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The nuclear toll on workers and communities – theme for June 19

McClatchy reports: 33,480 Americans dead after 70 years of atomic weaponry

“….. The number of deaths has never been disclosed by federal officials. It’s more than four times the number of American casualties in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And it looms large as the nation prepares for its second nuclear age, with a $1 trillion plan to modernize its nuclear weapons over the next 30 years…..

A total of 107,394 workers have been diagnosed with cancers and other diseases after building the nation’s nuclear stockpile over the last seven decades. The project includes an interactive database that offers details on all 107,394 workers.

McClatchy’s yearlong investigation, set in 10 states, puts readers in the living rooms of sick workers in South Carolina, on a picket line in Texas and at a cemetery in Tennessee…..

— Federal officials greatly underestimated how sick the U.S. nuclear workforce would become. At first, the government predicted the compensation program would serve only 3,000 people at an annual cost of $120 million. Fourteen years later, taxpayers have spent sevenfold that estimate, $12 billion.

— Even though costs have ballooned, federal records show that fewer than half of those workers who sought help had their claims approved by the U.S. Department of Labor.

— Despite the cancers and other illnesses among nuclear works, the government now wants to save money by cutting current employees’ health plans, retirement benefits and sick leave….. … (photo: Ralph and Jodi Stanton)

Disastrous health effects of uranium mining, on the people of Jharkhand, India

the financial benefits are meaningless when weighed against what his group says is an alarming rise in stillbirths, birth defects, and adults and children diagnosed with cancer, kidney disease, and tuberculosis.

report showed a far greater incidence of congenital abnormality, sterility, and cancer among people living within 2.5 kilometres (1.5 miles) of the mines than those living 35 kilometres away. Mothers in villages close to the mine sites were also twice as likely to have a child with congenital deformities, …. us”…

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  1. The Toll is In te Millions Counting Uramnium Miners Cleanup Nuclear Waste Disposal Workers, Nuclear Weapons Workers Nuclear reactor workers.

    Oriiginally there were few safegaurds, at places like los alamos and hanford, in the forties. Lowly technicians may have had a few small-leaded glass boxes with gloves, to do experiments separating plutonium made in crude reactors from things like Strontium 90, Lawrencium, Californium, Cesium 134-137, RCobalt and more. Small hoods would not have been enough to protect them from the most poisonous radioactive substances on earth.

    The sacrificial scientists and technicians in The Manhatten Project and America’s continued nuclear weapons Manufacturing Program of 78 years.

    Eisenhower , Sec of war Stimson and, many others, told Truman that using the nuclear bomb, was not necessary to Japans surrender. One can see from the First Nuclear Reactor in Chicago, the nefarious nature of Nuclear Reactors and their inseparatability from the Nuclear Weapons industry.

    “The Columbia Journalism Review notes 33,480 is the number of American nuclear workers compensated by a government program who have died. “The government has acknowledged 15,000 of those deaths were due to work-related illnesses,” the magazine writes. “The rest only had illnesses linked to their nuclear work and may have died of old age or unrelated causes.”

    And that is the tip of the iceberg. Most if not all, of the original Manhattan Project, technicians died 20 or 40 years ahead of their time. That was back in 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945. Oppenheimer himself, died of a hideous throat cancer, in the sixties. Feinman, from Los Alamos, died prematurely from cancer.
    The lowly chemical technicians, charged with using glassware and ordinary chemicals, to separate the most dangerous-manmade , radionuclide substances in the universe.  The technicians, died young of cancer, leukemia, lymphona , dyscratias, thyroid cancers, heart anomolies . They died young or, on the job, so their Nuclear Bosses, like Leo Szilard, Glen Seaborg, Oppenheimer, The Generals, could basque in the glory of the monsterous apocolypic, poisons they had created. 

    They died, toiling in their little, laboratories, with inadequate safeguards and protections. They died in Chicago, At los Alamos, at Lawrence Livermore.

    Some died on-the-job from exposure, to the most poisonous-radioactive substances on earth. Most died from repeated exposure, to high level gamma-beta radionuclides: like californium, ruthenium, rkrypton, strontium 88-90, cesium 134-137, radioactive cobalts, iodine129 130 and 131, ytrium and many more These Man-Made,  radionuclides were the by-products of fission mixed in with their “Precious”. Precious being the plutonium these bloodthirsty people so coveted. 

    The sacrificial technicians, were trying to separate these radionuclides,  from the plutonium .  The plutonium, their bosses lusted after. Many died on the job. We will never hear about that.

    All for the glory of the Generals and Nuclear physicists. Vain-glories, who could care less about the biological effects of these apocolyptic poisons and,  still do not. 

    Thomas Edison Knew. Thomas  Edison’s x-ray tube technician, died from tumors all over his body, from playing with x-rays. Edison also experimented with radium, Edison had a technician get sick from Radium exposure. Edison himself, got sick from it.

    Edison said “No one should play with radiation or radionuclides  they are incompatible with life,”  40 years before the ghouls unleashed their madness, at the University of Chicago.  There was a scientist in the 1920s,  who meticulously documented the mutagenicity of radioculides and radiation in fruitflies. He Showed that radiation induced-mutations, in a first generation of fruitflies of a particular strain, could destroy the strain. He showed that one-singe radiation-mutation induced in the first generation of flys, caused the extinction of that strain, after 10 repeated strains were birthed, from the mutated progener.

    The generals and nucleoape
    physicists knew about Edison, the Curies, the Fruitflies. They thought to themselves and, said to themselves, “What has that got to do with me and my Lust for Glory and money”

    Later, the radioactive waste from that first-filthy little graphite reactor, had to go somewhere.  Where did the poisonous apocolyptic-radioactive byproducts go. The deadly waste, of this pile of graphite and radioactive hell, glorified by the nucleocons again-and-again in historical, propaganda-brainwashing docudramas,  go?
    Few have bothered to pay attention, to these inconvenient side-notes of history.

    1. The Sacrificial Technicians, who delivered the plutonium of the bombs.
    2. The Victims of the criminally disposed radionuclide by-products later.

    This was the beginning of
    all the disingenuous lies and propaganda, we have been fed by the generals, the politicians and scientists, over the years. 

    The radionuclide death, was not sequestered or buried safely, underground.

    Some of it was shipped to other places in the United States.  Only God knows, what those places are.

    Some was buried in a park in Chicago.
    Some of it was shipped to West Lake Landfill, By Nuclear Sub-contractor Mallincrodt Chemical, outside of St Louis, Mo.

    The nuclear waste,  from the first nuclear reactor, is burning out of control, to this day. It is burning withe the West Lake Landfill. It is  insidiously-poisoning and irradiating the families in the vicinity of the landfill!

    It has not gotten any better. Karen Silkwood knew.  The Victims of the Plutonium Fires at Rocky Flats, in suburban Denver, knew and know.

    People around WIPP know .  The nucleopushers and politicans, will never safely sequester the radionuclide death. They will say it is too expensive. They will say, the waste is, not really so dangerous.

    Long live the American Nuclear Empire!

    Comment by doug | June 8, 2019 | Reply

  2. How Corporate Right wing parties Used Facebook to profligate and inundate blatant lies in the recent Australian election ROBERT MERCER Cambridge Analytica-style and KOCH-I360 style

    “It was a similar story in Sydney, in the multicultural electorate of Bennelong. Brian Owler, a former president of the Australian Medical Association running for Labor in the seat, says: “I was still explaining to people on election day that there was no death tax. It was really hard to convince them. They’d seen it on Facebook. I think it had a big effect.”

    Bannon the fascist-spook is aces at coordinating this kind of bullshit

    Comment by kelly | June 8, 2019 | Reply

  3. rememberin Ktty Tucker. Anti-nuclear activist, behind thw Karwn Silkwood case.

    Comment by doug | June 10, 2019 | Reply

  4. Halting Holtec A Challenge for Nuclear Safety Advocates
    “The loading of 3.6 million pounds of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel has been indefinitely halted at the San Onofre independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI), operated by Southern California Edison and designed by Holtec International.”

    Comment by Tamara Lish | June 11, 2019 | Reply

  5. As governor, Perry went to extraordinary lengths to let the fossil fuel giant Energy Transfer Partners run a pipeline through the ecologically fragile, natural wonders of Texas’ pristine Big Bend region. In fact, he rammed it right down the throats of local people, who were almost unanimously opposed.

    Perry then accepted a $6 million campaign donation [1] — i.e., a payoff — from the company’s corporate boss, who later made Perry a paid member of the corporation’s board of directors.

    Perry also privatized a state-run, low-level nuclear waste facility, turning it over to Waste Control Specialists, a firm owned by a major campaign contributor. Then he let the corporation double the amount of waste dumped there, while reducing its legal liability for damages.

    Finally, after taking even more cash from the owner, Perry pushed to let him put high-level nuclear waste in the dump.[2]

    Rick Perry has zero expertise or experience for the job of energy secretary, but he has plenty at stiffing the American people and our environment.

    OtherWords columnist Jim Hightower is a radio commentator, writer, and public speaker. He’s also the editor of the populist newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown, and a member of the Public Citizen board. Distributed by

    Comment by Ed H | June 12, 2019 | Reply


    Radiophobia? Schmadiophobia! The Lie at the Heart of Nuclear Ignorance:

    Nuclear Hotseat Eighth Anniversary

    Comment by Kitty | June 14, 2019 | Reply

  7. “William Boardman, in a piece for Global Research, compared the Fukushima disaster and its aftermath to the current political climate in America.

    “In a sense, Fukushima (and, I might add, the nuclear power industry) is perhaps a metaphor for the current American moment. The electoral earthquake and tsunami of (Nov. 9, 2016) has produced a political meltdown of unknown and expanding proportions, that continue unchecked, causing still unmeasured destruction and human suffering far into a dark and dangerous future.”

    We need to constantly educate ourselves and bring the brilliant lights of truth and resistance to the world close by, for example the Rocky Flats contamination, as well as around the globe.”


    The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center’s “Peace Train” runs every Friday in the Colorado Daily.

    Comment by Sarah Johnson | June 14, 2019 | Reply

  8. The McClatchy report is archived here. It show a black screen on top but scroll down

    Comment by miningawareness | June 14, 2019 | Reply

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