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Whom to trust on nuclear matters – just ask yourself “What’s in it for whom? – theme for June 21.

The facts on the nuclear industry are shrouded in secrecy and jargon.

What we do know is that many people and many communities rely on this industry for jobs and economic security (until they can’t anymore). But this dependence on an industry does not make it good.

So – whom to rely on for a judgment about nuclear power, [with its partner twin, nuclear weapons?]

Well, the current respected”authorities” on the nuclear industry are billionaire celebrities, officials of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), government department heads, chiefs of nuclear companies. They know best [?]

There are scores of other highly qualified persons who decry the nuclear industry, on the grounds of radiation dangers, safety, health, environmental risks, climate change threats, security, weapons proliferation, terrorism, and oh – that most compelling issue – costs.

Well, the nuclear proponents have one clear way to refute all those people – ‘‘they are not nuclear physicists or engineers, and therefore cannot understand nuclear matters’‘ [only – some of them ARE nuclear physicists]

The mainstream media makes sure to (a) ignore those critics of nuclear power, or (b) depict them as cranks or unhinged leffties.

These are just a few of these often maligned critics:

Dr Helen Caldicott author, Michael E Mann, climatologist and geophysicist, Dr Paul Dorfman, science researcher.  Arjun Makhijani, nuclear physicist, Dr Chris Busby, radiation expert Dr Ian Fairlea, radiation consultant. Arnold Gunderson, nuclear engineer, Beatrice Fihn -chief of ICAN. Mary OLson, expert on radiation effects on women. Dr Timothy Mousseau, ecologist Dr Jim Green, public health expert, Linda Gunter, nuclear media commentator. Dr Gordon Edwards, nuclear science consultant. Karl Grossman – Professor of journalism Bruce Gagnon – Researcher on space issues.

There are many more

Now let’s turn to the nuclear industry promoters. All too well known are the celebrity billionaires, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos. They have remarkable influence and access to media. (Example – Bill Gates’ targeted gifting to media) They also have commercial interests in nuclear technology.

Less celebrated names, but still very influential, are the voices from the industry itself, and from politicians friendly to the industry (?campaign-funded by the industry).

I have long been grateful to the scientist and Nobel Prize winner Dr George Wald for the message he gave on whom one should believe, about nuclear power. He said –

Just ask yourself – ”What’s in it for whom”

Police raid nuclear expert Dr Chris Busby’s Bideford home with absurd story he’s a bomb-maker (YOUTUBE)


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  1. When the reactors pop in Florida this fall, all bets are off. There is enough awareness on the right and left about Fukushima, that it will be a galvanising event as Fukushima was in Germany, Vietnam, and China and South Korea to a certain extent.
    Russia and the Ukraine are very close again, to major nuclear catastrophe. especially with the dangerous magox fuel they use.
    The Chinese rose up, against nuclear. So did the Vietnamese and Germans.
    Japan is a pathetic, hull of a country. So is the Ukraine.

    There could very rainy well be, a major nuclear catastrophe in the UK, France, the Ukraine, Russia and the uSA.
    Shoddy old reactors ready to blow, in the face of major climate change. Trump made no effort to stabilize any of the old 50 year old , 40yo and 30 yo reactors in the USA. He made many worse. It will be a time of great, reckoning.

    Many Republicans and fascists are like Stephen Paddock. A death cult, that simply want to, screw over the world. They have demonstrated that through the 1- 6 fail.

    If trump would have stayed in power, he was so reckless, that he would have used a tactical nuke on It Iran by a august. We would all be dead by september. Theere would have likely been a few nuclear catastrophes around that time. The world cannot bear much more nuclear burden. A few meltdowns , fuel.fites and major reactor explosions , will be an extinction event . There will be for even the billionaires to hide.
    The oligarchy saw this and intervened.
    The survivalist-fascists and racists are simply, insane Mad-dogs, that want to bring about apocolypse, sooner than later.
    It’s ironic that Trump is holed up, in the state with the most vulnerable nuclear reators and most hurricanes. They are old and unstable and have been damaged by so many hurricanes from the past they will go this time.
    I say biden should make rahm emmanuel, ambassador to Japan. He should send him to Japan, to die of radiation poisoning. It’s all a deadly radioactive farce, that we are all losing.

    Comment by Anonymous | June 1, 2021 | Reply

  2. China has had a major nuclear accident. People in the world need to cut back gluttonous energy consumption. Superbugs are in the world we havent even heard of are here. These things are only going to grow worse in the world, with the effects of nuclear and other pollution on our immune systems . Climate change is wreaking havok with natural systems. Dementia, heart disease, cancer are exacerbated by nuclear and industrial pollution.

    China is a mess as are all nuclear countries. Bad nuclear accident there. The Taiwanese pro-bejing party, is pronuclear. The more conservative Taiwanese party in power is antinuclear. How ironic is that?

    This is a left leaning writer but what he says is true. The Authoritarian, imperialist government of the USA sucks, so Do the nuclearist authoritarian governments of china, Russia, and Britain. A lot of this left-right, tug of war hype, is just crap. Big authoritarian states, with so much power, tend to screw over the world and their citizens, no matter what.

    I know Radionuclide pyrophoric residue, global warming, hydrocarbon residues and their inherent pollutants that have built up, in the environment, are contributing big time to the developed countries wildfire problems. So are CO2 emissions. No amount of right-wing political, propaganda or pronuclear propaganda ,will sway me from those  well documented and well studied, occurancess. It takes millions of tons of hydrocarbons each year, to process and haul uranium for nuclear fuel. It is not a hyrocarbon free technology. It has to be mined and processed with hydrocarbons. So does plutonium. Nuclear fuel, has to be hauled on large diesel fuel ships, to be shipped around the world. Who told him has to be hauled and processed at large chemical factories around the world. The amount of nuclear waste it contributes to the world is amazing.

    Dangerous nuclear power plants blow up. They are the worst energy source of the world. As bad as or worse than coal-fire. Solar and wind are the best. Germany the USA and China use wind solar and other technology to great benefit.

    People in the world need to cut back gluttonous energy consumption. Superbugs like covid , mrsa, valley fever, parsites, super fungus, tuburculosis, super bacteria and viruses we don’t even know about, or heard of.

    These things are only going to grow worse in the world, with the effects of nuclear and other pollution on our immune systems . Climate change is wreaking havok with natural systems. Dementia, heart disease, cancer birth defects, will grow worse from gluttonous use and, proliferation of radionuclides, pesticides and all the other poisons into our water, food ocleans and air . We are also damaging and destroying, the natural systems and life on earth we are dependent on. Things like the bees and and insects, the flora and fauna of the oceans.. How sad

    Comment by Antinuke | June 16, 2021 | Reply


    Physicist kaku on nuclear power

    Comment by Antinuke | June 16, 2021 | Reply

  4. The death knell of 3 mile island, was no live flys, within 50 miles of the melted down reactor, for months. Few hummingbirds. Bees absent. Same for Chernobyl and Fukushima. Entire insect species, wiped out in those two. Now we see the same, in the massive radioactive smoke realeases, of the huge wildfires in the west. All the radionuclides, stored in the trees from being down wind of open air nuclear testing or nuclear reservations . From the buildup of hc, radium, uranium residue from cars. From uranium mines and mills. From other industrial sources. It is being massively released in the air to spell out quite clearly the death knell for planet earth. None of the Dumn monkeys, can read or see it or care! Some of them have turned into racist killers and fascists. The prima donnas don’t care either

    Comment by Wnon | June 23, 2021 | Reply

  5. This is what america is descending into . Instead of not taxing billionaires.
    Instead of doing something about the trillion dollar military budget for new nuclear bombs and star wars, and more tactical nuclear weapons. Instead of shoring up old nuclear reactors in the USA on the coasts vulnerable to hurricanes, after seeing what happened at Fukushima

    The savage trump coup ghouls tased this officer at the back of his neck we till he had a heart attack and stroke

    Protrump redneck rave
    Turns to throat slashings and rape

    Comment by Teri | June 24, 2021 | Reply

    • Instead of taxing billionaires

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | June 24, 2021 | Reply

      • Yes right

        Comment by Teri | June 24, 2021

      • No wrong they should tax billionaires. They don’t in the USA and the billionaire feed the most off the nuclear madness

        Comment by Teri | June 24, 2021

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