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Nuclear weapons – immoral inhuman, and now illegal, and this is why – theme for February 2021

On the morning of August 6, 1945, Setsuko Thurlow, then thirteen years old………

……Thurlow noticed a bright bluish-white flash outside the window at 8:15 a.m. She never saw the mushroom cloud; she was in it. She felt herself fly through the air, blacked out, and awoke pinned in the rubble of the collapsed building, unable to move. Lying there in silence and total darkness, she had a feeling of serenity. And then she heard the cries of classmates trapped nearby: “God, help me!,” “Mother, help me!” Someone touched her, removed the debris on top of her, and told her to crawl toward the light.

She somehow made it out safely and realized that what was left of the headquarters was on fire. A half dozen or so other girls survived, but the rest were burned alive.

The smoke and dust in the air made the morning look like twilight. As Thurlow and a few classmates left the city center and walked toward the hills, they witnessed one grotesque scene after another: dead bodies; ghostly figures, naked and burned, wandering the streets; parents desperately searching for lost children. She reached an Army training ground in the foothills, about the size of two football fields. Every inch of ground was covered with wounded people begging for water. There seemed to be no doctors, no nurses, no medical help of any kind. Thurlow tore off strips of her clothing, dipped them in a nearby stream, and spent the day squeezing drops of water from them into the mouths of the sick and dying. At night, she sat on the hillside and watched Hiroshima burn.

Thurlow was reunited with her parents. But her sister and her sister’s four-year-old son died several days later. Her sister’s face had grown so blackened and swollen that she could only be recognized by her voice and her hairpin. Soldiers threw her body and that of her son into a ditch, poured gasoline on them, and set them on fire. Thurlow stood and watched, in a state of shock, without shedding a tear. Her favorite aunt and uncle, who lived in the suburbs outside Hiroshima and appeared completely unharmed, died from radiation poisoning a few weeks after the blast…..


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  1. You all need to get rid of the scott morrison shithead in australia

    There will be another nuke reactor catastrophe soon.

    Boobs wont be able to hide it.  No legs to stand on. Like the nenazi thugs and militias, that have destroyed the ukrainian economy and erased important nuke safe guards.

    Hazzardous neonazi- thugs, roam the countryside terrorizing residents. Another nuke accident there soon. It is like libya and iraq.   Both libyaand  iraq  have degenetaed into civil breakdown. The disintegration, instigated by george w bush a trump like demon and, obama a gw buah cone in sheeps clothing.  Liberia was a warlord destroyed country. A warlord fomented civil war and destroyed all the electric grids and clean water systems in Liberia . it was done to force 75 percent of the people to live, in dark depravity closer to coastal areas.

    scott morrison has the same attitude in austrlia australians need to riseup and ditch is ass asap. Trump ass was aid by white supremacist police to ransack dc his ass needs to be removed asap. Same for cootie ridden b for blow job dupshit boris johnson in the uk the fascist charde will destroy all things especially in nuke countries

    The stakes are much higher here. Huge shoddy nuke reactors and masses of nuke waste, ready to explode. The dumn deth cult bunnies,all wanna follow the chaotic depravity of the retarded orange haired, bambalino Among the protesters were Oath Keepers– right wing extremist Trump supporter police. It is not unreasonable to assume that there were Oath Keepers among the Capitol police on Duty. John Dean offered one explanation.

    CNN puts the words “Massive Breach of U.S. Capitol Raises Questions About Security Failures” on their chiron as Terrance Gainer,the former chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, argued that it was not fair to compare the treatment of the White Supremacists who stormed the Capitol. But I don’t buy it. The response was massively different to BLM. And I don’t buy the assumption of CNN, that these were security failures. The barriers were moved out of the way. There weren’t nearly as many police ready to deal with the threat and, given the information John Dean provides, we must suspect that this was an intentional act by some of the police, allowing the protesters into the capitol building. There is even a photo showing a Capitol Police officer taking selfies with the rioters. Frikin nazi oath keeper back and hhispanic hating fed cops and dc cops enabled the worse debaclenaince the british burned down thw white house in 1812 the oligarchs allowed it to show their power because many rich white supremacisr authoritarians and repuk ligarchs support the chaotic demented , fat, adderal addled phoney son of a bitch

    Comment by Frankie timor | January 9, 2021 | Reply

  2. 1/9/2021 at 04:15:39
    Donald Trump Has Been the Worst President in the History of the United States
    By Eve ottenburg and Karl Grossman

    “For those who concluded from the Covid-19 debacle that Trump simply wasn’t up to the job, it looks unlikely, to say the least, that his China legacy will be anything other than catastrophic. U.S. and Chinese economies are intertwined and, as we’ve already seen, decoupling hurts lots of Americans, starting with farmers. Trump’s executive order on December 28, prohibiting investments in firms reportedly controlled by the Chinese military does little besides ratchet up tensions. Hostilities between the two navies in the South China Sea could explode into regional war at any time. And how that war would be prevented from becoming nuclear is a very well-kept secret. But the geniuses in the Pentagon aren’t concerned. They believe in their new generation of small, “smart” nuclear weapons and “winnable” nuclear wars, as does Trump, the president who arguably has done more to promote nuclear war than perhaps any predecessor since mankind first split the atom.
    Donald Trump has been the worst president in the history of the United States.”

    Eve ottenburg

    The attack by his supporters on the Capitol was a capstone of his presidency — lawless, an attack on democracy, a U.S. counterpart of the rise of Nazism in Germany in the 1930s.

    It was a horror representative of his tenure.

    Thank heavens and thanks to successful and hard political work, he will in days be out of office. And there must be criminal prosecutions on the state and local levels as well the federal level, which he’ll likely try to wrangle out of with a pardon.

    There must be consequences to his horrendous term in office.

    “An American Tragedy” was the title of a piece by David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker magazine, right after Election Day 2016. “The election of Donald Trump,” Remnick wrote, “is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism.” There would be “miseries to come”– and there have been.

    Remnick warned against an “attempt to normalize” the election of Trump. “Trump is vulgarity unbounded, a knowledge-free national leader”, “a twisted caricature of every rotten reflex of the radical right…a flim-flam man” with “disdain for democratic norms.”

    The attack on the Capitol by the Trumpsters was an attempt at a coup to undo a presidential election in which a record number of voters came out to dump Trump and elect Joe Biden.

    It was an act of insurrection incited by Trump.

    As he tweeted to followers on December 20th — “Big protest in DC on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

    Yes, and indeed it was wild.

    And then, in a speech in front of The White House on Wednesday, addressing his backers who had arrived, said: “We’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue…and we’re going to the Capitol.” He added: “You have to be strong.”

    His call was preceded by his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, proclaiming “let’s have trial by combat.”

    Giuliani, who took an oath to be an attorney and adhere to rule of law, represented Trump in many courts in challenges to his election defeat with claims that judges found totally untrue–but Giuliani opted instead, in violation of that oath, for “trial by combat.”

    Remnick warned about an “attempt to normalize” Trump, but so much of media have engaged in “both sides-ing” the situation, as Julie Hollar of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting has written.

    When a person tells an out-and-out lie, there is no journalistic obligation to “balance” a story with a falsehood

    And Trump, The Washington Post report has recorded, has uttered more than 20,000 falsehoods in his term in office.

    And then there have been the Trump disinformation machines led by Fox -about which Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels would smile.

    But this is far more than a media problem.

    Trump tapped into a vein of racism and other poisons in the United States.

    He soon will be out of The White House but Trumpism, so horribly, will still be here.

    “You have to summon an act of will, a certain energy and imagination, to replace truth with the authority of a con man like Trump,” George Packer wrote in the current issue of The Atlantic.

    Trump’s “barrage of falsehoods — as many as 50 daily in the last fevered months of the 2020 campaign — complemented his unconcealed brutality,” writes Packer.

    “Two events in Trump’s last year in office broke the spell of his sinister perversion of the truth,” he says: COVID-19 and a free election.

    “The beginning of the end of Trump’s presidency arrived on March 11, 2020, when he addressed the nation for the first time on the subject of the pandemic and showed himself to be completely out of his depth. The virus was a fact that Trump couldn’t lie into oblivion or forge into a political weapon — it was too personal and frightening, too real. As hundreds of Americans died and the administration flailed between fantasy, partisan incitement, and criminal negligence, a crucial number of Americans realized that Trump’s lies could get someone they love killed,” says Packer.

    He continues: “The second event came on November 3”– the election.

    And that is what Trump and his followers who attacked the Capitol sought to undo. And, on the same day, Trump enablers in Congress were trying to undo it by having the votes of the Electoral College denied.

    “The election didn’t end his lies — nothing will…But we learned that we still want democracy. This, too, is the legacy of Donald Trump,” Packer concluded.

    Yes, most Americans still want democracy, but the history of authoritarian takeovers shows that a relatively small group of fanatics can beat the majority.

    And we still are left with those toxic issues that Trump capitalized on.

    Another component here is the enabling of Trump by all those Republicans.

    Margaret Sullivan wrote a piece earlier this week in The Washington Post, headed “We must stop calling Trump’s enablers ‘conservative.’ They are the radical right.”
    She wrote: “These days the true radicals are the enablers of President Trump’s ongoing attempted coup: the media bloviators on Fox News, One America and Newsmax who parrot his lies about election fraud; and the members of Congress who plan to object on Wednesday to what should be a pro forma step of approving the electoral college results, so that President-elect Joe Biden can take office peacefully on Jan. 20.

    “But instead of being called what they are, these media and political figures get a mild label: conservative. Instead of calling out the truth, it normalizes; it softens the dangerous edges,” she continued. “It makes it seem, well, not so bad. Conservative, after all, describes politics devoted to free enterprise and traditional ideas. But that’s simply false. Sean Hannity is not conservative. Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri and Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama are not conservative. Nor are the other 10 (at last count) Senators who plan to object” to the Electoral College vote.

    She notes Tim Alberta wrote on Politico that “‘There is nothing conservative about subverting democracy.’ He suggests ‘far right’ as an alternative descriptor. Not bad. But I’d take it a step further, because it’s important to be precise. I’d call them members of the radical right.

    “Members of the radical right won’t like this, of course. They soak in the word ‘conservative” like a warm bath.”

    “On Jan. 20, we can still presume Trump will be gone from the White House,” she writes. “But his enablers and the movement that fostered him, and that he built up, will remain. That’s troubling. We should take one small but symbolic step toward repairing the damage by using the right words to describe it. It would be a start.”

    Journalist Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, says Trump “will be in our history books as a dark, dark stain unlike any president of the United States.” And he investigated Nixon.

    Karl Grossman antinuke

    Comment by Anna thurlow | January 10, 2021 | Reply

  3. Donald Trump is allied w the ldp in Japan. He never gave a darned about Fukushima . Trump never gave a damn about the Japanese. fixing reactors in after Fukushima.  Trump never gave a darned about  Japan dumping the radioactive water from Fukushima. into the ocean. Trump never gave a damn about the Japanese exporting radioactive food, from Fukushima all over the world. 

    Trump single-handedly deregulated all reactors in the USA, now to the point of meltdowns all over the USA.

    Hurricane activity is higher than ever in the USA. 5 more hurricanes than they thought  not possible ,occured by the USA last year.  23 Agee shitty reactors on USA coast ready to blow. More earthquaqes and the Agee San Louis obisbo reactor still open. San onofre nuclear waste flooding into the Pacific.

    Trump helped keep open. 3  old damaged,  beat up reactors 30 and 40 yo reactors. with damaged reactor containment kept open in Ohio. Ready to blow reactors.

    Reactors Kept open by Trump and corrupt Republicans in Ohio. Done so by increasing taxes and electricty rates on the citizens of ohio.

    Trump, has done nothing to build up reactors in america, since fukushima.

    Trump wants to put nuclear waste, in city dumps. Trump is opening another plutonium pit factory for nuclear weapons in Carolina . A plutonium polluting miasma,for building up nuke weapons form 8 thousand to 10 thousand in america.

    The Chinese have only 280 nuclear weapon. Two huge cities roseup in China against new nuclear reactors and nuke reactor plutonium  processing plants.

    60 percent of Americans hate nuclear. If people Rose enmasse in america about nuclear,Trump would have them arrested.

    Trump did nothing to fix hanford . Los alamos. San onofre. inl or the brunswick reactor in Carolina  The Brunswick reactor  damaged by hurricane maria. With Trump in power.

    Trump wanted to detonate nuclear bombs, to stop hurricanes by florida. Trump is importing nuclear waste from all over the world,to america.

    Trump abrogated all nuclear treaties he started a new military branch, for nuclear weapons in space. Trump put small tactical nuclear weapons, on all American submarines . It increases the risk of nuclear war with China and Russia a thousand times. Trump wants to start testing nuclear weapons on American citizens again. Trump started a hypersonic nuclear weapons race with Russia. a year after he announce it, it caused an accidental nuclear missile explosion and,  nuclear blast in russia. Billions for small modular reactors in warzonew.

    Trump gave 300 million dollars  for small nuclear reactors like nuscale of which 5 have melted down in America, in past 70 years. Trillions for ongoing illegal occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan in Syria. For war in yemen Part of the trillions is used For massive nuclear weapons programs.

    Comment by Harold roerwon | January 11, 2021 | Reply

  4. I know.Dr busby read and.likes this so.different than the.bullcrap that.comes.fromVOA awareness

    JANUARY 25, 2021
    Basic Notes on Victoria (“Fuck the EU!”) Nuland
    On January 5 Joe Biden quietly announced the nomination of Victoria (“Fuck the EU!”) Nuland as Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs. This announcement may signal the inception of the confrontation with Russia placed on hold during the Trump presidency.

    For four years the Democrats have pilloried Trump for “coddling” Putin, although in fact Trump has heaped sanctions on Russia bringing relations to their lowest point since the early Cold War. Now they want some more serious anti-Russian measures. They want their president, Commander-in-Chief of the Exceptional Nation and Leader of the Free World against its adversaries, return us to Clinton-Obama normalcy. That means “getting tougher” with Russia. But what does tougher mean?

    Nuland is eminently qualified for the task of making things much worse, even provoking war with the other superpower that while lacking foreign bases, and spending a fraction of what NATO spends on military defense, has over 6000 nuclear weapons. (Remember? The U.S. developed and used nuclear weapons in 1945, the only country to ever do so. The Soviets followed by developing their own bomb in 1949, in self-defense. That’s when Truman established NATO as an anti-Soviet, anti-communist military alliance.)

    Moscow feels a mounting resentment over the expansion of a hostile military alliance, formed during the Cold War under conditions no longer pertinent, to surround it. Is this hard to fathom? How would Congress view a gradual expansion of a Russian-led military alliance committed to spending 2% of its members’ GDPs on military spending to embrace Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Panama and maybe Canada next year?

    Nuland is a career official, serving under multiple administrations, representing bipartisan imperialism. She was deputy director for “affairs in the former Soviet republics” in the Bill Clinton administration. Her task was to exploit the pain and suffering caused by the implosion of the Soviet Union to assert greater U.S. hegemony over Eurasia, using the traditional mix of covert operations, National Endowment for Democracy meddling, “color revolutions,” aid promises, etc.

    During this period Clinton reneged on the U.S. promise to Moscow in 1989 that NATO would not advance “one inch” east after the Soviets accepted German reunification. Instead he drew Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, long members of the dissolved Warsaw Pact, into the anti-Russian military alliance in 1999. It was an extraordinary repudiation of the Bush-Gorbachev agreement, an egregious provocation of a now-friendly country (then headed by the buffoonish Boris Yeltsin), unremarked on by the U.S. press at the time as anything controversial. Since then the expansion of NATO has been treated as no more remarkable than the expansion of UNESCO. Thank Nuland in part for making you think relentless NATO growth is normal, and that it makes sense for North Macedonia and Montenegro to have joined most recently (during the Trump term).

    Thank Nuland too, in part, for the “color revolutions” in Serbia (2000), Georgia (2003), Ukraine (2004) and Kyrgyzstan (2005). The (fake) concept of the popular uprising against (Russian-backed) tyranny, backed by an altruistic America that stands for Freedom and Democracy—that’s Nuland’s baby. She surely has plans for Belarus. And she must be deeply alarmed that the State Department did not try to interfere in the last flare-up of violence in Nagarno-Karabakh leaving Russian diplomacy to resolve the situation. (Just because Russia itself extends into the Caucasus and borders Georgia and Azerbaijan doesn’t mean that it should “interfere” in countries that ought by rights to be ruled by the U.S.A.—due to Exceptionalism and all.)

    The extremely reactionary chauvinistic Nuland was deputy foreign advisor to Dick Cheney during the Bush-Cheney administration (2003-2005) and then U.S. ambassador to NATO (2005-2008). Under Obama she was Under Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, handpicked by Hillary Clinton. She is married to noted neocon warmonger-scholar Robert Kagan. Both were deeply complicit in spreading the Big Lies leading to the Iraq War in 2003. Nuland supported Hillary Clinton’s terroristic regime change efforts in Libya and Syria. But her main mission in life is to expand NATO. Joe Biden shares her passion for this project.

    Nuland is perhaps best known for her pithy ejaculation: “Fuck the EU!” in a telephone call with the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine in 2014.

    In that year, while Nuland built support for the coup in Kiev (Feb. 18 to 21), she boasted openly that the U.S. had invested $5 billion in supporting “the Ukrainian people’s European aspirations.” (This referred to the support of some Ukrainians for the violent overthrow of the democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, on the basis of his alleged pro-Russian policies and his opposition to European Union affiliation under the conditions the EU was then offering.) To state the matter honestly: the U.S. spent $5 billion to install a government in Kiev that would request NATO membership (ostensibly to protect it from always-aggressive, always expanding Russia) and bind it forever to the U.S. military-industrial complex and “Free World.”

    Since NATO membership since the end of the Cold War has invariably been followed by EU membership, it was easy for Nuland to pose as the champion of Ukraine’s EU membership versus the evil Russians (supposedly) opposing that membership. Yanukovych himself had negotiated seriously with the EU but rejected a plan for association due to its austerity provisions. Meanwhile Moscow offered an attractive aid package. This in the world of U.S. propaganda was a choice between Europe and Russia, with Yanukovych siding with America’s adversary.

    The Maidan coup occurred just a month after Nuland was recorded discussing the upcoming event with U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. Nuland, who had joined Sen. John McCain and other U.S. politicians in offering cookies to the Maidan protestors, discussed with Pyatt who should serve as prime minister after the coup. Pyatt noted that the EU favored Vitali Klitschko, the ex-boxer.

    “Fuck the EU!” replied Nuland, who wanted banker and NATO supporter Arseniy Yatsenyuk to lead the new government. She soon got her way.

    Nuland worked with Oleh Tyahnybok, head of the neo-Nazi Svoboda Party (and one of the three leaders Nuland ordered Pyatt to keep in touch with) and the Right Sector militia. Both glorify Stephan Bandera, the Ukrainian fascist leader who aided the Nazis in rounding up Ukrainian Jews during the war. Tyahnybok publicly inveighs against the “Moscow-Jewish mafia ruling Ukraine.”

    When Congressman Dana Rohrbacher Nuland in a hearing wsoon after the coup whether there had been any neo-fascists on the Maidan she refused to answer the question, stating there were “mothers, grandmothers, and veterans…all colors of Ukraine, including ugly colors” on the Maidan. In other words, a diverse anti-Russian crowd. (Notice how she ignored the existence of the 30% of Ukrainians who are ethnic Russians and were a support base for the president targeted for toppling. Just the sort of sensitivity to ethnicity you’d expect from a top U.S. State Department official who’d been comfortable with the slaughter of Iraqis.)

    Nuland had told the U.S. ambassador that Yatsenyev once installed as planned “will need Klitschko and Tyahnybok on the outside, he needs to be talking to them four times a week.” The U.S. needed those ugly colors.

    Now why would a Jew and Zionist, married to a Jewish Zionist neocon, align herself and Washington with Ukrainian fascists who glorify Stephan Bandera, the Ukrainian anti-Soviet pro-Nazi leader in the 1940s who rounded up Jews at the Germans’ behest?

    Is it not clear? The vicious anti-Russian racism of the Ukrainian fascists is useful for the U.S. as it strives to expand the anti-Russian military alliance, NATO. The more hatred for Russia, the better. (Never mind that for 300 years Ukraine was a province of Russia, then a soviet republic within the USSR; never mind that that there is a huge ethnic Russian minority in the east, widespread intermarriage, historically porous border, integrated economies; never mind that Ukrainian views on EU membership as well as Russia are diverse and there is not in fact a consensus on trade relations. Hatred of Russia is useful and Nuland wanted to exploit it.) Why not make common cause with a politician who reviles the “Muscovites, Jews and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state”?

    Do we not know the power of ethnic hatred in inciting violent putsches? Trump knows it. Nuland knew it too in 2014.

    Among the first acts of the new regime swept to power by the (successful) February putsch was to rescind the law on language rights protecting Russian-speakers (as well as speakers of Hungarian, Moldovan and Romanian). It was perceived as a frontal attack on the ethnic Russian community, which responded (in the Donbas region) with armed insurrection. The (overwhelmingly Russian) population of Crimea voted to return to Russian sovereignty (that had been foolishly gifted from Russia to Ukraine by the half-Ukrainian Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev in 1953). To punish Russia for its responses to the coup, the U.S. clamped more sanctions on it and kicked it out of the G8. Such were the preliminary results of the neofascist coup encouraged by Nuland.

    Shortly after the coup Joe Biden was appointed by President Obama as the administration’s point man on the issue of Ukrainian corruption. Why him? To show the importance the U.S. lends to this relationship, post-coup, anticipating the development of anti-Russian military cooperation, and ultimately NATO admission. But NATO has standards. It can’t include a new member with an abysmal record on government corruption at all levels. The point was to clean it up to make it acceptable to Germany and other members of the expanding alliance.

    Nuland’s actions helped produce the regime change in Ukraine which led to U.S. arms sales, U.S. sanctions on Russia, even the first Trump impeachment over the matter of anti-tank missile delivery. The coup damaged U.S.-Russian relations more even than the 2008 announcements that the U.S. would recognize Kosovo as a state, and that Georgia and Ukraine would eventually join NATO. The Russian response in 2008 was a quick invasion of Georgia and recognition of two breakaway states (South Ossetia and Abkhazia) within what had been soviet Georgia. These moves prompted U.S. criticisms and sanctions, while Sen. John McCain (now beatified as St. John of Bipartisan Incurable Cold War Russophobia) called for war on Russia to help its mad president now banned from the country.

    But it was still possible to seek a “reset” during the early Obama period. Hillary sought such, or so she said; but she continued to “push back” against Russia—within and on its own borders.

    The (predictable) Russian response to the U.S. effort to add their huge southern neighbor to NATO in 2014 (after John Kerry had succeeded Clinton as secretary of state) produced a much more aggressive U.S. reaction than in 2008. If U.S.-Russian relations are now at their lowest ebb since the 1950s, it is more because of Ukraine than any other issue.

    Now Biden, deeply associated with Ukraine, and with the cause of NATO expansion—and whose son was famously employed by the country’s largest gas company two and a half months after after the coup (May 12, 2014) up to April 2019, netting some $ 5 million—is nominating Nuland, mistress of the Maidan coup, for a high State Department post for “political affairs.”

    That means interfering in other people’s political affairs, while always threatening them with war, or threatening to fuck them.

    Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Lloyd Austin, Avril Haines… Biden’s announced cabinet already reeked. The addition of Nuland stinks to high heaven.

    Gary Leupp is Professor of History at Tufts University, and holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Religion. He is the author of Servants, Shophands and Laborers in in the Cities of Tokugawa Japan; Male Colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan; and Interracial Intimacy in Japan: Western Men and Japanese Women, 1543-1900. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion, (AK Press). He can be reached at:

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    Comment by Art hunsaker | January 25, 2021 | Reply

  5. Trump wanted to turn usa into madmax anarchy land
    Don’t worry al, many support u and what u say. The trump-racists want to destroy everything. They are pronuclear and apocolyptic bozos. Same for their libertard libertarian-cohorts. They have no answers. Mostly vindictive deranged creeps, that want to screw over the world. ugly monsters. Old demented baby boomer and ignorant fools who do not know what they really want in a candy store w nuke weapons and guns on the shelves. Pro war pro military tho they lie about it. Status quo trump.
    Nuc reactors will go off soon because of Obama trump biden.
    If we had continued into mad with trump, half the nuke.reactors in the usa would have gone off in 2 years from no supervision. The other 50 reactors would.have gone off from nuke bombs from the nuke war Trump,would have surely started.
    Trump wanted to turn usa into madmax anarchy land almost did it still may. Tried to start a nuclear war. Mike pence is homeless because of continued death threats from trumps insane Nazi.followers
    To HOOSIERLAND: Let the Right One In….
    Quote Tweet
    The Progressive Mind
    14 hMike Pence is ‘homeless’ and bouncing between couches of Indiana politicians: report https://rawstory pence couchsurfing
    7:07 PM · Jan 26, 2021·Twitter Web App

    Comment by Art hunsaker | January 27, 2021 | Reply

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