerable to ionizing radiation, especially girls up to 5 years old. France should pay for study on genetic impact of its Pacific nuclear tests. Finland’s pharmacies run out of iodine pills as Russian nuclear fears increase.

HUMAN RIGHTS.  Japan: Support for those displaced by Fukushima nuclear disaster must be unconditional, says UN expert.

LEGALAustria Sues EU Executive Over Green Label for Gas, Nuclear. EU Taxonomy Labelling Gas and Nuclear as ‘Green’ Faces Legal Challenges.

MEDIA. Ukraine is preparing a law on full control over the media, as the last vestiges of press freedom disappear in Kiev.

NUCLEAR REACTORSAnti-nuclear campaigners have raised fears about a plan to turn Trawsfynydd into a test-bed for a new generation of mini nuclear power plants. The strange case of small modular reactors. Small modular nuclear reactors risky venture for Saskatchewan.

POLITICSGerman Greens lay out nuclear power extension position amid coalition infighting. Tulsi Gabbard dares to challenge Washington’s war machine.

Cuban Missile Crisis 60th anniversary: How world teetered on nuclear abyss. We Survived The Last Nuclear Standoff Through Compromise And De-Escalation.  Ukraine has de facto joined NATO says Ukraine’s defense minister. Russia open to talks with West: Lavrov. Caitlin Johnstone: US Rejects Moscow’s Offer to Talk. A conversation with Paul Keating: Australia’s strategic interests, alliances and standing up for ourselves.

PROTEST. World-Wide Backing as Parliament Encircled for AssangeProtests in 40+ US Cities Demand Deescalation as Poll Shows Surging Fear of Nuclear War.

SAFETY. Maintenance on eight French nuclear reactors delayed by strikeStockpiling iodine tablets in Europe, as fears rise over dangers in Zaporizhzhia nuclear station. Japan preparing the way for continued extension of the operating lifetime of its nuclear reactors.  Japan’s push to extend nuke reactor life past 40 yrs doesn’t add up.

SECRETS AND LIES.  Japan’s TEPCO ‘exaggerates’ nuclear wastewater safety with faulty dosimeter.       US Government Secretly Injected Humans With Plutonium.

WASTES. Plutonium and high-level nuclear waste. Radioactive waste from WWII nuclear weapons found in Missouri school. Nuclear Power Isn’t Clean — It Creates Hellish Wastelands of Radioactive Sewage.




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    The progressive and independents, in the usa are the only ones, taking to the streets against the usa escalation in Ukraine, not the chuclehead nazi liars, you say you support.
    There are no progressives supporting the Ukraine war. There are rich neoloberal centrist usa democrats, and neoconservative elites that are. There are the worst two-faced repuklikans, who deep in their dark, white nationalist black hearts, support this evil proxy war like their poster child Lindsey Graham is, who’s is trumps best buddy .
    They are the most psychopathic, opportunistic lackeys of the repuklicans, who say one thing and will surely as helldolls. do the other, that say they are against it and consistently vote in every other way to support it. They always vote in lock-step with the other scummy bought off, polititicians in Washington DC for nuclear star wars projects, trillion dollar yearly pentagon appropriations, and multibillion dollar nuclear weapons appropriations.
    The fascists, that say they are against the war, in Ukraine say they are, because lying to them is second nature . They will lie and do anything to push their antidemocratic, genocidal agenda. Once they take power in November, which they will now, they will escalate a conflict with China. They detest true progressives. They will make further laws restricting democratic protests, done by real peace activists. They will probably make some excuse to use tactical nukes in Iran and probably Ukraine and China.
    You are so politically ignorant about the usa, that it is amazing. You probably get your info from triangulating fascists and triangulating corporate media like CNN, Newsweek time, npr.
    Most all of the congressional critters in the usa, are bought off by the same donor class, that wants to deny climate change, is pronuclear, militaristic, promilitary industrial complex and prowalstreet (where they attenuate their illgotten gains and where most Americans have neither the security or money to invest) . The top half a percent and 10 percent, profit handsomely from the weapons industry.
    The workers, working poor, and the rest of us languish in their lies and the ongoing dystopian, lies they promote. Their rabid fascist, extremist, undemocratic dogs are now being unleashed on us because, they think they have nothing to lose. Biden is a tool and enabler of this gory, bipartisan rightwing nightmare.
    This reminds us, of the the run up, of Trump getting put into power. The disinformation, the lies, the misinfo, the tringulating bullshit. Same for Biden.
    The propaganda of the corporate media, implies that all democrats are progressive, which could not be further from the truth. Greens, progressives, socialists, social democrats, the blossoming new labor movements of the working poor, peace activists, and the many independents, who have given up on the rotten mic and corporate run, duopoly, are against this rotten proxy war and the rotten money drenched abyss of the usa electoral system.
    The real opposition and progressives are the only ones taking to the streets now. When slimy, lying fascist chuckleheads take power in November, because of the lying semifacist centrists like Biden and other treacherous liberals like aoc, the fascists will crush all decent and free speech. They will do it, as hitler and mussolini did. They will completely consolidate perpetual minority rule as Hitler did. They have bilt to this cusp,, through gerrymadendering, restricting voting, and denying the real outcome, of any election process. They have been building their strength, lies, and momentum for decades.
    Most Americans, that know what is going on. We don’t want Biden or Trump. We seem to remember, idiots like you promoting Biden when we were aghast in 2020.
    Trump came within an inch of nuclear war in Korea in 2017, one year after taking power. America is a duopoly controlled by the donor class.
    Once politicians in this fetid neoliberal, neoconservative, rightwing, empire get into power they inevitably sellout. The weimar moment is ending. The corporate lackeys, the treacherous rich elites, the two faced billionaire oligarchs, and blatantly fascist oligarchs have won!
    The sellouts, climate coasters, and anyone else thinking, there was compromise with fascists and semifascist centrists, have lost . So have the rest of us because, democracy is over, not that there was much of it left. You are either delusional or stupid or part of it. What a rotten thing you are, to push fascist racist, psychopaths of that ilk. Greene the white supremacist liar-fascist and, the other white supremacist scum liars, you say you support. Just sickening.
    There was not much time for change, in the ballooning problems, confronting the people and life forms on earth. Pollution, nuclear pollution, war, climate change, species die off. 70 percent of all animals on earth have died in the last 40 years.
    There is rampant poverty, environmentally caused disease and inequality. Then an idiot like you takes the word of a deranged corporate media machine, run by billionaire scum and repeats the same bullshit all over again.
    You take the word of bought off and subsidized , chucklehead rightwing extremists, who preach racism bigotry, hate and genocide . Who cheer on environmental and nuclear death. You are as sick as they are. There was not time left and now the death spiral will be accelerated. No care, for the people have burdened so long under this two-faced blasphemy. No care for animals or lifeforms, that have sustained this planet. No care for the children being sucked into the morass.

    Comment by Elena Spher | October 18, 2022 | Reply

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