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TODAY. The world’s ”democratic”pro nuclear leaders are a dodgy lot, and not to be trusted

Well – even Britain’s Tories have now had enough of Boris Johnson’s lies and blunders.

Johnson repeatedly promised building nuclear reactors “one a year for eight years”. Anyone who knew a little about nuclear reactors (current designs 10 years late and £10bn over budget) or about the prime minister’s other mega-projects – was confident that this could not happen.

France’s President Macron keeps on touting nuclear power – now he’s nationalising the nuclear industry, apparently oblivious of the fact that climate change is killing the industry in France – as nuclear reactors can’t cope with extreme summers and water shortages.

And Joe Biden? Well, it’s pretty clear that no President in the United States gets to be President without the support of the nuclear lobby, and the whole military-industrial-corporate -complex

Biden has made some nice motherhood statements about cutting nuclear weapons. They mean nothing, as he is under the control of the Pentagon hawks and their allied nuclear corporations

One is tempted to think that in the case of the UK, the voters just chose a blundering ignoramus in order to get some amusement. Macron got captured by the nuclear lobby. And in the sad case of supposed democracy America – well a nuclear-captured President is a foregone conclusion.

July 7, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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  1. Mostly right wing corporatists, facists, oligarch elitists that are insulated. Russia has finally seen the light on trump becquse, he has been scheming against them with corporatists, the military and Germans. Think about it, trump whole heartedly abrogated nuclear arms treaties. They are wholly self serving nihilists and bigots. Where there is war and dysfunction there is profit.

    Comment by Cricket Green | July 7, 2022 | Reply

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