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This week’s nuclear news – much about climate

Well. it’s all about climate this week.  Not much mention of reducing energy use, energy conservation etc – even though this would be the cheapest, quickest and most effective measure to slow down global heating.

My pick: top stories of the week Too expensive, too slow: Even the baseload argument doesn’t work for nuclear. The push for nuclear power in space.      Hidden agenda: Will COP26 let nuclear power in the door and, if so, why?

Another example of climate change damaging the nuclear industry –jellyfish increase clogging up cooling systems of reactors

Too expensive, too slow: Even the baseload argument doesn’t work for nuclear.

CLIMATE.    World is failing to make changes needed to avoid climate breakdown, report finds. The myth of “newer, safer, less expensive” nuclear power to fix the climate. Hidden agenda: Will COP26 let nuclear power in the door and, if so, why?

‘We have left it too late’: COP26 unlikely to limit warming to 1.5C, scientists warn . UN warns world ‘way off track’ as greenhouse gases grow . The world is nowhere near to kicking its dirtiest habit. World heading for catastrophe without bolder climate plans, UN warns. 35 official events at Cop26 put on by polluting companies. If COP26 fails, it could mean mass migrations and food shortages – Boris Johnson. From the climate crisis to nuclear war and technological disruption: The future of security reassessed.‘Illusion’ of climate action by big emitters clouds outlook for COP26 talks      Cop26 will be whitest and most privileged ever, warn campaigners               ‘It’s the protests which are giving me hope’: activists descend on Glasgow

NUCLEAR WEAPONS.  Even the mind of Dante could not imagine the inferno a nuclear war will plunge us in. Fear of ‘devastating’ nuclear war as world’s major powers enter a new arms race. A nuclear arms race is unavoidable without serious intervention.

IPPNW statement on how WHO could advance the planetary health imperative to eradicate nuclear weaponsReinforcing security through prohibition of nuclear weapons. The untold story of the world’s biggest nuclear bomb.

Another example of climate change damaging the nuclear industry –jellyfish increase clogging up cooling systems of reactors

Correcting Alan Finkel’s nuclear fallacies.

Happy Birthday King Rupert

EUROPE. The European Commission struggles with push to have nuclear power included as clean and sustainable. EU countries ramp up pressure to grant nuclear a ‘green’ investment label.

CANADA. Problems and public opposition to the plan to store high level nuclear wastes under the Great Lakes. South Bruce citizens want a referendum on plan to permanently house Canada’s nuclear waste. War hawks quietly positioning Canada to participate in US-led Ballistic Missile Defence program.

FRANCE. The French Négawatt program presents its 2022 scenario for getting France to fully renewable nuclear-free energy system. Huge study on France’s energy system and scenarios for 2050 includes costs and environmental effects of nuclear and of renewables.

 A damning new confidential report on France’s future nuclear reactor plans. Nuclear power is a divisive issue in France, leading up to the election.. Doubts that the Flamanville nuclear reactor will start on the planned date. France’s failing EDF nuclear company hopes to save itself by marketing small nuclear reactors.



JAPANStiff opposition to Japan PM’s nuclear push as election approaches. Japanese government’s energy policy . concentrates on restarting old nuclear reactors. 

Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor, who taught others about opposing nuclear weapons, dies at 96. World without nuclear weapons remains a goal after Sunao Tsuboi’s death.

 Pumice may affect nuclear power plants in Japan.

Freezing wall to be used for longer period than expected, “trump card” of countermeasure against contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, without sufficient verification. Temperature rises over 10 degrees Celsius in some parts of the “frozen earth wall” to reduce contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Prospects for renewable energy in Japan look good, future for nuclear power uncertain.

INDIA. Why India’s nuclear ICBM test is counterproductive for tactical and strategic stability.

CHINA. Response to claims about China’s space aims.

TAIWANNuclear has no place in Taiwan.

IRAN. Iran says nuclear talks with six powers to resume by end November. U.S. imposes new sanctions on Iran, sanctions that are unrelated to nuclear activities. USA in talks with allies on getting Iran to agree to nuclear deal- Blinken. UN General Assembly First Committee approves Iran’s proposal for nuclear disarmament.

ISRAEL. Israel preparing for possible strike on Iranian nuclear sites. Likud MK: Israel must strike Iran by year’s end if there’s no new nuke deal.

GREECE. Greece will never turn to nuclear energy.

BELGIUMHigher Health Council is very critical of nuclear power.

NORTH KOREA. N. Korea accuses U.S. of acquiescing in nuclear proliferation with double standards.

AUSTRALIA.    Farmers fear that Australian climate inaction could jeopardise future export potential    Australia has a ‘suicidal’ climate policy, says former UN climate chief   


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  1. This is a great roundup of the dizzying number of nuclear articles . . . thanks!

    Comment by Elaine Hughes | November 2, 2021 | Reply

    • Thanks, Elaine
      Alas, if I had included all the pro nuclear articles, it would have gone on for pages!!
      But nice to get your appreciation!

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | November 2, 2021 | Reply

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