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Former employees of the nuclear power plant operator TEPCO repeatedly struggling to recognize their illnesses as a consequence of their labor input – but sometimes the recognition comes too late, as a case from Fukushima shows today.

Meanwhile, Japan is currently busy with Typhoon Jebi, and after moving north, Fukushima News on the storm is expected soon. The first news is already in the Spreadnews Japan ticker on 4 September 2018.

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For the first time lung cancer recognized by ex-nuclear workers as a result
Fukushima prefecture prepares for typhoon Jebi

For the first time lung cancer recognized by ex-nuclear workers as a result


As announced by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs (MHLW) on Tuesday, lung cancer was first recognized as a result of labor input during the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The man in his mid-50s was employed at various nuclear power plants since June 1980. After the start of the Fukushima crisis in March 2011, he was commissioned with radiation measurements, but also dealt with the planning and the first measurement in decontamination work.

As the MHLW announced, the former power plant worker has since died. It is the first case in which lung cancer is recognized as a “catastrophic death”.

So far, only three cases of leukemia and one case of thyroid cancer have been recognized by former nuclear workers as a causal consequence of their work on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Prefecture media reported this late recognition of the lung cancer case.
Fukushima prefecture prepares for typhoon Jebi

After Typhoon Jebi landed in West Japan and shut down Kansai International Airport for at least two days, and caused power cuts in Osaka and claimed eight lives, the country’s northeast is also preparing for the storm.

In Fukushima prefecture, the biggest winds are expected from Wednesday morning. Due to the severity of the typhoon, it is assumed that the precipitation numbers will be even higher than is otherwise the case with a typhoon.

There is also a risk of landslides, as well as the risk of rivers overflowing and flooding of low-lying areas in coastal areas. Farmers prepare for the storm winds by securing their fields with windbreakers.

The weather authority demands that the house should not leave the house as much as possible and that information about possible weather warnings and evacuation orders should be tracked. Shelters are already prepared.

A total of five flights have already been canceled at Fukushima Airport. The flight cancellations affected 231 passengers.

Meanwhile, local electricity company TEPCO, the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, issued the usual standard warning of overhead power cables and called for these sightings to be reported.

About the preparations reported Prefekturmedien.

Translated from German, original source here;


Shocking health effects in Fukushima nuclear workers found under the official radiation dose limits

“….The First male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of 50mSv.
“I suffered damages to kidneys, heart, etc. — all important organs in my body.”

The second male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of 56mSv. He said
“I went to such a severe accident site and worked at the risk of my life, but all I’ve got was this cruel reality and treatment!”
I suffered thyroid damage, and had all my stomach removed.

The third male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of just 19.2mSv.
He was diagnosed as having acute myelogenous leukemia.
My doctor said that “70% of the cells in your bone marrow were occupied by cancer. Without any treatment, you will die for sure.” …..”



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  1. My town was ravaged by radionuclides. Most people die from cancers. Some prematurely of heart attacks, thyroid disease, or heritable genetic illness from radioactive mutagens. Many have died young from leukemia, or other cancers. Many were maimed for life, from cancer, secondary radionuclide illness, or heritable-chromosome-damage from radionuclide mutagenesis.

    Far above average numbers of birth defects. Hit by the fallout from a thousand nuclear bomb detonations that atill lingers there. Hit by nuclear detonations under the Colorado river, to frack natural gas at the Colorados headwatwrs. Those radionuclides continue to pour in the river. Hit by millions of tons of nuclear waste, that people have breathed in everyday for 60 years and drank in their water. They did not get sick by elevated radiation levels emanating from the ground as the nuclear asses would have you think. They got sick, by ingesting the radionuclides from uranium tailings and ingesting the radionclides from nuclear bomb explosions that include cesium 137, strontium 90, cobalt 60, plutonium and others.

    The radionuclides from the uranium processing, were mostly uranyls, radium, polonium thorium. Mostly alpha emiitters. Alpha rays cannot penetrate very much. Not paper. Plutonium is an alpha emitter. When injested into the lungs, through the skin, in food and water, alpha emitters wreak havok on the human body. They get stuck in tissue. They are mutagenic, chemotoxic like heavy metals, carcinogenic, teratogenic, they cause heritable genetic disease from chromosone breaks. Each of them has its own unique synergistic-toxic effect in human organ systems. The big health physics fairy tail, meant to cover for the nuclear monster, fails when you understand or see this.

    A nukeshill or agent, will tell you that only a few people died from the emissions of say cesium 137 in the soil, that might set a geiger off, they are lying through their teeth. It means a million died from the myriad of ways, the radionuclides like cesium 137, get on and, in the human body, when they are in the environment.

    When a creepy pronuker, agent, or psychopath starts explaining radionuclide damage in terms of health physics, you know they are a liar, a fraud ane a killer!

    Comment by Ken | September 4, 2018 | Reply

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