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Japan’s nuclear power plants are “not designed for war” and if attacked by missiles, “radioactive materials will be scattered

KEPCO’s Takahama Nuclear Power Plant

March 9, 2022
At a meeting of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Economy, Trade, and Industry on March 9, Chairman Toyoshi Sarada of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said, “There is concern that radioactive materials will be spread” in the event of a missile attack on a nuclear power plant in Japan. We do not believe that this can be avoided with the current facilities. This was in response to Makoto Yamazaki of the Democratic Party of Japan’s Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, who asked a question in response to an attack on a nuclear power plant by Russian forces that invaded Ukraine.

 The government has explained that it is taking counterterrorism measures for nuclear power plants in Japan, but has not clearly stated the danger of a military attack. Mr. Sarada explained to the METI Committee that “we do not envision an armed attack due to a conflict between two countries (in terms of safety) in our examinations,” he said. If a nuclear power plant is occupied, “the entire control of the plant will be seized. After that, any situation is inevitable.

 Defense Vice Minister Makoto Oniki responded that improvements in missile technology have made it more difficult to intercept missiles and that “we will not rule out any options, including an enemy base attack capability, and will consider them in a realistic manner. Yamazaki insisted, “When we consider the risk of attacks from earthquakes, terrorism, and wars such as this one, we still have to close nuclear power plants. (Nobuko Ohno)


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