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Fukushima Thyroid Cancer Symposium live stream 3 February 2020

Reblog and edited. Here are some Lies? Read on!
“As it happened, South Korea had carried out a similar screening at around the same time in a population not exposed to Fukushima – and found very similar results. “It is very difficult to convince the public about this,” said Nollet. “And when we try we are seen as complicit in nuclear power.”


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The Symposium is mostly in Japanese (awaiting translations for child cancer data)

10:30-11:00 3.3 Current status of thyroid cancer treatment in overseas countries

Speaker Peter ANGELOS (The University of Chicago, USA)

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Posted by Shaun McGee

Posted on 3 February 2020

Talks about the recommended treatment for Thyroid Cancer in Adults in different countries.

Partial removal advice, though an option, in most (Apart from one EU group) countries is generally ignored for full removal and resultant life long medication.

Some interesting notes I took From that part of the Symposium

3000 approx Thyroid cancers per year in the USA averaged (Pop 350 million) and 550 per year approx in China (pop 1.5 billion)

Higher rates of Adult Thyroid cancer in Korea and Japan for adults compared to rest of world. Korea has a slightly higher rate than Japan

Maybe the choice of total removal given is because of…

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