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Nuclear news – week to 29 November

  PANDEMIC.  WHO Reaches Draft Consensus on Future Pandemic Treaty   More omicron cases pop up as world rushes to learn more.
CLIMATE CHANGE –  it hasn’t gone away. Keep up to date with Radio Ecoshock, and – Rebel Against the Crash.  Also Paul Beckwith –

NUCLEAR.  Again,France is in the news, as President Macron, (formerly opposed to nuclear) pushes for the industry. Meanwhile safety issues continue, and also concern over radioactive releases from La Hague into the seaMeanwhile the global nuclear industry watches with concern, as Britain struggles to organise the funding ( Regulated Asset Base) for its new nuclear plans.

Nuclear power being hyped in the media, but its prospects are grim.

Nuclear power for MINDLESS, ENDLESS, ENERGY use – data”farms” and Bitcoin.

Small modular reactors not the solution . Are small nuclear reactors actually small, safe, economic ?

Nuclear Fusion Recedes Into Far Future For The 57th Time.

Climate 129 reputable European and international organisations have signed up to letter opposing inclusion of nuclear and gas as being ”sustainable” and ”green”.

Latest COP 26 pledges will lead to 16% increase in carbon emissions, NOT the necessary 45% decrease.

Climate and biodiversity: mapping the irrecoverable carbon in Earth’s ecosystems. IEA: Rate of energy efficiency improvements needs to double to put world on track for net-zero.

Economic Cost Of Peak Population: Japan, China, The World.

ARCTIC. Arctic Ocean started getting warmer decades earlier than we thought – Study Melting Arctic sea ice linked to ”worsening fire hazards” in Weatern USA  .

 EUROPEEurope to pay half for raising Russia’s dangerous sunken submarines, – while Russia builds new ones!

NEW ZEALAND. This world of pandemic and climate change can no longer afford the luxury of nuclear weapons proliferation.


CHINA. China calls on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to make Southeast Asia a nuclear-weapons-free zone.

JAPAN. Tepco to repair Fukushima nuclear station’s partially melted protective ice wall. Robots to probe Fukushima No.1 reactor from Jan.


  France quietly benefiting from the neglect of international commitments to protect the seas from radioactive discharges. Radiation control organisation calls for significant reduction in toxic releases from La Hague nuclear facility.

 As presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron opposed nuclear power, now he’s all for it. France’s Court of Auditors warns on the ”uncertainties” surrounding the future of nuclear power. France’s government in some confusion about when construction of new nuclear reactors will begin. 

Risk of lack of electricity: is EDF’s nuclear fleet properly managed?

  Costs of electricity from Flamanville nuclear power station will be three times higher than from the most competitive renewable sources.

  Tricastin nuclear power plant: cascading cover-ups. Manager at Tricastin NPP files complaint about safety issues and harrassment .

ITALY. Residents in the Basilicata region again gear up to fight against hosting a nuclear waste dump.

CANADA. Bipartisan USA lawmakers Press Biden to stop Canadian plan to store nuclear waste near Lake Huron. . Financial hypocrisy – the pretence that nuclear power is green and cheap .


KAZAKHSTANCrypto currency mining is rampant, so Kazakhstan looks to nuclear energy, despite its dreadful history there..

INDIAA silent killer is choking Delhi. For millions, there’s no choice but to breathe it in

ISRAELUS warns Israel its attacks on Iran nuclear program are counterproductive . The U.S. Is Bracing for Blows With Israel as Iran Nuclear Talks Near.

GERMANY. Will Germany’s Next Government Ditch U.S. Nuclear Bombs? Incoming German government commits to NATO nuclear deterrent. New German government aims for coal exit, and 80 pct renewables, by 2030, German nuclear power shutdown will not lead to power shortage: report.

HUNGARYNuclear power in Hungary: Green, cheap and independent?

IRAN. UN nuclear watchdog fails to reach access deal with Iran.

BULGARIA. Belene nuclear plant: Bulgarian far-right leader threatens to send opponents to a labour camp.

MALTA. Prisoners and families exposed to undocumented, possibly risky radiation levels.  

AUSTRALIA. AUSTRALIA. Kimba nuclear waste dump plan. Minister Keith Pitt confirms that the federal government has bought the land at Kimba for the national nuclear waste dump.  To set up nuclear waste dump , the Australian government will have to override South Australian State government laws 

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