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COP25, the annual United Nations international conference on dealing with climate change is now beginning, in Madrid.   Global climate tipping point is getting near – researchers say.

For December, my websites are focusing on that unfashionable subject – ETHICS.  Some aspects of “nuclear ethics” are climate change, health and environment, sustainability, developing countries, economic feasibility,  – conclusion – nuclear power is not an ethical choice.

A bit of good news – Humpback Whale Population Bounces Back From Near-Extinction—From Just 450, to Over 25,000


Barnaby Joyce auctions lump of coal – in a glass jar – at Nationals dinner.

Public opinion: for the first time, Environment is Australians’ top concern. The Murray Darling water crisis and what governments must do to fix this.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Heating & cooling to go renewable and provide demand response.  Australian solar PV integrated window technology gains US approval.  Renewable South Australia posts lowest wholesale prices for second month in row.  The day rooftop solar met two thirds of South Australia’s total demand.  Power bills to fall by $40 as New South Wales Central West becomes wind and solar power hub.   Why is pumped hydro in Australia not used very much?


The negotiations in Madrid for COP 25 Climate Change Conference.   Tipping points leading to ‘Hothouse Earth’ already “active”, scientists warn.

Catholic doctrine; the use and even the possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.    Plans for nuclear waste disposal, but there’s no long term solution.

Despite Halting Progress, UN Continues its Push for a Nuclear-Weapons-Free Zone in the Middle East.


MIDDLE EAST. Big risk factors for Middle East countries in adopting nuclear power.

UK. UK’s Labour and Greens parties have highly prioritised climate change action.   Cyber attack targets UK’s nuclear industry. Suffolk Coastal Labour opposes the development of new nuclear capacity at Sizewell.  UK Environment Agency Aims to Increase Tritium Limit in Irish Seaside Landfill .

JAPAN.  Pope Francis, in Japan, Warns of ‘Selfish Decisions’ on Nuclear Energy.  Thorny topic of Fukushima food at the 2020 Olympics. Onagawa nuclear plant to get approval for restart.

FRANCE. France wants to label nuclear as “green“. Germany will have none of it.

GERMANY. Germany must now face up to its nuclear waste problem.

HUNGARY. Hungary wants EU to weaken nuclear licensing rules, as it wants to expand Rosatom nuclear project.

IRAN. Iran warns EU that it may step back from UN nuclear watchdog.

RUSSIA. Russia’s nuclear company Rosatom in financial trouble trying to fund nuclear project in Turkey.  Rosatom planning to market Small Modular Nuclear Reactors to Europe.  Nuclear-capable air-launched ballistic missile tested over the Barents Sea.

CANADA. Premiers of Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick to plan development of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa to create extra space for nuclear waste.

AUSTRALIA.  Catastrophic weather conditions, but Australian govt has no climate adaptation plan.Sir David Attenborough hits out at the federal government over climate position.

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  1. Thanks for linking. That was good news about the Catholic Church. Now if only the Russian Orthodox Church, Southern Baptists, Conservative Presbyterians, Shi’a and Sunni Muslims, and Hindu would agree (and whoever else I forgot). The more liberal Protestants tend to be anti-nuclear (in theory). That is interesting about New Orleans because they are closer to RiverBend and Waterford Nuclear Power Stations than Grand Gulf and they are now less than half a million people. I guess it’s because Entergy owns all of them. There were big lawsuits between Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas in the 80s because Arkansas didn’t want to pay for the reactors, since they had one or two already. New Orleans tried to get out from under paying for them too, even though it was a larger city at the time.

    Comment by miningawareness | December 7, 2019 | Reply

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