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Nuclear news – week to 11 July

I had a hard time finding good news this week  – I’m sure that it’s happening, and very many good people are doing good things  – just not seen as newsworthy.  Here is one little bit of good news –  India outlawed scores of plastic products.

I had a hard time finding good news this week  – I’m sure that it’s happening, and very many good people are doing good things  – just not seen as newsworthy.  Here is one little bit of good news –  India outlawed scores of plastic products.

Coronavirus numbers, and deaths, continue to increase  worldwide – and the scary thing is that many cases are nor reported and recorded.

Climate – also a whole nother story – of extreme weather events in many countries – check out Radio Ecoshock  and also latest news on heat, wildfires, floods……..

There’s so much going  on – I didn’t know where to start on things nuclear this week. I got a bit fed up with all the space colonisation fervour going on, so – I wrote my own little bit about it.

Nuclear war would turn oceans upside down, crash food web.

Russia and other nuclear-armed parties must be held to account for violations of non-proliferation treaty.


Following Turkish blackmail, 30 NATO states sign accession protocols for Finland, Sweden .

Nuclear myopia — Promoting nuclear power as a solution to climate change is short-sighted

Enthusiastic space travel publicity avoids mentioning radiation danger. The Corporatisation of Space.

UKRAINE. Ukrainians have sold two French-donated 155mm Caesar howitzers to Russia. Not only Russian: Ukrainian forces also are killing children.   U.N. report on crimes, human rights violations in Ukraine-Russia war includes abuses done by the Ukrainian side.  Ukraine Reform Conference – name changed to Ukraine Recovery Conference – to hide the reality of Ukraine’s endemic corruption.

JAPAN. Nuclear plant cooling system stops working for 8 hours. Nuclear power in Japan may be a mistake we are doomed to repeat. Fukushima nuclear plant compensation burden was secretly reducedWhere to in 2045? Contaminated Soil from the Nuclear Power Plant Accident: The Present Location of Interim Storage Facilities, Fukushima. Decadal trends in 137Cs concentrations in the bark and wood of trees contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Criminal assassination of Shinzo Abe. But let us not forget Shinzo Abe’s full record as PM. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pretending that all is well at Fukushima, using this lie to promote Olympics. Japan could change pacifist constitution after Shinzo Abe victory. Japan’s Constitution Allows Nuclear Weapons, Says Shinzo Abe.

EUROPE. EU Votes to Label Gas and Nuclear Power Investments as ‘Green’. European parliamentarians vote nuclear and gas as ”green” – another step in the sinister lobbying process of the desperate nuclear industry. Is nuclear sustainable? Read the label.

FRANCE. France to Nationalize Debt-Laden EDF as Energy Crisis Mounts. France’s parliament could block Macron’s plan to nationalise EDF. EDF’s nuclear security shortfalls. Nationalising EDF is no cure-all for France’s nuclear industry troubles. France’s EDF says hot summer could hit nuclear output, shares fall . France’s government working out how to take full control of indebted nuclear company EDFDrought and hot weather are adding to France’s nuclear power generation problems at the worst possible moment.       Macron says he doesn’t want to ‘annihilate’ Russia.

UK. .

US nukes in UK ‘would provoke Putin and put Britons on front line in any nuclear war’.

Fears environment bills could be sidelined in Tory leadership race.   Ranked: how green are the Tory leadership candidates?

Nationalisation of French energy giant EDF means it is unlikely to spearhead future nuclear power projects in UK, according to top industry insider. 

Sizewell C – just the latest nuclear scam.With EDF’s parlous finances and France nationalising EDF – decision on Britain’s planned Sizewell C nuclear station has been delayedWhy would anybody invest in Sizewell C nuclear plant? – An unlikely proposition? 

Rolls Royce lacking investment for its planned small nuclear reactors. Seventy years after first UK atom bomb, time to right this ‘criminal wrong’, says NFLA

”Allerdale Community Partnership” now looking very much like a nuclear front group, – Nuclear Free Local Authorities reveal. 

ITALY. Italian Airport Workers Stop Arms Shipment to Ukraine Under Guise of “Humanitarian Aid”.

FINLANDFinland grooms Georgia to follow it into NATO .


IRAN. US imposes new Iran sanctions amid efforts to revive nuclear deal.

GERMANYRenewables supply nearly half of German power demand in first half 2022. German MPs demand release of Julian Assange.

PHILIPPINESChurch stands against nuclear power in the Philippines.

AUSTRALIA. Why Australia’s Labor government refuses to defend Julian Assange.

Labor must reverse Morrison’s nuclear submarine bungle to protect the nation.     AUKUS submarines: Beasts of nuclear proliferation.

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  1. Space colonization will not fly. People of the world, know their leaders are letting them down!
    Women are organizing in America. Climate change groups are organizing in Europe and, India.
    The USA will have to move their capital, from Atlantic hurricanes. People are flooding out of Florida, from corona virus and climate change. People are very dissatisfied w trump, Biden and desantis in the USA.
    Johnson is bankrupting the UK with niuclear, and no climate action. He will leave soon.
    Macron is bankrupting France, with nuclear.
    The greens and climate action groups will triumph in france, like Germany because, the far right and right have no legs to stand on.

    Comment by Janis King | July 11, 2022 | Reply

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