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Australian government’s cowardly double standards: saves its citizens from Chines oppression, but not Assange from American oppression

DOUBLE STANDARDS!     What a glaring example of kowtowing to USA!

The Australian government has just deftly extricated two journalists from probably gaol in China.  But what about Australian citizen Julian Assange.  As usual, Australia kowtows to the mighty USA.

Julian Assange is not getting fair treatment at the Old Bailey (London) hearing about whether or not he should be extradited to the USA, to face 175 years of gaol, on “espionage” charges.   Independent journalists, people from Amnesty, or anyone else likely to give Assange’s side of the story, in reporting this bizarre hearing, is excluded from the courtroom.  That’s despite the Old Bailey’s tradition of an open courtroom.

As far as I can ascertain, they’re now charging Julian with publicising the names of USA agents.   But in fact, Assange gave the documents to newspapers, I think it was the Guardian and the New York Times, with an express request to NOT publish those names. And the papers went ahead and published them. Julian didn’t.    I also understand that, even then no harm came to any of those agents.

It’s all a trumped up thing.  Julian being oppressed because he revealed evidence of USA military atrocities.  So, like Wilfred Burchett, decades ago, he must be punished by almighty America, and Australia must dutifully follow suit.

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No advertising revenue is gained by our bloggers

I am getting a bit tired of comments received that criticise me for “gaining money from advertisements”. is run as a free site by WordPress.   We actually get no funding whatsoever for our work.   In return for the free website, WordPress allows advertisements, thus WordPress gets a financial return  for providing this service to us. That’s me, dunrenard and sean arclight.

Wake up people!   The world is up against wealthy and ruthless corporations trashing the planet in pursuit of profits and using their money to bellow out propaganda for their polluting products.

There are many others, who, like us, see the urgent need to cut through the corporate spin.  Nobody wants to pay for exposing the facts.  Except, for a few really good journalists, most in the mainstream media fear for losing their jobs, if they expose the lies of the fossil fuel and nuclear industries.



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