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Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki – time for the global Nuclear Ban Treaty – theme for August 20

August 6th and August 9th are the days that remind us of the horror of nuclear weapons.  The failing and desperate nuclear industry would like us to forget  about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They’d like us to swallow their spin about new small nuclear reactors. (But new small nuclear reactors are just the latest gimmick to support the nuclear weapons industry, and put a friendly mask on it. They really have no other purpose.)

In this time of pandemic and global heating, Trump’s USA, Putin’s Russia, and other nations, are putting obscene amounts of money into nuclear weapons. The U.N.’s Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons  (passed by a vote of 122-1-1 at the United Nations in 2017) is looking ever more rational and necessary.  It will enter into force when 50 nations have ratified it. It’s now up to 40 ratifications.

“The pandemic has taught us that all the world’s great needs and threats are linked. By reallocating bloated military spending and reorienting nations to resolve conflict through peaceful negotiation, people and governments throughout the world can more easily tackle the enormous economic and civil injustices that give rise to conflict and fuel the fire of climate change. Each victory in each arena must be used to feed progress elsewhere if humanity is to survive this century.

As we remember the victims of the atomic bombings 75 years ago and hear the stories of the survivors, we realize more than ever: we are all in this together. ” – Michael Christ, Executive Director, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War


July 18, 2020 - Posted by | Christina's themes, weapons and war


  1. juice

    Comment by tj | August 2, 2020 | Reply

    • It’s a great video, thank you. I Tweeted and Facebooked it. Reluctant to post that video here, as this site is focusing on the Hiroshima Nagasaki remembrance this month

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | August 2, 2020 | Reply

  2. Trump has caused a nuke to be detonated in Russia.

    He has doubled plutonium pit production

    He has abandoned nuclear arms treaties.

    He Has deployed tactical nukes. Started a massive nuclear arms race. The world is less safe than ever. Most all rational in intellectuals know the world cannot take much more of this.
    What could be more relevent?
    The uprising in usa is about deplorable health and economic conditions. Nuclear malfeasance. Fascism.

    Comment by tj | August 3, 2020 | Reply

    • multiple bomb detonations. bombs go handinhand w nuclear power. multiple reactor explosions and accidents. fuel fires. 10s of millions of tons of the most lethal mutagenic and carcinogenic shit in the universe everywhere. genomes destroyed in belarus. in navada. in mayak. depleted uranium nuclear war, in the middle east . a whole city of birth defets and cancer from it, in fallujah iraq. a billion people dead from zygotes killd birth defects spontaneous abortions, radiation poisonings cancer from this evil shit and the evil devils continue to lie about it. our life support about ready to be done in by the worst nuclear pollution in our aquifers our food, our air..
      some stupid evild sons a biscuit eaters, say we should be thankful for hiroshima caus no wars or nuke wars ainxe then! These dumn lying nimrods will not acknowledge the slow murderous nuclear www3 going on that has insidiously murdered and killed so many. that has detroyed swaths of life and will destroy all life and genomes . the stupid rotten, evil monkeys are dead aet on nuke war anyway.
      Therw us ao much nuclear fallout and nuclear puke and pollution in the biosphere , from the slow nuke war and nuke insanity, there will be no hope for any life on earth soon. so please do not appkaud the evil morons who say we should applaud the nuke ape bastards who, did hiroshima and prevented ww3, because they did not. they have made things dar worse than most people can imaginek

      Comment by winston | August 4, 2020 | Reply

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