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The week to 3 September, in climate and nuclear news

Melting permafrost in Alaska reveals ancient fossils and artifacts. Container ships can now save lots of time, going via a new shipping route through the Arctic. New mining opportunities in Greenland. Americans will be able to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildl.ife Refuge.

Ain’t it all great? Not really. The melting of the Arctic is a global horror story. Is anyone noticing? Does anyone care?  That is the question that our children and grandchildren will be asking.

Bangkok Climate Talks: time to deliver on Paris rulebook. El Nino weather is made more extreme because of climate change.

Media about climate change must address the social impacts, and respect refugees.

UK, USSR, and US soldiers paid the health costs, as guinea pigs for nuclear bomb blasts.   Cosmic ionising radiation is a threat to pregnant flight crew members.

ARCTIC. Arctic sea ice under threat from warm water that has arrived deep below it.

JAPAN.   Fukushima. Opposition to release of Fukushima radioactive tritium water into the sea; longterm storage the better option. Release of tritium-tainted water into sea is opposed by Fukushima fisheries group.  Japan might sue journalist over his coverage of Fukushima, in Dark Tourist series. Japan’s municipalities in growing rejection to hosting nuclear waste dumps.  Fukushima to remove controversial statue of child in radiation protection suit.

Water leak in Japan’s unfinished Rokkasho nuclear reprocessing plant.   Nuclear fuel soon to be removed from Japan’s failed Monju fast breeder reactorJapanese students submit nuclear abolition petition to UN. Nuclear waste briefings in coastal areas. Japan revises guidelines for earthquake probabilities.

IRAN. U.N. watchdog says Iran continues to comply with nuclear restrictions despite U.S. pullout.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. The woman who tore up the curtain of silence.


GERMANY. French and German anti nuclear campaigners block uranium transport.  German nuclear waste and Geoscience authorities in selection process for nuclear waste dump.    New documentary claims that Hitler had nuclear weapons ambitions, only thwarted by an accident.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia’s plans to make Qatar a nuclear waste dump island.

CHINA. China reaffirms commitment to no first use of nuclear weapons.  Ecological risks of China’s floating nuclear power plants in South China Sea.

TAIWAN. Taiwan to hold referendum on lifting Fukushima food ban in November.

UKSouth Korea’s nuclear corporation in desperate effort to save Moorside nuclear plant project .  How a UK submarine could carry out a nuclear strike, depending on a radio programme.  Protest rally against nuclear power station mud dump.

CANADA. Following Trump, Canada and Australia go backwards on climate change action.

FRANCE. France’s Environment Minister quits in protest about nuclear and climate policy.    Resignation of France’s Environment Minister – he did not do a great deal to pull back nuclear power.

RUSSIA. Russia’s $9 billion nuclear-powered supercarrier will probably never be completed.

AUSTRALIA. Western Australia’s Traditional owners steadfast in 40 years’ opposition to uranium mining. Aboriginal Elders take action against uranium mining.


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  1. Tritium can bombard, and even attach to tissue covalently. Like radioactice Carbon 14 can. There was a large study, that showed tritium increases cancer 20 times. It is teratogenic. There are several case studies, of workers with increased rates of granulomas and lymphomas who were chronically exposed for years. 

    The pronukers go on and on, about k40 which is a nonstart. Even the gaslighters do it. It is Irrelevent.  

    HOrmesis is just bogus .  Yhey cannot even make CRISPR work to try to repair dna in people with genetic illness because of the errors, made by cells and enzymes in living celss trying to do dna repair with enzyme cleavings and insertions. Radionuclide hormesis assertions are fraudulent.
    Another example of reality is, that there are many other things radionucides do to the body and tissue than just act as mutagens. They are cytotoxic. Dr busby talked about a study at los alamos where dogs were exposed to small amounts of plutonium, in their lungs. They all died from lung cancer. Does that sound like hormesis to you? 30 millionths of a gram of iodine 131 will destroy a thyroid gland. Look ir up in a pharmacology book. That is what pharmaceutical iodine 131 is used for . 

    Dr. Busby is concerned with radiation modelling, because of his work with the european commision. . Dr Busby understands that radionuclide toxicology and bioccumulation, are far more important than ambient radiation exposure because external radiation diminishes to the sqaure of distance and ingested radionuclides are inside you, irradiating and poisoning you . Prof busby talks about how they did not even have instruments, during the test era to measure what radionuclides were in fallout. They do know. They know how teratogenic,mutagenic, carcinogenic, cytotoxic, they are and how they cause heritable defects. What kind of specific damage things like cesium137 can do to the heart. Plutonium to the liver and lungs, strontium to the bones,  californium to redblood cells, iodine to the thyroid. How teratogenic they all are including tritium, radium, uranium, polonium, americium, rcesium, iodine 129, 131

    There is the misinformation that there is no  difference between natural and manmade radionuclides saying there is, is just crap. There is one radionuclide that has a billion year half and is does not emit such damaging radiation. It is usually in aqueous soln. 

    There are many dangerous natural radionuclides. Radium, thorium, uranium and and polonium are some of the most prolific. There are some manmade radionucides, that are heavy gamma emmiters.  That means they can kill you, from acute radiation poisoning more quickly than others and cause more massive damage more quickly.

    Polonium, radium, uranium are some of the most dangerous radionuclides because, they are in a lot of drinking water now, as contaminants from human foolishness.

    Some bufoons will say a hot particle or fiber can only effect one cell in the body at a time.when breathed or absorbed. They can lodge in lungs or endothelial tissue and irradiate clusters of cells. There  is misinformation and gaslighting everywhere on the internet. Especially when it comes to radionuclide and nuclear issues.

    There is no way to store nuclear waste safely. Uranium mine waste can be diluted and reburied.  Medical isotopes, any purified radionuclide, reactor waste, enriched uranium, plutonium all contain hi level radionuclides. They generate heat, from their radioactive- nature. Many are highly chemically-reactive too. They also emit beta, gamma and neutrons that will chenge/degrade the walls of the material, they are encased in. They can generate gases. They can catalyze exothermic reactions with substance in around where they are stored. They can generate combustable-explosive gases like hydrogen. The nuclearists, have gone out of their way, to  keep these things a secret for years. Dr Busby has gone out of his way to explain this. Especially in the case of the swedes wanting to use copper casks for nuclear waste

    Some misinformants will say that  radioactive elements do not do decay heat. Some do more than others, otherwise they could not be used in radiosotope thermal generators. Heat decay was noted to cause hanford cesium tanks to leak. There was  a bunch of nuclear waste, that exploded in nevada. Two large casks exploded in idaho recently. More people, have woke up to the dangerous nature of hi level radionuclides and, how hard it is to store them. The kitty litter in wipp did not spontaneously catch fire. The plutonium helped. Oxidized plutonium is also known to be pyrogenic.There is no safe way to store hi level radionuclides.
    The nuclear industry and govt does not want this known. The agents do not either.

    Comment by Ken | September 3, 2018 | Reply

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