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Change public view of nuclear from “acceptance” to “DEMAND” – the new spin from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)


September 17, 2018 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, spinbuster


  1. It is hard to know how far the nuke nuts will go in promoting nuclear power, especially since public skepticism has grown, not decreased, in recent years as a result of Fukushima. There is also the economic factor and how eager governments are to subsidize the “new generation” of reactors, especially since doing so would take funding away from renewables which are cheaper and come on line sooner. If I thought all these obstacles were going to be ignored, I’d be on the road again talking against nukes. But I suspect that much of the pro nuke propganda is whistling in the dark. The nuke nuts know full well what the obstacles are, hence their desperate attempts to promote it! But it is an uphill battle, at least in the USA and western Europe. Most of the discussion and promotion come from within the nuclear industry itself and mainly from scientists, not necessarily engineers, who can find jobs in other sectors. It’s not surprising that nuclear scientists are scared. You would be too if your profession and your entire intellectual and professional life depended on it! So for now let’s take their cheerleading shouts with a grain of salt, though we should not let our guard down and we should absolutely respond to and rebut their optimistic views. Without government assistance, nukes are dead in the water. That’s why no new ones have been built here in the US. Whether old ones will be relicensed is an open question, given their age and the incursion of renewable energy, but in any case they must be resisted.

    Comment by LornaSalzman | September 17, 2018 | Reply

    • Oh dear! Lorna, I appreciate your logical and well informed comment. BUT, I can’t agree with you. I fear that the global nuclear industry, with all its government, financial world, and employment entanglements is indeed TOO BIG TO FAIL. Firstly the ballooning nuclear weapons industry depends utterly on the “peaceful” commercial nuclear industry – to provide resources, trained staff, and these days, even tritium for weapons fuel. Entangled in that are banks, investment funds, pension funds, and massive employment.

      While Fukushima did put the brakes on quite severely with safety costs increased, that doesn’t apply so much to Russia and China, who are able to go gangbusters with “new nukes” funded by the government. The memory of Fukushima is fading from public consciousness. The normalisation of Fukushima will be completed with the 2020 Olympics.

      What about what is happening now, in Quandong Privinve, China, and in N and S Carolina? Do we really think that no radioactive waste dumps have been affected? At best, governments must be spending a fortune trying to keep them safe. But we hear little about that. Whitewash of the nuclear industry continues – as long as there’s no dramatic visually startling nuclear accident, the steady radioactive poisoning of communities will be tolerated. So, as tax-payers in China , Russia, and soon, the Western world cop the costs of the uneconomic “new nukes” – the nuclear weapons industry will continue to expand, and the story about nuclear power needed for climate change action will be pushed. Sadly, so many families of scientists, academics, politicians, journalists depend on swallowing and perpetrating this lie, in order to maintain their livelihood.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 18, 2018 | Reply

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