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New delay in sight for Flamanville EPR.

Le Monde 11th Oct 2018 Flamanville**  [Machine Translation] New delay in sight for Flamanville EPR. According to
the Nuclear Safety Authority, “important technical work” remains to be done
to correct the anomalies identified on certain welds. The “battle of the
welds” probably did not finish to delay the construction of the EPR of
Flamanville (Channel). In a note sent to EDF and made public on 3 October, the president of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) has severely reframed the public electrician, worrying about a “monitoring failure” on the Normandy nuclear site .


“It’s the whole chain of surveillance that has
malfunctioned,” says ASN. Pierre-Franck Chevet also indicated that
“important technical work remains to be done” to correct anomalies
identified on certain welds. To understand the vivacity of the reaction of
the nuclear policeman, we must return to the origin of the case. In
February, EDF discovered problems on 38 secondary circuit welds. This water
circuit serves to evacuate the steam towards the turbine. It consists of
four loops, associated with four steam generators. At first, the group
explains that these pipes comply with the regulations but that they should
have corresponded to the “high quality” standard, which is more demanding.

Specifically, EDF had defined this new standard for the construction of the
EPR and was unable to enforce it by its own subcontractors. And things got
complicated a few weeks later. The extensive examination of the welds
reveals that a large part of them do not comply with the standard required
by EDF, or even the regulations required for pressurized nuclear equipment.
Result: the group has to take back fifty-three welds, knowing that a single
weld represents at least eight additional weeks of work.

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