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Illness and death legacy of employment in America’s nuclear weapons business

Government workers were kept in the dark about their toxic workplace
As US modernizes its nuclear weapons, NCR looks at the legacy of one Cold War-era plant,
National Catholic Reporter, May 20, 2019 by Claire Schaeffer-Duffy   

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  1. And that is the tip of the iceberg. All of the original manhattan project, technicians died 20 or 40 years ahead of their time. Oppenheimer himself died of a hideous throat cancer, in the sixties. The nucleoape cheerleader, Feinman, from los alamos, died prematurely from cancer.
    The lowly chemical technicians charged with using glssware and ordinary chemicals, to separate the most dangerous-manmade , radionuclide substances in the universe, died young of cancer, leukemia, lymphona , dyscratias, thyroid cancers, heart anomolies . Died young or on the job, so their Nucleoape monster Bosses, like Leo Szilard, Glen Seaborg, Oppenheimer, The Generals, could basque in the glory of the monsterous apocolypic, poisons they had created.

    They died, toiling in their little chickenshit, laboroatories, with inadequate safeguards and protections. They died in Chicago, AT los Alamos, at Lawrence Livermore.

    Some died on-the-job from exposure, to the most poisonous-radioactive substances on earth. Most died from repeated exposure, to high level gamma-beta radionuclides: like californium, ruthenium, rkrypton, strontium 88-90, cesium 134-137, radioactive cobalts, iodine129 130 and 131, ytrium and many more These Man-Made, radionuclides were the byproducts of fission mixed in with their “Precious”. Precious being the plutonium these bloodthirsty bastard so coveted.

    The sacrificial technicians, were trying to separate these radionuclides from the plutonium . The plutonium their bosses lusted after. Many died on the Job, but we will never hear about that.

    All for the glory of the Generals and Nuclear physicists, who could care less about the biological effects of these apocolyptic poisons and still do not.

    Thomas edison Knew. Thomas Edison’s xray tube technician died from tumors all over his body, from playing with xrays. Edison also experimented with radium, Edison had a technician get sick from Radium exposure and got sick himself from it.

    Edison said “No one should play with radiation or radionuclides they are incompatible with life,” 40 years before the ghouls unleashed their madness, at the University of Chicago. There was a scientist in the 1920s, who meticulously documented the mutagenicity of radioculides and radiation in fruitflies. He Showed that radiation induced mutations in a first generation of fruitflies of a particular strain, caused the extinction of that strain, after 10 repeated strains were birthed from the mutated progener.

    The generals and nucleoape
    physicists thought and said “What has that got to do with me and my Lust for Glory and money”

    Later, the radioactive waste from that first-chickenshit, little graphite reactor had to go somewhere. where did the poisonous apocolyptic-radioactive byproducts, glorified by the nucleoapes again-and-again in historical, propaganda-brainwashing docudramas, go?
    No-one has bothered to pay attention to these inconvenient side-notes of history. The sacrificial technicians who delivered the plutonium of the bombs, or the Vicims of the criminally disposed radionuclide by-products later.

    Of all the disingenuous lies and bullshit, we have been fed by the Generals and politicians and scientists over the years this was the beginning. The radionuclide death was not sequesterd or buried safely, some where. Some of it was shipped to other places and God knows what those places are. Some was buried in a park in Chicago.
    Some of it was shipped to Lakeside Landfill, By Nuclear Subcontractor Mallincrodt Chemical, outside of St louis Mo, where it is burning out of control, to this day. It is poisoning the crap out of all the residents and their children in the vicinity!

    It has not gotten any better. Karen Silkwood knew. The Victims of the Plutonium Fires at Rocky Flats, in suburban denver knew and know.
    People around WIPP know . The nucleoapes and politicans will never safely sequester the radionuclide death because its is too expensive, and they don’t care.

    All for the glory of the Grand American Nuclear Empire!

    Comment by doug | May 21, 2019 | Reply

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