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In 2021 be aware of the deceitful ”environmental” nuclear front groups

In 2021, The desperate nuclear lobby will be revving up their propaganda.

Their favourite medium for pro nuclear spin is to set up, or take over, an environmental group.   These fake environmental groups abound, especially in the USA.

However, Europe has its fair share.  They have recently banded to gether to pressure the European Union to include nuclear power in “new green deals”.   They’ll peddle the same old lies:

  • that dirty nuclear power is “clean”
  • that nuclear power (useless against climate change, and very vulnerable to climate change)  will “fix climate change”.
  • that nuclear power (prohibitively expensive) is ”economical”
  • that radioactive trash (a massive unsolved problem)” is ”not a problem”
  • that new nuclear power (essential for the nuclear weapons industry) has ”nothing to do with nuclear weapons”

They’ve just sent a letter, a load of absolute codswallop to the European Commission,  aserting that nuclear power is essential, and demanding government funding to develop the (non-existent) Next Generation new nuclear gimmicks.


January 7, 2021 - Posted by | EUROPE, spinbuster

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  1. There will be another nuke reactor catastrophe soon.

    Boobs wont be able to hide it. No legs to stand on. Like the nenazi thugs and militias, that have destroyed the ukrainian economy and erased important nuke safe guards.

    Hazzardous neonazi- thugs, roam the countryside terrorizing residents. Another nuke accident there soon. It is like libya and iraq. Both libyaand iraq have degenetaed into civil breakdown. The disintegration, instigated by george w bush a trump like demon and, obama a gw buah cone in sheeps clothing. Liberia was a warlord destroyed country. A warlord fomented civil war and destroyed all the electric grids and clean water systems in Liberia . it was done to force 75 percent of the people to live, in dark depravity closer to coastal areas.

    The stakes are much higher here. Huge shoddy nuke reactors and masses of nuke waste, ready to explode. The dumn deth cult bunnies,all wanna follow the chaotic depravity of the retarded orange haired, bambalino Among the protesters were Oath Keepers– right wing extremist Trump supporter police. It is not unreasonable to assume that there were Oath Keepers among the Capitol police on Duty. John Dean offered one explanation.

    CNN puts the words “Massive Breach of U.S. Capitol Raises Questions About Security Failures” on their chiron as Terrance Gainer,the former chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, argued that it was not fair to compare the treatment of the White Supremacists who stormed the Capitol. But I don’t buy it. The response was massively different to BLM. And I don’t buy the assumption of CNN, that these were security failures. The barriers were moved out of the way. There weren’t nearly as many police ready to deal with the threat and, given the information John Dean provides, we must suspect that this was an intentional act by some of the police, allowing the protesters into the capitol building. There is even a photo showing a Capitol Police officer taking selfies with the rioters.

    Comment by Terry Southern | January 9, 2021 | Reply

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