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Radioactive Materials from Wild Mushrooms: 5 Municipalities to Restrict Shipments

December 13, 2011 

Gunma prefecture – Some wild mushrooms from five cities, towns and villages in Gunma Prefecture, including Midori City and Nakanojo Town, have been found to contain radioactive materials exceeding the standard values.

According to Gunma Prefecture, when wild mushrooms collected in Midori City, Nakanojo Town, Kusatsu Town, Katahina Village, and Kawaba Village were tested in September this year, 510 becquerels of radioactive cesium was detected in the red fir mushroom in Kawaba Village. In all cases, the amount of radioactive materials detected exceeded the national standard of 100 becquerels per kilogram.
In response, the national nuclear emergency response headquarters instructed the prefectural government to restrict the shipment of wild mushrooms from five cities, towns, and villages in the area as of March 13.
According to the prefectural government, the five cities, towns and villages have already been asked to refrain from shipping the mushrooms, and since the season for gathering wild vegetables has already ended, the impact is expected to be minimal.
In the prefecture, seven municipalities, including Numata City, have been instructed to restrict shipments of wild mushrooms since September 2012, bringing the number of municipalities restricting shipments of wild mushrooms to one or two. This brings the number of cities, towns, and villages where wild mushroom shipments are restricted to one or two.
The prefectural government says that it will continue to conduct monitoring inspections systematically.

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