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UK’s House of Lords show complete contempt for even thinking about, or discussing nuclear waste problem

Radiation Free Lakeland 9th Sept 2018 Last week a ‘debate’ on the implementation of the plan for dangerous
geological dumping of nuclear waste took place in the House of Lords.

So few Lords were there. Anyone would think this plan to impose one or more
high level waste dumps underneath our feet is an issue of so very little
importance and no interest to them. The cat is now out of the bag that the
ONLY reason a geological dump is being implemented (over decades) is to
“support a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK by
providing a safe and secure way to dispose of the waste they produce.

This is key to the future new nuclear build” There we have it. The key to new
nuclear build is to have “a plan” for the “final disposal” of high
level nuclear wastes. No matter that the plan in question is going to
poison us into eternity. The push for Geological Disposal is MAD BAD AND
DANGEROUS on many levels.

I happened to be on the train coming back from
London on the day before the Lords debate and saw Lord Melvyn Bragg
hightailing it from London to Cumbria. If this had been a debate on wind
turbines he would have been there with brass knobs on full of vim and
emotion “this will destroy the place as a natural habitat for human
beings, and replace it with what will be seen as an industrial landscape”
but hey as its only one or two high level nuclear wastes dumps (with the
places in the frame most likely to be Cumbria or under the beleaguered
Irish Sea), who cares a damn if we damn the future? If you can bear to read
it – here below is the debate.


September 12, 2018 - Posted by | politics, UK

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