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Today: My Trumpian dilemma.

Look – I don’t like Donald Trump. He’s an awful misogynistic, bullying, lying person. I could never vote for him. His supporters have been awful, too.

My dilemma is that the Biden administration is firmly in the grip of the military-industrial-media-corporate -complex. They want to keep this war going “to the last Ukrainian” as Charles Freeman put it.

They want to keep selling weapons to Ukraine, Europe, Australia – everybody – and surround Russia, China, – anyone, with bristling U.S. weaponry.

We all know what the Biden administration is up to. The advantage of maverick Trump is that we don’t know what that impetuous uninformed person might do. He might be a safer bet?

It is a real worry that the criticism, scepticism, opposition to USA-NATO’s war in Ukraine seems to be coming mainly from the Trumpian right-wing.

In the media mess, real seekers after truth are few and far between, and rarely heard.

April 19, 2022 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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  1. Trump would prolong the war and, profit from it as long as possible. He’s total liar like Biden. Both are knaves

    Comment by Terry sounthard | April 19, 2022 | Reply

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