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Another anxious week in nuclear news

Some bits of good news – What went right this week: hope for the climate, plus more positive news.     Nature has priority’: Rewilding map showcases nature-led restoration .  Once Rocked by Nuclear Disaster, Fukushima Is Now a Renewables Hub.   Solar Panels That Make Electricity at Night are Finally Here – And They’re Cheap and Don’t Need Batteries. 

CORONAVIRUS.  Global COVID-19 cases pass grave milestone as highly contagious BA.2 subvariant surges around the world.

CLIMATE.  Pole to Pole with Paul Beckwith – I highly recommend this Radio Ecoshock  interview with this top climate communicator 

NUCLEAR. What can I say ?   Are we on the brink of nuclear war? Can we have any confidence in our leaders to make sensible decisions?    It is exhausting to rummage through the media spin in the search for accurate information.

Caitlin Johnstone sheds a critical gaze on media reporting on Ukraine, and asks why Julian Assange is criminalised for revealing military atrocities.        Glenn Greenwald: The Censorship Campaign Against Western Criticism of NATO’s Ukraine Policy Is Extreme.      How Much Are We Prepared To Sacrifice To Help The US Win A Propaganda War Against Putin?

NATO gloats over second, bloodier phase of Ukraine war

NATO’s military buildup on eastern flank to lengthen, broaden war — Anti-bellum

The US-Australia-UK pact seems determined to pursue great power competition at the risk of real conflict.

UKRAINE. Russian soldiers received ‘shocking amount’ of nuclear exposure at Chernobyl site – some may have less than a year to live. Carelessness of Russian soldiers around Chernobyl – shows danger of nuclear sites in wartime. Kyiv Independent news is anything but independent. It’s a mouthpiece for NATO-USA-Azov-nazi propaganda and unverified atrocity stories. Ukrainian blogger gets 15 years gaol for saying that Zelensky govt takes orders from other governments. Zelensky gives his vision of peace deal with Russia.

Zelensky adviser: Ukraine war can last till 2035, best option is for Russia to be broken

 NATO’s shift to Asia-Pacific: Biden trip to Japan designed to rally Asia against Russia, China


CANADA. A call for World-class Cleanup at Chalk River Laboratories. Canada’s Federal Budget Funding for New Nuclear Reactors a ‘Climate Throwaway’ .

MIDDLE EAST. For the Middle East, the introduction of nuclear reactors poses dangers at every turn

JAPAN.  Japan severely breaches obligations under international law by persisting in discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into ocean .      Japanese groups voice growing opposition, organize rallies over govt’s nuclear-contaminated water dumping plan decided one year before.    Japan’s planned release of radioactive wastewater draws concern-   Protests in various locations demanding withdrawal of ocean discharge of treated water from TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.    Fukushima Thyroid Examination October 2021: 221 Surgically Confirmed as Thyroid Cancer Among 266 Cytology Suspected Cases


EUROPE. Able Archer: The NATO exercise that almost went nuclear. Nuclear and gas in EU taxonomy slammed as ‘greenwashing’. NATO’s incorporation of Finland, Sweden could pose nuclear threat to Europe — Anti-bellum. Europe aiming to stop importing gas, oil, coal from Russia, – but uranium for the nuclear industry – well, that’s OK.

RUSSIA. Fears sunken Russian warship Moskva was carrying nuclear weapons. Russia’s ‘broken arrow’: Fears that NUCLEAR MISSILES sank with Putin’s flagship Moskva.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea tests new weapon bolstering nuclear capability

FINLAND. Finland to buy as many as 2,000 drones, boost military ahead of joining NATO. Not all trade with Russia is stopped – Finland’s still getting nuclear power project built by Russia.

FRANCE. France working out how to save debt-laden nuclear company EDF. French presidential election – Macron and LePen have differing pro-nuclear policies – but in both cases, very costly.

CHINA. China’s view –  After disrupting Europe, NATO aims to destabilize Asia, whole world: Chinese Foreign Ministry Chinese, Vietnamese FMs vow not to allow Ukraine-type tragedy in region

DENMARK. Denmark prepares nuclear emergency plan.

SOUTH AFRICA.. South African Anti-nuclear activist taking Energy Minister to court for firing him.

SPAIN. Spain outraged as massive US nuclear-powered submarine arrives in Gibraltar.

AUSTRALIA.  Pine Gap’s role in China–US arms race makes Australia a target.     Nuclear risks, the war in Ukraine, and Australia’s significant contribution to these dangers. 


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