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Conserving energy, reducing demand – no need for nuclear – theme for November 21.

No, nuclear lobbyists – the world needs clean energy, smart energy , NOT endless nuclear energy ! The Cop26 climate conference is just underway. Too soon to know what directions the nations will be taking. Clean, renewable energy sources are needed.

But the most effective, cheapest and quickest measure is energy conservation

The nuclear industry is completely enmeshed in the energy -guzzling operations of space travel and militarism. Conservation of energy is a dirty phrase, not to be considered in their world view. You won’t find it in their propaganda films, like Pandora’s Promise’

The nuclear lobby spouts ”endless energy” as a noble goal to aspire to, – with a sort of religious fervour.

But that’s not what we need. We need a change of culture – a recognition that we live on the only known habitable planet, that has limited resources, and desperately needs to be cared for – not trashed any more..

Endless growth, endless consumerism is a the nuclear industry’s preferred, and suicidal, way for the human species to go.


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  1. Video about something, we should care about. Watch it to the end

    Comment by Charlotte Randal | November 1, 2021 | Reply

  2. Many tepco execs are sgi. SGI controls komeito and works with LDP to keep the nuclear village going and keep the idea of rearming Japan going even though Sgi says it’s a peace group. Sgi is not a peace group.  It’s a fake prosperity cult. Anything for money like the fascist religious conmen in America like Jimmy swaggart , that use religion to steal money and push fake political bs

    A lot of evil old Americans and younger rich racist thugs in America sad accept the big lie. Next year three quarters of America will be on fire. There will be nuclear hellfire, that is apparent and that the corporate media and nucleoapes,  cannot glossover, lie about  and suppress.
    The idiots behind Trump are so evil and stupid they’ll still push their psychotic big lies and torture and, other evil sadistic propaganda and lies.
    Watch this to the end and get a vomit bag because it is so real and true it will make u sik

    I know what torture is. I have been severely tortured and battered  by bullies and later tortured at the hands of a darwinist police state because, of my infirmities. I know what the trump magaist, fascists and evangelicals are about. It’s about torture. Only Trump and trueman had aggressive  nuclear detonations, in their presidencies. Trueman in Japan, Trump in Russia, by forcing the Russians to play with plutonium and uranium powered, propulsion systems.

    Trump  is one of the  the most gruesome pronuclear demagogues and madmen,  in American history. He Abrogated all existing nuclear  treaties to put tactical nukes on submarines. He expanded the nuclear arsenal. He ramped up plutonium pit production at Los Alamos.  Trump instituted a new space military branch, to put nuclear weapons in space .  Trump deregulated all nuclear reactor, oversight in spite of Fukushima.  His policy  instituted 100 Year extensions on Old decrepit, nuclear reactors . The Trump administration and it’s corrupt  republican lackeys, helped intervene, to keep three of the worst nuclear power plants in America opened.

    Trumps administration, classified high-level nuclear waste, as low level nuclear waste.

    The trump administration, was responsible for  bringing more high-level nuclear waste, to the United States than any other president. They  had it placed, in the most dangerousl places possible.

    Trump deregulated the worst pesticides and chemicals, possible like asbestos and organophosphates.  No limits for arsenic, lead or uranium in drinking water. Together they instituted tactical nuclear warheads, on submarines.
    Trump famously said that nuclear weapons, could be used to stop hurricanes .

    The mental midget touted hormesis, with his major contributors, the Mercers and Robertson who have said that they  believe that a nuclear war is winnable. Nuclear reactors in the battle field.

    Trump started another nuclear arms race, with hypersonic nuclear missiles, that caused two nuclear detonations in Russia.  Trump and the GOP started another plutonium pit, building boom, frenzy.

    Donald Trump is a fascist. Donald Trump actively planned to use a tactical nuclear weapon on Iran in the last week of his office, as he plotted, a coup to overflow overthrow the republic.

    Trump.appointee Louis dejoy, is ruining the the USPS purposely and Biden is doing nothing.

    Trump is a global warming denialist.
    Trump rescinded several endangered species laws proclamations .  According to trumps main health officer, Trump is responsible for the murder of 800,000 people during the onset of the covid.
    There were, the fascist murders by Rittenhouse.
    There was a mass shooting every week w Trump in power.
    He would have and will nuke iran.

    The issue isn’t “Fauci” of and trust, of medical in america but, the entire medical establishment.

    Many of the leading anti-vaxxers,are like the Bundys The Bundy’s are Mormon white supremacists. They want to exterminate all wild canids–by shooting, gassing or burning them alive. Kill all the wolves, coyotes and foxes .MAGAists and Trump supporters are racist demons.

    The Bundy’s  are Following their leader Trump. Much of MAGA supports the torture of human beings.. that is why Trump hired the worst war criminals and torturers, Bolton, Pompeo, Elliot Abrams, Gina haspel to be his national security leaders, like the SS in Nazi Germany with the continuation and more strident institution of war crimes, started by George w Bush.

    Hitler declared Jerusalem the capital of israel and murdered 6 million now, Trump is up to the same Christian Naziism and fascist hate. If we do destroy our selves it will be our own fault but there are trillions of sentient beings in the universe .

    THIS IS THE LITTLE psychopath THAT Steve Olsen aka stock, hired to kill two innocents. Stock the fascist-poser, boogaloo boy and boogaloo financier. Olsen is a fake-antinuclear countel goon, who just spews racism and antivax nonsense on his website, though,  he and Alex Jones are vaccinated. He bragged about hiring rittenhouse on nukepuke net with ALEX JONES . RITTENHOUSE IS A 17 YO PSYCHOPATH  HIRED BY TWO OTHER FASCIST PSYCHOPATHS  TO GO MURDER 2 young ANTIRACIST ACTIVISTS IN KENOSHA,  WISCONSON. OLSEN WAS ALSO PRESENT AT THE JANUARY 6TH COUP ATTEMPT . THE TREASONOUS MURDER OF WDC OFFICERS, WITH THE BOOGALOO BOYS. HE BRAGGED ABOUT IT, ON HIS WEBSITE.

    TRump and a fascist judge,are pushing to exonerate the 17 yo murderer. The fascist judge is not allowing the murder victims, to be called victims, a traditional Nazi and fascist tactic. THE DEMONS BLAMED THE COUP ATTEMP ON ANTIRACISTS ANOTHER PAGE TAKEN STRAIGHT FROM THE HITLERIAN, NAZI PLAYBOOK. WE WOULD ALL BE DEAD IF THAT STUPID,EVIL MALIGNANT NARCISSIST WERE IN POWER!

    We knew QAnon is anti-Semitic. Now we know it’s racist, too – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
    The ultra right, and their cohorts, see blood. They see a chance to seize power.

    I watched Netflix. There are  many shows and documentaries  about WW2, Nazis ride to Power. There  the Nazi rise to power.  Hitlers inner circle. The Eisenstadt Group to name a few. Things are getting scary!

    My grandmother on my father’s side, barely escaped,the camps. My grandfather on my father’s side, was a vet who lost part of his hand  in WW2, fighting Nazis.

    I read the book about Martin Niemoller in high school.  Martin Niemoller, was a Lutheran pastor put in Hitlers Camps. Then They Came For Me. He did not think, they would come for a good Aryan protestant, like himse
    The parallels of Qanon and Nazi are there.

    1. Protocols of
    elders of Zion.
    White supremacist Ralleys and Flags, especially at the Jan 6, insurrection.

    2. QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded

    3. The deliberate confabulations, misinformation feeds, and extreme propaganda.

    4. Blood libel

    5. The Charlottesville killing of a young female student, that was Tacitly endorced by Trump.

    6. The twisted killing of BLM activists in Wisconsin by a 17 year old

    7. Genocide denial

    8. The cabal held the American Presidency under the Clintons and Obama, nearly took power again in 2016, and lurks in a “Deep State” financed by Jews, including George Soros, and in Jews who control the media. They want to disarm citizens and defund the police. They promote abortion, transgender rights, and homosexuality. They want open borders so brown illegal aliens can invade America and mongrelize the white race.

    What is funny about number 8, is that so many republican and fundamentalist preachers have been accused of pedophilia. Jim Jordan, turned a blind eye to it in a college, athletic Dept before, he became a congressman.

    Comment by Charlotte Randal | November 2, 2021 | Reply

  3. I knew a guy in high school, from. Pentecostal family. A few years older than me. He had a pentacostal father, brother and sister, 2 kids, and Pentecostal parents. His church preached, that black people are inferior. The church preached also said, that covid immunizations, are a mark of the devil..
    They had a family get together. All contracted covid. Jim and Brenda died of covid last week. They were in their early sixties. They left 2 children and three grandchildren, who had all contracted covid, with them.
    Michael Flynn was negotiating, buiding18 nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia with the Russians as a supposed emmisary, just before Trump took office. Michael Flynn, was also negotiating selling nuclear bombs to Saudi Arabia, before Trump hired him and fired him. He is the worst sort of insane man. Obama warned Trump about him.
    Flynn was at the Jan 6 insurrection rallying the troops for a coup. Flynn should be in prison, yet Trump is trying to use him to make a comeback.

    Trump later pardoned Flynn, after Congress convicted him of international espionage against the USA.
    Flynn is calling democracy satanic, in this video
    WATCH: ‘Christo-fascist’ Mike Flynn makes ‘terrifying’ and ‘dangerous’ call for ‘one religion’ in America. One nation under moloch. 20 percent of America is now totally insane

    Comment by Ed Nelson | November 14, 2021 | Reply

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