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No advertising revenue is gained by our bloggers

I am getting a bit tired of comments received that criticise me for “gaining money from advertisements”. is run as a free site by WordPress.   We actually get no funding whatsoever for our work.   In return for the free website, WordPress allows advertisements, thus WordPress gets a financial return  for providing this service to us. That’s me, dunrenard and sean arclight.

Wake up people!   The world is up against wealthy and ruthless corporations trashing the planet in pursuit of profits and using their money to bellow out propaganda for their polluting products.

There are many others, who, like us, see the urgent need to cut through the corporate spin.  Nobody wants to pay for exposing the facts.  Except, for a few really good journalists, most in the mainstream media fear for losing their jobs, if they expose the lies of the fossil fuel and nuclear industries.



September 9, 2020 - Posted by | Christina's notes


  1. I know who those bozos are. Do nothings and conspiracy nuts. Same dweebs for years. The hate beyond nuclear. Criricize Dr Caldicott. Never really done anything themselves except set up gofundme for their sensationalistc crap. Their extremist views. Thei multiple conspiracy theory and misinformation webmills. Half of em are operatives or trump operatives that get paid to disseminate bullshit or racist propaganda

    Comment by ken r | September 9, 2020 | Reply

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