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A bit of good news – Radioactive Cesium-137 diminishing in 2 Fukushima rivers, after close to 8 years


January 29, 2019 - Posted by | Fukushima continuing

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  1. The real killers, the strong beta and gamma-emitting, high level radionuclides like 90Sr, 137Cs, 99Tc and 129I , cobalt 60, Iridium are present in the soil in concentrations, hundreds of times higher than , what they are saying are in very high concentrations across Japan to tokyo. That is not just the cesium 137.
    An absorbed bolus of 80 billionths of a gram of any one of these beta-gamma radionuclides, causes acute systemic poisoning and radiation poisoning. The results can be either acute death or prolonged agony and death. There will be death If there is a massive bolus ingested. These are the most poisonous and dangerous substances on earth.
    If 1 ounce of any of these radionuclides- substance were dumped on a group of people it would be like the cesium 137 exposure in Brazil or worse.
    If any one of these radionuclides :90Sr, 137Cs, 99Tc and 129I Irridium, cobalt 60 was diluted in an inert powder for example, that diffused the RADIONUCLIDE onto 10,000 people, gathered for a festival or event , 3 quarters of them would die horrible deaths in 2 weeks and the rest would have tumors and organ damage that would kill them in a few months.

    Obviously the sailors on board the Ronald Reagan did not get such a dose but it came close for some of them.

    Radioactivity decreases, with the square of distance. Chronic ionized radiation-wave exposure is dangerous but , those the high level of those and other RADIONUCLIDEs present do not bode well for Japan in the concentrations that exist from fukushima to tokyo that have been recorded by Busby and kaltofen.

    Nucleoapes like to keep the eye off the lethal radionuclides that are actually emitting the radiation.

    There are also the highly potent alpha emitting, uranic and Transuranic alpha emitters like u235, u238, plutonium, AMERICIUM and actinides like Californium that are destroying the human genome in Japan. The beta-gamma emitters do too, but are not as effective and as potent, as mutagens and acute carcinogens because of their solubility and other chemical properties.
    The Uranics, transuranics, actinides, are causing lung cancers, pancreatic cancers and sharp increases in birth defects from mutagenesis, and teratogenesis across Japan now.

    A great deal of Japan’s water supply is probably heavily contaminated with tritium by now. TRITIUM is a strong teratogen, that is known to substantially increase incidence of leukemia. Tritium actually covalently bonds to DNA, protein, fat tissue and muscle tissue, unlike other radiinuclides . tritium acts exactly like hydrogen does in th body and the body is constantly doing chemical conversions of proteins using hydrogen and tritium ions in metabolic, acid-base, and enzyme reactions in the body.

    The nucleoapes have gone out of their way to obscure the deadly, insidious-effects of tritium on the human genome, chromosomes and the human body.
    We are bags of mostly saline water solutions, proteins, fat, with some bone in us. When we ingest radionuclides they are sometimes diluted enough by our water and protoplasm, to not cause recognizable or apparent damage and acute symptoms . it is so with the highly water soluble saline analogs like rcesium and rstrontium.

    The Uranics, transuranics, actinides are not so soluble because they are heavy metals but particles of these radionuclides, that get stuck in the lungs and gi tract are particularly deadly. Many of these radionuclides can be biotransformed or chemically transformed into sulfates and organometallics that are easily absorbed into the body.

    Then there are the evil-monkeys that says that radionuclides increase our resistance to RADIONUCLIDE exposure and bioccummulation. Don’t ya know radioactive tritium does not increase incidence of leukemia, as has been shown in rigorous studies and case studies, its hormetic!

    Comment by Ken | January 29, 2019 | Reply

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