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Update Mordechi #Vannunu the #Israeli forgotten #nuclear whistleblower actually gets mentioned in a news report September 2018 #UNHRC

In this report from RT, Israels nuclear whistleblower Mordechi Vannunu , currently being held under strict conditions

Here is an update  (PLEA) from Mordechi on his restricted FB page reporting from Israel. He is under reporting restrictions and his movements are restricted. He has been given Norwegian Immigration rights because he has a Norwegian wife. He has also converted to Christianity.

“….Sep’ 2018.Nothing to report,No Freedom yet.Without freedom I can not write or post any thing,I am not equal to all the free people.So waiting and waiting.But Freedom Must come 1986-2018.”Time is on my side, yes it is Time is on my side, yes it is
Now you all were saying that you want to be free.”….”

Here is a snip from an article from 2017 reporting on his situation. No western media will report his situation.

News report from Jewish News in 2017


………Under the terms of his parole, Vanunu is prohibited from leaving Israel, visiting the West Bank, approaching foreign embassies and speaking with foreign nationals.



Israel’s Supreme Court has denied several appeals from Vanunu to leave the country.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that it is reviewing the ban on Vanunu leaving the country, but did not say if Vanunu had made an official request to leave for Norway, The Times of Israel reported.

In a September 2015 interview with Israel’s Channel 2, which was approved by the Israeli military, Vanunu said he revealed the existence of Israel’s nuclear weapons program “for the citizens of the world – including Israel.”


When Mordechi was being remembered in 2010

“Mordechai Vanunu was to have been awarded the Karl von Ossietzky Prize for his work promoting disarmament, but Israel refused to allow him to travel to Berlin to accept it. Now organizers have cancelled the ceremony.”

here is the RT report from 29th September Mordechi is mentioned on the embedded video

Actual news report from RT mentioning Mordechi (Well done RT Good journalism and topical)


3. Statement on behalf of Mordechai Vanunu

Speaker: Daniel Ellsberg, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Nineteen years ago, Mordechai Vanunu, a technician at the secret nuclear weapons

production facility at Dimona in Israel, did something that he was right to do, something

that others with his knowledge of Israel’s nuclear activities and their implications for

Israeli security and democracy and for world order should have done earlier, or later.

He revealed to his fellow citizens and to the world truths about these activities that had

long been wrongly concealed and denied by his government.

What he revealed was not merely that Israel was a nuclear weapons state; that had been

known for more than a decade on the basis of widely-publicized leaks in the US about

official American intelligence estimates to this effect. Vanunu’s photographs and

interviews with the London Sunday Times revealed that Americans and all others had

substantially underestimated the pace and scale of the Israel’s secret and un-inspected

production of nuclear materials and warheads, especially since the early ’70s. New

estimates on the basis of his revelations put the Israeli arsenal in 1986 at some 200

warheads (rather than 20) – making it the fifth and possibly fourth largest nuclear

power, ahead of Britain, and possibly ahead of France. After nineteen more years of

production, that ranking probably remains valid.

Did not Israelis, citizens of a democracy, and other nations of the world deserve to know

this? Was not his example of truth-telling, at great personal risk, to be thanked and

emulated? For a generation, the nuclear scientist Joseph Rotblat, a founder of the

Pugwash Movement for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, has argued that

the confidence required in the inspection and enforcement agreements on nuclear

disarmament could and must rest in part on “societal verification:” the courage and

conscience of scientists, technicians and officials who could reveal to inspectors activities

violating those agreements. Unhappily, the last 35 years since the NPT went into effect

have not seen many examples of such initiative, other than that of Mordechai Vanunu.

Yet the potential value of such revelations by someone willing, like Vanunu, to risk the

heaviest personal costs, is ever more clear.

Imagine, for example, if an Indian citizen aware of India’s secret preparations for

nuclear testing, and of the disastrous impact this would foreseeably have on regional

and world security, had made this knowledge unequivocally public in time for world

opinion to come to bear to avert that tragic error and the Pakistani testing it was sure to

provoke. The result for that person could well have been a long prison sentence, as it

was for Vanunu; yet surely such an act would deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, for which

Rotblat – using his prerogative as a Nobel Laureate – has nominated Mordechai Vanunu


Now, a year after serving his full sentence of eighteen years – nearly twelve of them

spent in solitary confinement in a two-by-three meter cell – Vanunu is under indictment

and faces a return to prison for violating restrictions on his freedom of speech that

clearly violate his fundamental human rights. He has and will continue to speak out infavor of a nuclear-free-zone in the Middle East and the global abolition of nuclear

weapons, telling whatever he knows that supports these objectives. It is absurd to

maintain, as the head of Israel’s security system does, that revelation of any further

details Vanunu learned from his access in Dimona nineteen years ago could undermine

Israeli national security, when no one has been able to identify any damage whatever to

Israeli security in the years since his revelations in 1986. Rather, the prohibitions

against his speaking to foreigners and to foreign journalists on any matters, or to his

fellow citizens on nuclear matters, are clearly intended to extend his punishment in

prison for unauthorized truth-telling for an indefinite period.

The deterrent message to other potential Vanunus – either in Israel or elsewhere – could

not be more clear. In a world where more Vanunus are desperately needed – above all,

in my own country, the United States, and in other nuclear weapons states violating

their Article VI obligations – is this a message that the rest of the world should tolerate

to be sent unchallenged? In the interest of vital transparency and future societal

verification, there should be international protest of Vanunu’s new indictment and of the

restrictions on his speech and travel.

It is time for the rest of the world to join Mordechai Vanunu in demanding that Israel

acknowledge its status as a nuclear weapons state with a large and growing arsenal, and

in demanding that ALL the nuclear weapons states – including Israel, India and

Pakistan, but above all the US and Russia – negotiate concrete steps on a definite time-

table toward the global, inspected abolition of nuclear weapons.



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