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A big week in climate news, a hushed week in nuclear news

The world has 10 years to ward off global warming disaster.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its 2018 Report on Monday 8th October. By Tuesday, its news was all over the media.  By Wednesday, other news had to some extent taken over. By now, in Australia, we’re back to the important stuff – horse racing and royal weddings.

However, climate change is still important, and indeed, urgent. Experts warn that the IPCC report may be understating the climate situation. And in particular – the risk of catastrophic sea-level rise.

Again, however much the nuclear lobby might not want you to know this, – the dangers of climate change and nuclear power are merging. Hurricane Michael has threatened nuclear power stations in Georgia and Florida. But there’s precious little information on how that is going.


Rising sea levels will mean flooding of vulnerable cities- e.g: London, Jakarta, Shanghai and Houston.

ExxonMobil CEO Depressed After Realizing Earth Could End Before They Finish Extracting All The Oil.

$2.4 Trillion Fossil Fuel Shift – better than climate apocalypse.


What the IPCC Report 2018 says about nuclear power.

Cheap flexibility from storage, demand-side response and distributed renewable energy generation poses a “huge threat” to the nuclear industry.

USA-Russia relations at a low ebb: nuclear treaties are under threat.

Genetic changes in children of soldiers who were exposed to ionising radiation.

Vitrified nuclear waste: glass corrodes and melts long before the radioactive trash is inert.

The very bad news about what space travel can do to your gut.

JAPAN. Residents in Miyagi file suit to block burning of radiation-tainted waste from Fukushima nuclear disaster. Fukushima nuclear plant owner apologises for still-radioactive water.  TEPCO bungles it again in dealing with Fukushima tainted water.

SOUTH KOREA. S. Korean activists demand Japan not dump Fukushima’s radioactive water into the sea.


UK. Welsh Labour Government allows Hinkley nuclear station’s mud dumping off Penarth, despite local opposition.    Dumping of Hinkley nuclear station mud closed – for now  Wales should be “sceptical” about nuclear power – Welsh Labour leadership candidate.  Anniversary of UK’s Windscale nuclear accidentJeremy Corbyn gives a vision of a smarter, cleaner, more secure and equitable future. UK agonising over its nuclear industry future, leaving the Euratom Treaty, because of Brexit.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea is not really making any big nuclear concession. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that North Korea is ready to allow inspection of key nuclear siteNuclear safety should be the first priority in the Korean Peninsula.

TURKEY. Council of Europe concerned at construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in an earthquake-prone region.

FRANCE. New delay in sight for Flamanville EPR.   France to defend lawsuit over its Pacific nuclear tests- “accepted its nuclear legacy with serenity” (whatever that means!).  Plan to sue France over ‘crimes against humanity’ in nuclear tests in South Pacific. France’s government to postpone the phaseout of nuclear power – to the detriment of the renewable energy industry.

BELGIUM Belgium’s phaseout of nuclear power.

CHINA. Nuclear weapons proliferation risks in China’s push to export nuclear reactors.

RUSSIA. Dubious claim from Russia, about bacteria “neutralising nuclear waste”.

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  1. and this –
    Oscar Temaru, former president of French Polynesia and current leader of the Tavini Huiraatira Party, announced on Tuesday that France was being taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for carrying out nuclear tests in the overseas territory.

    Comment by flyingcuttlefish | October 14, 2018 | Reply

    • Thanks. That news item is in the post – near the bottom – under “FRANCE”

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 14, 2018 | Reply

      • good!

        Comment by flyingcuttlefish | October 14, 2018

  2. Paul Beckwith gives first impression of IPCC –

    Comment by flyingcuttlefish | October 14, 2018 | Reply

    • THank you. Excellent link.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 14, 2018 | Reply

      • yes, I agree with him …. IPCC is very mild in “warning”….

        Comment by flyingcuttlefish | October 14, 2018

  3. France, Japan, The USA are hauling in trains and trucks, millions of pounds, of the worst radioactive waste through ports and across the USA to Texas . IT will be stored in West Texas.

    The most dangerous shit on earth. It has highest level of poison on earth, full of Strontium 90 , radioactive cesium, plutonium and more. Can be made into nuclear and dirty bombs.

    It is stored in the flimsiest containment, on a concrete pad, in one of the hottest places in America.

    If one of thin casks ruptures, or it sets off a fire, it can cause multiple ruptures, fires and perhaps explosions. Never done before.

    A catastrophe can ensue that will poison Texas, NM, Ok, Co, Arizona. As if those states are not contaminate enough. Will affect Mexico too. Nobody gives a shot as usual.

    Remember how WIPP blew in New Mexico?

    Three, large hi level casks in idaho blew up, in recently.

    The company nuclear waste company is owned by Henry Kissinger. So is above ground concrete pad in Texas.

    Remember the SCi Fi show , Space 1999 from the seventies. The base story of the show was a massive explosion of huge amounts of plutonium nuclear waste. In the show, set in a future later than 1978, massive amounts nuclear waste stored on the dark side of the Moon Blow up? It knocks the moon out of orbit.

    We know now, that hi-level rad waste is very volatile. Generates its own heat. The radionuclide alpha, beta, gamma, and neutrons degrade containment relatively quickly.

    The waste may not cause criticalities, but could poison millions. How frikin stupid is that?

    The attorney General of texas, is getting kickbacks. So is the Rump family and Rick Perry. Just when u thought it might not get much worse, with the trump turds.

    A 1000 tons, already there. Stored above ground, in Texas heat.

    Comment by Mazy Brown | October 14, 2018 | Reply

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