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TODAY. Space colonisation is a completely unscientific plan – in fact, just a gimmick to market the nuclear industry.

Today, I read some exciting stuff on Busines Insider – NASA has a plan for mini nuclear reactors on the moon which could one day power a lunar colony on Mars.

Wow! How wonderful! And what a great use for tax-payers money – in this time of pandemic, climate extremes, poverty and injustices – NOT!

As Caitlin Johnstone pointed out – “ Space colonization would be like being in permanent lockdown with no windows, no Uber Eats, no birdsong or rain on the roof and no chance of ever going home.

 Science is nowhere near finished learning about all the countless ways the human organism is inseparably intertwined with Earth. The belief that we can solve our problems with space colonization is unscientific. 

It’s understandable that the nuclear technocrats would latch on to space travel etc, as the way to market their silly little ”small” nuclear reactors – which are being shown to be unaffordable and useless here on Earth.

The billionaire technocrats are helped along by the media – with all the entertaining fictional presentations of space travel, aimed at kids, and at adults with juvenile tastes.

It is all marketed with the careful exclusion or downgrading of radiation and other health hazards. The integral connection with nuclear weapons development is not mentioned, in all this joyous propaganda.


July 9, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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  1. There will be at least 15 hurricanes that hit the east coast and Florida, and Tennessee in the next two years . A few of them, will cause a meltdown in Florida then one on the East Coast by dc in 2023.. Those lobbyists, greedy congresspeople , supreme court ogres and president parasites, don’t wanna give up their franchises. Theyll just evacuate for hundred mile radius out of Florida and the East Coast like mayak or fukushima or chernobyl and move people from Florida and Washington DC in the capital, to Branson Missour,i and iowa and Kansas. They’ll have to take water from the great Lakes.
    Fascist politicians are getting more assasination attempts like Ronny raygun, and Gerald Ford and Hitler. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.
    Abe the fascist Idp pm of Japan, was just shot! Jonson in UK, was just shot at and, will not be pm of UK much longer.
    Crooked supreme court guy Kavanaugh, was just surrounded by choice protesters in Delaware. Barely made it out before the doxxing of him by choice supporters in public. People tell him what a lying killer he is, to his face.
    A lunatics with guns, from trumpland, went to the White House to get Biden a.month ago.

    A crazy fascist with a beard and red hat, tried to shoot trump last week, because he is not fascist enough.

    There are too much radionuclides, in the environment from reactors, reactor waste, bomb detonations, bomb stockpiles, plutonium recycling, nuclear rocket tests,  medical waste, mining,  decommissioned nuclear reactors , nuclear reactors pushed into the sea by russia, usa, France. There has been Nuclear waste, dumped into the ocean by the UK, france and usa. Nuclear rtg batteries are a source of nuclear waste. There are nuclear reactors in orbit.
    Radionuclides, are the most carcinogenic and toxic substances known to humans.

    Rivers of water and thousand year floods in Idaho, Wyoming and  Montana . Massive methane releases in the Arctic. 95 degrees in Alaska.   

    There is the threat of nuclear war and nuclear catastrophe, from the Insane war in the radioactive hellhole of ukraine, where Chernobyl occured.

    Radiation and nuclear bombs, nuke reactors, nuke waste are death eternal!

    The Green Run: Family, Coverups and Lies, My Father’s Race to Save the Planet

    There are 100s of thousands of gallons of cesium 137 , plutonium and nitrate waterstored at Hanford. .  Enough to blow Washington State in half, like mayak did in the Soviet Union, 60 years ago. 

    Santa susana, is where two nuclear reactors melted down and there have been 2  radionuclide tainted major- suburban wildfires, close to Los Angeles. The woolsey fire the most recent. Spreading radioactive fallout, across Los alllngeles.

    White sands, wipp nuclear waste dump by clovis New Mexico, the first atomic bomb explosion at alamogordo new mexico, projects rullison and gas buggy,  church rock. Last month the most radioactive state in the usa new mexico, was on fire. 800 thousand acres burned in New Mexico in May  and June releasing  enough   radioactive dust, uranium, and  fallout to give everyone in the world cancer.
      Radionuclide generate their  own heat and can start fires on their own even in small amounts, like the plutonium did at rocky flats.

      The smart asses and fascists will look at those people, who have lost everything in Montana and, seriously ask them “why they had no flood insurance at the time”, of the thousand-year flood, catastrophe.. Because floods don’t normally happen there, u fascist dork.

    Remember the fascist paramilitary groups harassing people trying to get out of central-oregon 2 years ago? They won’t be able to harass the people getting out of delaware, maryland, Washington DC and Florida.
    Half of Oregon was on fire. Even then fascist thugs, that  were in denial of climate change, were blocking people, fleeing for their lives, from the wildfire catastrophe. The fascists were saying that people were lighting, the fires in central and west oregon . Half the state was on fire! The fascists even caused some people and children,  to get killed. Their lies and criminality, murderous nature knows no bounds. Remember propaganda is lies enduring as Susan of Texas says. We will be getting it, crammed down our throats from here on out, as reality becomes too hard to obscure or hide, by fascist devils.

    95 degrees in alaska already in june

    Many areas in the Western  USA, have been on fire for the last 3 years sending tons of radioactive smoke,  into the atmosphere. A great deal of the smoke in the west, comes from large uranium areas, plutonium reservations, nuke waste areas, places of where there is nuke bomb fallout from Nevada and new Mexico.
      Biden and trump, allowed for trillions of dollars, to be spent, at Los Alamos-nuclear bomb, making plant. Trillions for building thousands of new nuclear bombs, that can never rationally, be used. Trump abrogated all nuclear arms treaties so the nuke industry and armsi industies can get more billions of dollars while the Russian Ukrainians.and.eastern Russian cousins are just killing the hell out of themselves and ruining their countries, like the USA military and.military has in the USA n newmexico, nevada, hanford, and.idaho for 60 years!
    NATO is seriously fighting a proxy war in Ukraine. The Ukraine is  the country, where one of the worst nuclear accidents occured. Half the country of Ukraine, has birth defects from Chernobyl.

    There are thousands of pounds of unaccounted for  fissible and high level nuclear waste in the Ukraine. There are 17 of the oldest, most rickety dangerous, nuclear reactors, In-The-World in Ukraine.

    The games our barbaric, greedy and insane, and stupid leaders, like Trump, Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer all Republicans and corporate democrats are playing! So suicidal and stupid!


    Comment by Terry southards | July 9, 2022 | Reply

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