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Bill Gates with his  GAVI (the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative) has the power of a member State in the WorldHealth Organisation.

GAVI (the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initative)

it becomes very clear that the private part of this public-private partnership has taken over control. And not only have they taken over control, they’re immune from everything. They’re not responsible for anything. This has got to stop.

The corruption of the WHO: Astrid Stuckelberger, Final Hour., 12 May 21,

Stuckelberger explains how the WHO has mutated into a system of global governance…..

Astrid Stuckelberger interviewed by the Corona Ausschuss

The lawyers at the Corona Ausschuss (the Corona Investigative Committee) have interviewed Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger,, a health scientist, researcher and long-term WHO collaborator. She says she was asked to “take a mandate” on international health regulation, which led to WHO collaboration on pandemic preparedness. She recounts her experience in this field in the interview below and reveals a number of rather extraordinary facts.

Briefly, they are:

1. Incredibly, Bill Gates apparently attempted to get himself the same status as any other country on the board of the WHO! As one of the lawyers remarks, he tried to create ‘Billgateistan’.

2. Gates was rejected in a vote but has seemingly managed, thanks to the leverage that his funding provides, to acquire some sort of special privileges.

Stuckelberger proposes deeper research into the nature of these, starting with the meeting in which Gates was turned down. I had a look at these but couldn’t find a reference to it directly. I did find these minutes from the meeting in 2017 in which a representative of the International Baby Food Action Network raise concerns about a lack of transparency around the relationship between the Gates Foundation and the WHO, the fact that “Foundation had made substantial contributions to many health initiatives and the fact that it could influence WHO’s nutrition policy was no secret. What was less well known, however, was that the Foundation had invested heavily in the food and beverage industries.”

As quoted: “Those investments had been glossed over in the Framework process and the resulting lack of clarity on the relationship had undermined public trust. She echoed the concerns of several Member States concerning the criteria and principles for secondments from nongovernmental organizations, philanthropic foundations and academic institutions. The Framework should be a safeguard; it should not be seen as a funding opportunity. It should be reviewed and evaluated at the earliest opportunity and the terms “partnership” and “stakeholder” clearly defined.”

The framework referred to is the ‘Framework of engagement with non-State actors’.Earlier that year a group of organisations, including the IBFAN, issued an open letter regarding their concern about commercial interests formally entering the WHO.

“Making up WHO budget shortfalls with funding from major investors in food, drug, and alcohol companies (which are often headquartered in wealthy countries) further compromises the independence of the WHO. Granting the Gates Foundation Official Relations status signifies a sharp departure from the post-WWII tradition of the World Health Assembly and makes a mockery of the conflict of interest safeguards purported to underpin the new “Framework of engagement with non-State actors (FENSA).”)

3. GAVI has diplomatic immunity that means it is almost completely protected and can do whatever it wants from its base in Geneva.

4. Swissmedic, the medical regulator, signed a three-way deal between Gates and the WHO. Stuckelberger believes Gates created such deals with many countries after being rejected by the board.

…………… there was already severe discomfort about the expanding power of the Gates Foundation and the commercial interests that it fronts for within the WHO. As the open letter mentioned above also states: “It is, of course, deeply troubling from a governance standpoint that the Executive Board is being asked to approve applicants for Official Relations and verify compliance with conflicts of interest safeguards without being provided with any relevant evidence—verified or otherwise—on the public record.” Does that means Gates’ request to join the Executive Board was entirely unrecorded?

…….. Here’s a machine translation of the terms of GAVI’s [ Global Alliance for Vaccine Initative”s] immunity:
“Art. 5 Immunity from Jurisdiction and Enforcement
1. in the course of its activities, GAVI Alliance shall enjoy immunity from jurisdiction and execution, except:

when such immunity has been expressly waived in a particular case by the Executive Director or by the person designated by him…………

Switzerland is the centre of a lot of corruption because we have one of the most important NGO, it’s GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initative, which the foundation Bill Gates has, which has, I tell you, I have the papers, total immunity. Total, total. They can do whatever they want, the police cannot come and look into their computer. ……………..  Maybe we can get the minutes of the executive board. They even accepted that he would be considered as a member state because of the money he gives. So, this is unprecendented in the constitution of the member states.

RF: Is he now being considered as a member state?

AS: Not officially.

RF: But unofficially yes? And that’s probably, that’s why he has this immunity, right?

AS: Yeah. Well, I can tell you why it is very suspicious, it because I think he has done something which every member state the same contracts. What I found out with Swissmedic, Swissmedic is the FDA of Switzerland, because I gave the paper to a jouranlist and I can’t even find it…Swissmedic has signed a contract with Bill Gates and the WHO.

RF: Aha.

AS: And this is abnormal.
JH : So basically he tried to lobby himself into the WHO as a member state, to basically found the country of Billgateistan. That’s basically what he did. At that point he would have been basically a one man country.
AS: Yes, he could be a dictator because he could influence the… But the fact that he was not accepted by vote, that’s why the minutes would be very interesting, by vote to be a member state, he then started to sign papers for countries, that’s my hypothesis because he did it with Swissmedic. So WHO, Bill Gates and the country in charge of accrediting treatments and vaccination are signing contracts.

JH So he didn’t get in in an offical capacirty, he didn’t get voted in, so then he tried to circumvent that and just basically went around the middle man.
AS: Well, yeah. How can you, if you’re a country, sign a contract between three signatures, Bill Gates, A country and WHO. Becuase WHO signs with countries but not…and even that I find pretty weird, you know? I mean why does the WHO have to sign with a coutnry an agreement. You see, this is a corporate agency doing that, but not WHO, I mean correct me Sylvia. The WHO accepts to have a company, a private company, selling, a merchant signing, together the three to make the surveillance and choose the medication, I think, you know, Swissmedic, had posted it on the website. I tihnk that every country, that’s my hypothesis, they have done this everywhere. That’s why everybody says the same thing in the train, the same message, every week there’s the same thing happening.

RF: Tell us more about this immunity. How does this work
………….. An NGO has a status of accreditation to the United Nations. You can come and speak, you’re an observer, but you annot intervene in many things. And you don;’t have immunity is you open an office, you are submitted to taxation . GAVI has no taxes to pay. This, already this is very strange. Switzerland is hosting an NGO, international, who doesn’t pay taxes and who has total immunity. 

…….RF: Immune from any sanctions?
JH: They have qualified diplomatic immmunity……..   and they don’t pay taxes since 2009.

……….. JH: That’s the problem. We as a society should ask ourselves, should we endow any single person or any conglomerate of persons with such an incredible amount of power without any kind of democratic responsibility or legitimacy behind themslves? That’s the question we should ask ourselves.

it’s not only GAVI, it is a whole system organised and it’s very interesting to look at the historical chronology because in 2009 was the first year of the implementaiton of the huge health security governance and that’s when Bill Gates started to sign things and start moving.

………  it becomes very clear that the private part of this public-private partnership has taken over control. And not only have they taken over control, they’re immune from everything. They’re not responsible for anything. This has got to stop……..


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