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Radiation the biggest of many hazards to space flight to Mars

Radiation To Isolation: NASA Lists Five Hazards Of Human Spaceflight To Mars, Outlook India, 10 Sep18 

These hazards are being studied using ground-based analogues, laboratories, and the ISS, which serves as a test bed to evaluate human performance and counter-measures required for the exploration of space.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has listed five hazards that astronauts can encounter on Mars.

In a statement, the US space agency said that “To bring a mission to the Red Planet from fiction to fact, NASA’s Human Research Program has organized hazards astronauts will encounter on a continual basis into five classifications.”

And they are – radiation; isolation and confinement; distance from Earth; gravity (or lack thereof); and hostile or closed environments………

The first hazard of a human mission to Mars, NASA says, is also the most difficult to visualise because, space radiation is invisible to the human eye.

Radiation is not only stealthy, but considered one of the most menacing of the five hazards.

Behavioral issues among groups of people crammed in a small space over a long period of time, no matter how well trained they are, are inevitable, according to NASA……..

The third and perhaps most apparent hazard is the distance. Mars is, on average, 140 million miles from Earth.

Rather than a three-day lunar trip, astronauts would be leaving our planet for roughly three years, the statement said.

NASA noted that the variance of gravity that astronauts will encounter is the fourth hazard of a human mission.

On Mars, astronauts would need to live and work in three-eighths of Earth’s gravitational pull for up to two years, it noted………


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