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Banning weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear ones – theme for August 2020

You might think that it’s naive to be talking about banning nuclear weapons, in this present climate of international tension. Yes, an international agreement to ban them is not going to get rid of nuclear weapons overnight, or indeed, anytime soon.

BUT – as things stand now, nuclear weapons, held by all the so virtuous States –  USA, Britain, France, India, China Pakistan, Israel, (- and now North Korea)  – are accepted as respectable ,  defensive, necessary

The idea of the world recognising weapons of mass destruction as unacceptable is not new.  It’s been done before.

Human beings, after all, are social animals, and their greatest successes have been achieved by co-operation. Years of co-operative effort by intelligent and thoughtful people have shed light on the humanitarian horror of mass killings, and mass sufferings of those who survived such attacks.

Under the auspices of he United Nations, the concerted efforts of so many have brought about  the recognition that mass murder is unacceptable, and has been judged to be illegal.  No, these threats have not been completely eliminated. But they have been vastly diminished, and no leader can get away with pronouncing them to be acceptable or necessary.

The United Nations Ban on  the use of chemical and biological weapons in warfare was signed in 1925, and  strengthened in 1997 in the  the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) 

The United Nations Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) came into force in 1975.

In both cases, these agreements outlawed  the development, stockpiling, acquisition, retention, and production of these inhumane weapons, and reaffirmed the 1925 ban on their use.

These bans, agreed on by 178 nations  (the BWC), 192 (the CWC) have been further developed over many years of successive conventions, the most recent being in November 2016.

There’s  a wealth of information on the effects of nuclear weapons production and use – not just the immediate effects on victim communities, but the pervasive global effect on climate, agriculture and teh world’ s food supply.

Right now, we all live under a terrible threat of nuclear war. It is surely time to make a start on removing that threat. The United Nations Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty is that start. The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is close to the number of 50 ratifications , required to make it international law.

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  1. The Great Information Gathering Society, The Space Race. The new-improved War Making Machines

    The Feeding Frenzy

    Silicon valley, makes most of its money now, collecting personal data and selling it. To the NSA, and DHS in the name of national security. To credit bureaus. To creepy private personal rating-companies, like Intellius. To police agencies, that collect facebook data and more. To big managed apartment complexes  and,  Mortgage brokers, to lending agencies. To government agencies and banks.

    They sell your personal information, that they are constantly feeding on, to the government, to credit agencies, to private and government security firms. They sell private personal information to employers and potential future employers. 

    They do sell information, to democratic and republican political machines, to manipulate the farcical elections, that now occur in America. They buy and sell, personal information, from Silicon valley companies like  Facebook and Google.

    Companies, government, and major political operatives buy and share information with collection agencies. They sell private financial transactions, credit bureaus.

    There are the private information spooks like Intellius, Spokeo, and, that rate you by a number based, on their biased, insinuating-parameters. Such companies publish your personal information, on the internet. In many instances,  that information is falacious .  An unfriendly neighbor may secretly smirk at you behind your back, about flawed-detrimental, libelous information,  they found on you on the Intellius or the MyLife sites, by entering minimal personal parameters  of you, like age, full-name, relatives and, where you live or have lived. Landlords may use such flawed information, to do a background search and, deny a person housing.

    Some of the people who run companies like Intellius, have criminal records themselves and yet they publish detrimental information on private citizens that is either flawed or downright incorrect.  Internet cannibalism.
    Information that can cause inestimable hardship .

    They all sell information to crooked Republican security operatives companies,  like Checkpoint, that is constantly purging people off voting roles, saying they are felons, when they are not or, ineligible because they are not citizens when they are eligible to vote. They can get people fired, keep people from getting apartments and mortgages. They ruin individual’s, credit and reputation.

    Their stranglehold on information and falacious information,  can be dangerous slander, but the government does nothing.  It is a legalized protection racket. Some of the internet private information publishers, even publish data on outstanding College loans. People say nothing because, they rejoice in their personal self-righteous illusion, that they have nothing to hide. They say  “I have nothing to hide,” until they become a victim of it.

    Bad information, erroneous personal data, that should nevr have  been, allowed to be used, ends up being used  to determine who gets housing, jobs, who gets food, who gets to vote, who gets healthcare, even court fines.

    View at

    “How to Remove Your Personal Information From Mylife, Intelius, Spokeo, Radius, and BeenVerified”

    The personal information-gathering,  frenzy of the insidiously growing,  computer age is getting worse.  It is not a real economy.

    The  misappropriation of gigabytes of personal information, may soon be used by Trump  to decide, how quickly The DHS can  arrest an  American Citizen  as a national security risk. Our police are largely militarized in this day and age. They get assault vehicles, computer algorithms, military protective equipment and training from the army special forces, in our government, especially in the cities.

    The ultimate neofuedal-totalitarian, nightmare, where we gleefully,  cheer on,  our own sad downward, path.

    Welcome, to the almost realized and consolidated totalitarian-neofeudal, state.
    Few people stand a chance in it, in the present economy and circumstances. Massive unemployment, unprecedented evictions and, foreclosures  that will eclipse the 2008 great  recession, that never seemed to end in a time where property taxes, rent, and housing is barely affordable for so many.

    There is about to be a flood, of the Foreclosure and eviction of Millions  of people young, middle aged, old, and disabled, broke from the Pandemic Effects, in the United States.


    There are back and forth communications and spying through Silicon Valley, Local Police Agencies and, the NSA, and shady private information gatherer’s.

    They have 4! degrees of spying on you, which means they have 4X3X2X1 WHICH EQUALS 12 DIMENSIONS OF information gathering in GIGA-AMOUNTS, of information collection and colation, that is enabled, by  cloud storage, other enhanced computer storage, and more  powerful computing technology .

    This is the age of mindless information gathering and, personal information storage, that has been enabled by ever-growing digital and silicon storage-techno, voyeurism. It is  like a cancer.

    There is  Intensive scrutiny on all of us.  It goes on. it is used parasitically against us, all of the time, especially if you spend a lot of time on your smart phone or computer, hooked to the internet.

    Massive amounts of spying and data accumulation, ARE DONE IN REAL TIME and, behind the scenes. If you are under their microscope, you are in something much worse, than a Kafkesque-nightmare. If not, they are not  using information against, you they are sharing it in ways that, maybe very harmful to you financially and otherwise.

    The cops, have access to huge data-bases,  that use algorithms and AI to tell the cops, who, they think, maybe trouble . They can use  the information and, their algorithms, to determine whether you are someone that is a security risk,  or easily arrestable. Their AI algoritm’s, help sort data on people, they keep on their radar and determine what they will do about them.

    Police AI algorithms, are used to determine which areas of a town are deemed as higher crime areas or profile people, they deem people, as risks to society. The over-reach makes no sense. It does nothing, to make a community safer. The over-reach often times is abusive and, undermines the cohesiveness of communities. It occurs in smaller towns and small cities, that have relatively low crime rates.  

    Data is collected, colated to  algorithmically analyze profiles, from simultaneously calculated, running algrorithms and databases, sold by Silicon valley and other mercenary dark entitities .

    One such Dark, so-called  Specialty-Cyber Security Private company, is  Palantir. Palantir  has ties, to PayPal Billionaire Peter Thiel.
    It is being specially contracted by the CDC to provide coronavirus monitoring, with an agenda.

    Palantir, The $20 Billion, Peter Thiel-Backed Big Data Giant, Is Providing Coronavirus Monitoring To The CDC at a cost of $675,000.

    “Palantir, a $20 billion-valued big data company whose data harvesting work for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has provoked criticism from human rights groups.”

    “Palantir also signed a contract for just $28,000 with the Food and Drug Administration late last month for use of the Palantir Gotham tool, which is typically used to help government agencies find criminals or criminal groups within masses of data.”

    We all know what a bang-up job the current administration, has done, in handling the pandemic. This administration, is using taxpayer money, to pay for Thiel’s data gathering, to purge people, from voting roles and, possibly fudge corona virus data.

    Personal data is collected and, shared by Security agencies, national security databases like the DHS and, all the other personal- information-sellers.

    One maybe relegated, to a national security hotlist with the NSA. Singling a citizen out, fornwrrantless information gathering, is expressly forbidden, by the constitution of the United States of America.

    You would not even know, what they are doing. They  compile data on you, from silicon valley information sellers, and other databases.

    The NSA has unlimited, unconstitutional warantless search power, without subpoeas, from secretive Patriot act authority, granted to them.

    Good luck getting any files, local police, have on you, Using Freedom of Information Act laws or rules. That is because, they do not have to,  share files they may have on you Files that they share with the NSA Files that are arbitrarily assigned, as a national secutity concern.

    The NSA can intensely scrutinize you, if you fit into  their algorithm, and profiles, as a higher security risk to society or some corporate interests.

    Say your image was captured  in a peaceful oil pipeline protest, with one of their drones flying over, capturing your image. It was captured whether you were a bystander, a journalist or participant. Let us say you were mistakenly misidenditified, by bad face recognition software. SEVERAL CASES OF THIS, HAVE OCCURED RECENTLY.

    A citizen is marked, at that point. Unlimited spying power, indeed. The abuse potential is astounding. It is occuring every millisecond around us. There is little we can do about it, in the current political or, legal frameowork of America.

    Local agencies, can refuse Freedom Of Information Act , requests, on the things they keep on people, based on national security, according to the Patriot act.

    The nsa, cia, fbi, dea dhs concurently run AI profiling, of what they consider, national security risks, to the state. Brutal totalitarian power, can be embellished by the vicious whims of authoritarian and, notoriously corrupt and vindictive people, like Donald Trump and others.

    All four types of databases feed, off of one another. Data bases that are accessed by private credit bureaus, lenders, republican vote purgers, insurance companies, private health insurers,  landlords,.  They can  say,  who gets shelter , who gets medical attention, who get’s insurance, who get’s to drive, who goes into the system, who goes to college and where.

    There are cameras and license plate-scanners, face recognizing technology everywhere, in our society now. Data, may soon be used to determine who gets snatched off the street, under, the current Neo-fascist activity of Trump. Our personal data  maybe used, to determine, how big our fines are. Who does time.

    So many, get into our justice system, based on frivolous crimes with harsh consequences.
    The justice system,  credit ratings, voting in the USA,  have been skewed by economic status, race for years but, it is growing in intrusinveness and abuse, much further than we could have ever, imagined.


    And you wondering why 5g, with all those satellites that are making the Coup-king elon Musk more rich, are so important? Unlimited parasitic, pesonal data gethering.


    There are so many satellites being launched by Musk, and his ilk, there is very high probablility of his satellites and other SATELLITES,  slamming into, the forgotten  nuclear mistakes that are in orbit. 
    There is exponentially increased likelihood of new space launches, bumping a multitude, of nuclear space junk and other space juck, into our atmosphere. It is happening already.


    It is an unsustainable, march to oblivion. It demand’s a nuclear arms space race and, more nuclear weapons,   to perpetuate space technology. The nuclear war-mongers demand it, as well,  and say we need more nuclear reactors. Progress marching on! Space Colonization . Huge communication networks in space, to keep us tethered to the cell phones we are addicted to,  to buy more stuff we do not need and, gather information on us, that is used nefariously.

    More Money, Money, Money. 
    Money for the Politicians. More mone for the Military-Industrial Complex. More for Silicon Valley,  for Wallstreet. Money siphoned up by the billionaires in this hard time.  More NASA to be wasted. That is what what  the current context of Space Conquest is really, all about.

    Killer death ray and nuclear capable satellites. Satellites, created  under the fake-benevolent, umbrella of colonizing the barren cosmic ray, infested Mars,  while our home planet is being ruined.

    The drum’s beats of fake-progress, of war, of nuclear oblivion, of human degradation, of environmental destruction, go on and grow.

    Comment by Ken | August 16, 2020 | Reply

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