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This week in nuclear news

Some bits of good news – Whale Reunions, Green Hydrogen and Other Good News on the Climate.

A disappointing development. Up until very recently, I would not have considered posting news items from New Corpse, or any other pro-Trump or very right-wing source.

Now that has changed. I am finding that “progressive” people now seem obliged to support Joe Biden and the U.S. Democrats – even if they’re leading us to nuclear annihilation.

Sorry, everyone  (- of course I don’t want Quanon and Trump to be in power in 2024), but if right-wing nutters happen to be the ones opposing nuclear war , or telling unpleasant truths about Ukraine, –   then I ‘m supporting their views on those matters. And it’s about time that “progressives” woke up.


CLIMATEPreparing for COP27 Climate Summit – an urgent shake-up of international finance system is needed.

CIVIL LIBERTIES. Facing the Warmongers: An Assange Update.

Coronavirus. WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard.


EDUCATION. Russia reacts to Azov neo-Nazi’s platform at prestigious US university.

EMPLOYMENT. Strikes disrupt power output at French nuclear plants.

ENERGYNuclear Power Is a Dead End. We Must Abandon It Completely. Low operating costs make the case for investing in utility-scale renewable projects . Germany, France, Italy, conserve energy, but the UK government rejects energy conservation. France’s national embarrassment: half of its nuclear reactors to remain out of action for months

ENVIRONMENT. How nuclear testing leaves lasting environmental scars.

ETHICS an RELIGIONDeath by Nationalism?

HEALTH. Health Implications of re-licensing the Cameco nuclear fuel manufacturing plant . Young girls up to 10 times more vulnerable to ionizing radiation, especially girls up to 5 years old. France should pay for study on genetic impact of its Pacific nuclear tests. Finland’s pharmacies run out of iodine pills as Russian nuclear fears increase.

HUMAN RIGHTS.  Japan: Support for those displaced by Fukushima nuclear disaster must be unconditional, says UN expert.

LEGALAustria Sues EU Executive Over Green Label for Gas, Nuclear. EU Taxonomy Labelling Gas and Nuclear as ‘Green’ Faces Legal Challenges.

MEDIA. Ukraine is preparing a law on full control over the media, as the last vestiges of press freedom disappear in Kiev.

NUCLEAR REACTORSAnti-nuclear campaigners have raised fears about a plan to turn Trawsfynydd into a test-bed for a new generation of mini nuclear power plants. The strange case of small modular reactors. Small modular nuclear reactors risky venture for Saskatchewan.

POLITICSGerman Greens lay out nuclear power extension position amid coalition infighting. Tulsi Gabbard dares to challenge Washington’s war machine.

Cuban Missile Crisis 60th anniversary: How world teetered on nuclear abyss. We Survived The Last Nuclear Standoff Through Compromise And De-Escalation.  Ukraine has de facto joined NATO says Ukraine’s defense minister. Russia open to talks with West: Lavrov. Caitlin Johnstone: US Rejects Moscow’s Offer to Talk. A conversation with Paul Keating: Australia’s strategic interests, alliances and standing up for ourselves.

PROTEST. World-Wide Backing as Parliament Encircled for AssangeProtests in 40+ US Cities Demand Deescalation as Poll Shows Surging Fear of Nuclear War.

SAFETY. Maintenance on eight French nuclear reactors delayed by strikeStockpiling iodine tablets in Europe, as fears rise over dangers in Zaporizhzhia nuclear station. Japan preparing the way for continued extension of the operating lifetime of its nuclear reactors.  Japan’s push to extend nuke reactor life past 40 yrs doesn’t add up.

SECRETS AND LIES.  Japan’s TEPCO ‘exaggerates’ nuclear wastewater safety with faulty dosimeter.       US Government Secretly Injected Humans With Plutonium.

WASTES. Plutonium and high-level nuclear waste. Radioactive waste from WWII nuclear weapons found in Missouri school. Nuclear Power Isn’t Clean — It Creates Hellish Wastelands of Radioactive Sewage.




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The world doesn’t want another Cuban missile crisis.

We are not bereft of key ideas and high-level persons to find creative ways to end the present carnage in Ukraine. The Cuban Missile Crisis ended because John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev took a risk with crisis diplomacy. Can Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin take a similar risk for peace? Canada should push diplomacy, not arms, to end the Ukraine war.

EDMONTON—The possibility of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war has led to comparisons with the Cuban Missile Crisis 60 years ago this month, in which, for 13 days, humanity stood on the brink of World War III.

The crisis passed because U.S. president John F. Kennedy and Soviet Union president Nikita Khrushchev engaged in crisis diplomacy and negotiated a solution to the problem of the Soviets installing nuclear missiles in Cuba. But negotiations today to end the Ukraine war seem farthest from the minds of the Western leaders and Russian President Vladimir Putin, let alone Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. For Canada’s part, the word “negotiations” does not escape the lips of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly. The G7, which includes Canada, has just signed on for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine.

I am undoubtedly speaking against a headwind when I call for Canada to support the creation of an international commission, composed of eminent figures, to reach beyond the clamour and hubris engaged in by both the West and Russia to deal with the practical realities of the Ukraine war. The essential reality is to stop the war before it escalates into World War III.

The history of the Cuban Missile Crisis should be a guide. Here is what happened in the momentous days, Oct. 16-29, 1962……………………..


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